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Our Food Dude stepped out of his comfort zone and tried out Crepe Creations Cafe at The Market Common. Have you been in yet?
In case you haven’t noticed, the Food Dude is prefers the kind of food you can eat with your fingers, but not finger food.Foo-foo food, as I call it - tiny tofu, carrot and cucumber sandwiches with go...
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I took my husband there for his birthday last week and we shared the Banana's Foster crepe. I said I was only going to have one bite and probably ate almost half of it. I can't wait to try one for lunch!
The Champignons et Fromage sounds really good, not really into the sweet stuff, but wild mushrooms and a sage oil, yes please :)
I go down to Myrtle Beach to visit my parents and i go to The Common Spot which is down a few doors from the Crepe guy, you should also try The Vet's Cafe.
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