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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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For over 3 years now I create and sell (more or less) high-ticket information products. What started as a desire to monetise my content and passion, has now become my core expertise and the heart of my business.
And since then I was able to understand this business even better. Naturally I did a lot of mistakes in the beginning. They’re the kind of newbie mistake people make when starting out.
So if you’re interested in creating and selling your own highly profitable information products, here is a way to shorten your learning curve significantly by avoiding these Top 10 mistakes:

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I've been incredibly busy in the past few weeks and I want to let you know why:

After my last big release of Personal Breakthrough Academy I realized that this way of helping others to reach their goals with such an information product has become a huge global trend by now. And I mean "50 Billion Dollar global market"-huge!

And it's also an incredible opportunity to either

- scale up an existing business online 
- or even start a completely new business from scratch.

Especially if, in some way, you're already helping others with your knowledge and expertise.

So for now I decided to share this exact method I'm using to create and sell highly profitable info products with you, if you're interested.

So, if you'd like to follow me on this journey and are interested to learn more, I've created a first blog post with...

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In this detailed guest post Karol K. shows you...

6 Simple To-Do List Hacks to Help You Get Through the Day

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Naomi Dinsmore on the first emotional issue of solopreneurs...

How to Beat the Self-Employed Isolation

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No one is completely devoid of discipline — if you have ever held down a job or played for a sports team or raised a child or successfully sustained any activity that wouldn’t be described as “temporary,” then you have discipline, somewhere within you.

What many people do lack, however, is the ability to discipline themselves when there is no one watching, no one holding them accountable, no way anyone will know that they didn’t do it, and no obvious penalties for not doing it.
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