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I so called it about the CDMA AOSP devices not getting future updates at the same time as the GSM versions. #FakeNexus
Let's just say you have an HSPA+ Samsung Galaxy Nexus (I9250) or a UMTS / GSM Nexus S (I9020). If so, it may behoove
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grrr, I hate to admit when you are right . . . :0) But hopefully it will only be a few weeks. More important than the timing is whether it addresses what needs fixing, the data connection issues, etc.
I agree and would never reccomend the CDMA Galaxy Nexus anything. But since the CDMA Galaxy Nexus got 4.0.3 while the GSM didn't and the GSM is now getting 4.0.4 while CDMA as of yet hasn't, isn't it a little early to call it?
+Dave Loft My Verizon Nexus is still on 4.02, there has been no OTA 4.03 that I am aware of. I know there are leaked 4.03 builds, but not official OTA, I am pretty sure.
+Dave Loft and I was one who doubted +Myriam Joire when she first stated this months ago. But here is the question: if 4.04 does come out for the Nexus "within the next few weeks" as they are saying, then does this "fake Nexus" theory still hold up? Of all the things which make the CDMA Nexus a "Google Nexus device", does a few week delay behind other Nexus phones (Nexi?) make any real difference?
+Vance McAlister no matter what, there's still the issue of the VZW branding and pre-installed apps, and the non standard/open CDMA radio stack. Hence #FakeNexus
#FakeNexus or not, I really like this phone
+Myriam Joire I can see why that is technically true, but the branding and apps have no real effect on me. And I wouldn't know one stack from another. The two factors for me are pure ICS and early updates. I have the one, but I am not getting the other.
+Vance McAlister it's not "pure" ICS if the ROM contains pre-installed carrier apps and a non standard/open radio stack that can only be used on one network -- hence the update delays, and the real possibility that updates will cease altogether sooner than people expect. Google's playing with fire letting carriers dilute Nexus devices like that.
What a bummer. You had to expect it with Verizon involved. They care about nothing but profits and never even tried with the Nexus. No marketing at all. I wonder why they even bothered with a Google device. They need to stick with their "droid" themed macho crap. They suck at working with/for real users. They only care about enterprise sells and pushing crap. I wish Google would just buy Tmo already and give us all a break. Btw, looking at an old XM radio gimmick I have I noticed that it was the original Nexus, a Samsung Nexus XM portable player and all this time I thought the Nexus name was Goog's. I found it stamped under the battery door last night digging through my "old" devices box.

So Tnkgrl who do you think will get the next Nexus? Motogoog? HTC with their lovely One designs, or another Samsung? And do you think Google will recognize and never allow another Nexus CDMA? Or do they even care?
A polycarbonate unibody Nexus? Would we be so mad to dream? Perhaps Nokia would like a bash since the N9 seems so ready for Android!

If HTC make it though I would like to see the notification LED come out from behind the earpiece grill, the Sensation LED is nearly impossible to see from all but direct line of sight.
+James Snook I still believe that Nokia makes some of the best hardware out there and though I know Stephen Elop would never allow a Nokia Android marriage I can dream. If Nokia came out with a Nexus device with at least a 4.3" true black display, 1.5GHz dual core processor and the sensor and optics from the N8 (12mp) I would buy two of them in a heart beat.
+Ryan Ferguson I was so very close to buying an N9 when I saw ICS on one. So close. In the shop..
VGN owner that left sprint/ evo4g day1 of this release...ugh, I honestly feel screwed over. The main reason I switched from sprint to Verizon was because I new I needed a nexus device if I wanted a pure Google updates. If I read correctly I believe there are Nexus S and Xooms that are still on gingerbread? Sheesh. More fake nexuses. I really do feel cheated. I guess 18months from now I'll have to make sure I get a device that's listed on the AOSP page (regardless if its a "Nexus". )
Still dealing with my #NeglectedNexus  random reboots and poor signal quality.  Not happy with Verizon / Samsung / Google over this.
+Shaun Currier don't be mad at Google and Samsung be mad Verizon they are the ones holding back your device. Always go with the GSM version. GSM is what the rest of the world uses, only Verizon, Sprint and some asian carriers use CDMA still.
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