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Myriam Fares, a Lebanese young star from the south of Lebanon, grew up in a family that appreciated studying and encouraged Myriam to pursue her dream and major interest in arts.

Despite her young age, Myriam's career has been filled with bright and glamorous moments: releasing two successful albums and promotions, shooting creative video clips and performing in booming concerts.

Since her childhood, Myriam has been devoted and dedicated to arts which encouraged her to develop her talents and interests. She started learning classic ballet at the age of five which impelled her to develop her musical talents. She had a profound feeling of becoming a professional dancer which was accomplished at the age of nine when she was accepted in a TV program "Al Mawaheb Al Saghira" on Tele Liban and was awarded the first prize in oriental dancing.

As a brilliant student in arts, Myriam was encouraged by her impressed teachers to participate in the schools' events which were a motive to improve her dancing, singing and acting skills.

Inspired by her angelic strong voice, Myriam wanted to explore her talents further in singing. She joined the Lebanese National Conservatory and succeeded in learning the principles of oriental singing for four years.

At the age of sixteen, she participated in the Lebanese Festival for Songs and won the first prize as the best popular Lebanese singer.

Her seventeen was highlighted by her participation in the TV program on LBCI "Studio-El-Fann" 2000-2001 under the category of the Lebanese song. Myriam won the prize of best singer in the South of Lebanon which was followed by Dr. Walid Ghoulmiye's prize as best singer in South Lebanon, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

She launched her first album with Music Master Records which was sold out in a few days. She filmed the song "Ana wil Shoq" with director Ghassan Koteit, which proved to be a major success and it spread throughout the Arab world and was played on all Arab televisions. This was a turning point in Myriam's career. Afterwards Myriam proceeded to UAE to sign her first album at Virgin Mega Store in Dubai on the ninth of March where she was received by a crowd of Arab and international reporters to express their admiration of her art and music.

Myriam's next hit was the shooting of "La Tes'alni" video clip with director Selim Turk from her album "Myriam". It was a big hit as well especially that her audience were waiting for the new clip after her success in he first clip "Ana Wil Shoq". "La Tis'alni" impressed he eager audience from the first time where Myriam proved to enjoy the main characteristics of a professional artist, by having a wonderfully balanced voice, a talent in body expressions and capable in performing her role naturally in a perfect way coming from the heart.

In 2004, Myriam became more and more famous and was elected as "best young female singer" in the Arab World. She also won the prize of best video clip during he visit to Egypt. Her beautiful voice, nice appearance, flexible motion and magnificent dancing made from Myriam a big star in Lebanon and the Arab World which allowed her to be distinguished by her audience and especially the big success in: The Bacardi Night in Beirut, New Year's Eve in Biel, Al Fateh Festivals in Libya and Hala Febayer in Kuwait.

During her concerts, Myriam performed songs from modern and popular oriental to classic and she visited during her tours many Middle Eastern and Moroccan countries.

Myriam Fares and 'Ana Wil Shoq" perfume
At the end of summer 2004, the cooperation between Myriam and "Mahmoud Said" succeeded in launching a new perfume carrying the name of her hit song: "Ana Wil Shoq" which was followed by the shooting of an ad for this same perfume by Myriam.

"Myriam" the album, shocked artists and audience, but Myiam's dream will never stop…

In July 2005, the Lebanese star presented her new album "Nadini Myriam" with a video clip for the song entitled "Nadini". Myriam kept her own artistic style through her rich and saturated personality. And she's always been oriented towards creativity and new trends.

"Nadini Myriam" album is the result of months of preparation and collaboration with Lebanese and Arab composers and writers. "Nadini" was the first time to be shot as a video clip from the album with director "Amir Kreidiye".

"Haklik Rahtak" is a song from "Nadini Myriam"'s album, written by Myriam's sister, Roula Fares, composed by Muhammad Raheem and arranged by Mark Abdel Nour and was shot in a magical décor in Paris where director Wissam Smayra found the best locations to execute the clip. This song helped boost Myraim's career and was ranked number one in Lebanon, Egypt and Tunis.

In their second collaboration together, after the clip "Haklik Rahtak", Myriam Fares and director Wissam Smayra presented their second video clip entitled "Waheshny Eah" written and composed by Mohammad Rifai and arranged by Jean Marie Riachi. A professional French team specialized in high-tech techniques in the world of suspense and special effects were the basis of this video clip.

"Wahichni Eah", a song that occupied the listeners' hearts, made Myriam a famous star and was ranked number one in Egypt, Gulf, Tunis Morocco and Yemen!

In November 2006,"Al Ahram Al Masriya" one of the leading newspapers in Egypt, elected Myriam the best young singer in the Arab world. The survey was done in all the Egyptian universities and Myriam was honored at the British university in Egypt.

At the same time, MTV Europe invited Myriam, the first Arab artist who appeared on this TV, bearing in mind that only international stars appear on that T.V. station. She was also elected as the best Arab singer who combines a taste of both the west and the east in her style in music.

In 2007, Vodafone, a well known telecommunications company chose Myriam Fares to talk to the Egyptian citizens and to be the media representative for its most sophisticated services. Myriam shot three TV commercials and Vodafone openly discussed their big satisfaction with the result of this unique campaign in Egypt.

Myriam ended the year 2007 with a new hit Khaliji song “Moush Ananiya” that was shot as a music video under the direction of Yehya Saade. The song was a success all over the Middle-East and she was considered as one of the best non-khaliji artists who sang the khaliji accent.

And early 2008 Myriam was chosen by the International Company Ciba Vision as the ambassador of FreshLook, the colored contact lenses, in the Middle-East, after Brooke Shields have been theirs for the past years.
The advertisement is being displayed in various print medias outdoors all around the Arab countries, in addition to a promotional tour in Lebanon, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, etc…

Myriam's third and latest album "Bet'oul Eh”, was released in April 2008, and has been doing great in the charts within all the Arab World . The album has a mixture of music genres that are creatively put together to satisfy all listeners, especially her fans. The album consists of 9 songs one is "Mouch Ananiya" which is definitely guaranteed to please listeners who prefer romantic ballads. The music video successfully shows Myriam’s surprising acting skills, and the video was executed under the direction of Leila Kanaan.

Under the supervision of director Hatem Ali, the masterpiece of the Rahbani brothers "Hala wal malek" was transformed to a film carrying the name of "Silina", starring Miriam Faris along with a large group of stars from Lebanon and Syria such as Elie Choueiri, Dureid Laham, Antoine Kerbaj, Georges Khabbaz, Hussam Tahssin Beik and a wide list of famous stars that never ends…

Two other songs of the Album "Bet'oul Eh” which are: “Betrouh & Iyyam EL Shiti “ were shot as music videos in Paris incarnating a very special cinematographic idea under the direction of Wissam Smayara

In her constant thrive to perfect her stage performance and dancing abilities, Myriam hooked up with Paulette Minott the renowned street pop choreographer of superstars, for her newest music video: “Eh yalli Byohsal”.
Directed by Yehya Saadeh, Myriam’s last clip presented her outstanding performance as never seen before dancing act.

Myriam performed in a series of sold out concerts, where she mesmerized the public as if they saw her for the first time.

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In kuweit
In Egypt
In Lebanon
In London
In Syria
In Qatar
In Jordan
In Tunis
In Las vegas
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Myriam Fares

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Myriam Fares

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SUBSCRIBE NOW to the official channel of #TheQueenOfStage #MyriamFares on YouTube and like your favorite video in the #AmanKaraoke playlist
The video with the highest number of likes will be announced as the winner of the #AmanKaraoke competition.Good luck to All 
إشتركوا الآن في قناة #ملكة_المسرح #ميريام_فارس الرسمية على يوتيوب واستمعوا الى جميع المشتركين في مسابقة الكاريوكي الخاصة بأغنية #آمان الموجودة في قائمة #AmanKaraoke
والفيديو الذي سيحصد اكبر عدد من إعجاب المتتبعين سيكون الفائز في هذه المسابقة. حظا موفقا للجميع
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Myriam Fares

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The Competition is ON check the ‪#‎AmanKaraoke‬ list on and like your favorite video. The video with the highest number of likes will be announced as the winner of the #AmanKaraoke competition.Good luck to All
ها قد أتت اللحظة الحاسمة اذهبوا الى واستمعوا الى جميع المشتركين في مسابقة الكاريوكي الخاصة بأغنية ‫#‏آمان‬ الموجودة في قائمة #AmanKaraoke والفيديو الذي سيحصد اكبر عدد من إعجاب المتتبعين سيكون الفائز في هذه المسابقة. حظا موفقا للجميع
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Myriam Fares

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Myriam Fares

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يبدو أن ملكة المسرح ميريام فارس استعادت عافيتها وعادت إلى منزلها سالمة، غانمة. وحرصت الفنانة اللبنانية، فور وصولها إلى منزلها، ...
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Myriam Fares

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‪#‎TheQueenOfStage‬ ‪#‎MyriamFares‬ via
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Myriam Fares

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ها هي ملكة المسرح ميريام فارس تبهر جمهورها ومتابعيها بإطلالة أقل ما يقال عنها أنها غاية في الجمال والأناقة. ونشرت ...
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Myriam Fares

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بمناسبة مرور عام على إصدار ألبوم "آمان" قامت شركة "ميريام ميوزيك"  بإطلاق مسابقة كاراوكي خاصة بأغنية "آمان". "آمان" هو عبارة عن موشح يعود لآلاف السنين إذ أرادت ميريام أن تعرّف أبناء جيلها والجيل الجديد عليه بطريقة تتماشى مع الأنماط الموسيقية الحالية بالإضافة الى تعريف حضارة الغرب على الفن الشرقي الأصيل. فبادر الآلاف من معجبي ملكة المسرح حول العالم كباراً وصغاراً وحتى من لا يتحدثون اللغة العربية بمشاركة فيديوهاتهم على مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي الخاصة بميريام تحت هاشتاغ  #AmanKaraoke من هنا اعتبرت ميريام بأن رسالتها بالفن تنتشرأكثر فأكثر وهي تعريف جمهورها على مختلف الحضارات وخاصة العربية منها إضافة الى المزج مابين القديم والجديد كونها متمسكة بالتراث ومنفتحة على كل ما هو جديد .من جهة اخرى افتتحت ميريام فرصة تصويت الجمهور للفيديو المفضل لديهم بعدما قامت شركة ميريام ميوزيك بانتقاء أفضل الفيديوهات وتحميلهم ضمن قائمة #AmanKaraoke على قناة يوتيوب الرسمية التابعة لملكة المسرح  والمشترك الذي سيحصل على أكبر عدد إعجاب من الجمهور سيكون الفائز في هذه المسابقة.

نشيد بالذكر أن فيديو كليب أغنية "آمان" هو الفيديو الكليب العربي الوحيد الذي تم طلبه من القناة الأميريكية TheQyoutv حيث يتم الدفع لشركة ميريام ميوزيك المنتجة لهذا العمل في كل مرة يعرض فيها.  

اليكم رابط يحمل مقتطفات من مسابقة #AmanKaraoke

On the occasion of the first anniversary of “Aman” album’s release, Myriam Music launched a special Karaoke contest for the song “Aman”. “Aman” is considered to be a Muwashah that goes back to thousands of years which Myriam wanted to introduce her and the new generation to in a way which conforms with the modern music styles in addition to introducing the Western culture and mixing it with the Eastern authentic music. Thousands of The Queen Of Stage’s fans from all around the world, young and old and even who don’t speak Arabic, shared their videos on Myriam’s social media pages using the hashtag #AmanKaraoke . Thus, Myriam realized that her artistic mission is spreading more and more by introducing her fans to different cultures, especially the Arabic ones, in addition to the fusion between the ancient and modern being committed to heritage and open to all what is new. On another side, Myriam opened the opportunity for her fans to vote for their favorite video after Myriam Music selected the best videos and uploaded them within a playlist titled #AmanKaraoke on the official YouTube channel of The Queen Of Stage and the contestant whose video has the most likes will be the winner of this competition.

Noting that the music video of “Aman” is the only Arabic music video which was demanded by the American channel “TheQyoutv” which pays royalties to the producer of this music video Myriam Music in each time it is being aired.

Here is a video link which contains highlights from #AmanKaraoke competition:
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Myriam Fares

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شاركت ملكة المسرح ميريام فارس جمهورها ومتابعيها صورة جديدة على صفحة الإنستغرام الخاصة بها. ولم تظهر في الصورة سوى يد ...
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