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MYoTriton: Open Source 3d printed prosthetic hand
MYoTriton: Open Source 3d printed prosthetic hand

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The short story of our project. English subtitles are available.

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we pushed files to print hand to the
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How to make a prosthetic socket yourself?

To make a prosthetic socket I used two kits of the Intrarich Cast orthopedic polymer bandages and one stocking or mesh cloth.
Firstly, put the stocking onto the arm and then wrap the arm with the bandages. Wait for about 20 minutes for everything to set.
To take the socket off make a cut at the arm’s bend as shown below.
Then, cut the extra bandage at the top so the arm can bend freely. 
Set the socket aside and wait for about five hours to let the polymer bandages solidify fully.

Results and findings:

1. A very strong prosthetic socket
2. It is better to use two stockings on the arm before wrapping the bandages
3.The total cost of this custom prosthetic socket is $14

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All electric parts for prosthetic hand already delivered and ready for experiments.
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