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Your daily dose of Muay Thai love

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This is active pad holding!  Loads of people think active pad holding is calling out and endless amount of combos, or attacking your partner relentlessly.  This is active, simple and effective strikes and counter attacks to keep your partner engaged, without overly disrupting his/her flow...

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For those of you who want to make the leap!

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Muay Thai Legend Samart talks about why he doesn't watch fights anymore, and the decline of our sport.

Be sure to turn on your subtitles.

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Please enjoy responsibly...

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It's surprising how little people know how to score muay thai... don't be one of those people!

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Liam & Richard take us through a round of Pads!  Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday!

Here is our second clip in our new series "Pad Porn". This week is Jordan Watson and his trainer Richard Smith, from Bad Company.  

This clip is an example of straight forward, basic pad work.  Too often, pad holders will call out a ridiculous amount of combos, which is just annoying.  Keep it simple, keep it clean.  

Happy Training!

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Out of curiosity did anyone here about this fight?

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Photog Cedric Arnold captures some footage of the final nights at the legendary Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok.

Absolutely Stunning!
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