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All things prairie and pioneer related
All things prairie and pioneer related

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Overwhelmed with Gratitude! Ma Ingalls is Rockin'!
Because From the Mouth of Ma: A Search for Caroline Quiner Ingalls launched on Thanksgiving, I didn't really have a lot of time to give proper thanks. Of course I want to acknowledge my wonderful husband, Ian, and my babies who all sacrificed in one way or ...

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From the Mouth of Ma: LAUNCHED!
Well, it's official!  From the Mouth of Ma: A Search for Caroline Quiner Ingalls has been published by Practical Pioneer Press! It's been such a wonderful journey. . .from the first wonderings about Ma, through all the research and writing, and now, to publ...

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A Yurt, A Laptop, and a Whole Lot of Quiet
My husband and I used to say that all we wanted was a quiet
life.   You know, a small little house in
some small little town. . .2.3 quiet kids. . .a regular job.   Nothing particularly dramatic or eventful,
thankyouverymuch. And, OH!, how we must have made...

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Calling All Little House Fans!!
Beta readers needed!  Beta readers needed! What's a beta reader? A kind soul who is willing to read through a (hopefully) finished project and render an honest opinion back to the author. Interested? The project in question is my just-about-finished book, F...

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The Business of Raising Kids
A long time ago I heard a story. It went something like this: Once there was a woman who cared deeply for her family. She made wholesome meals from scratch, kept the house spotless and functional, made sure they were well clothed, carted them to numerous ac...

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A Search For Caroline Quiner Ingalls. . .
With school back in session, and the first few weeks of getting the "should have done in summer" tasks completed, I've been able to turn my thoughts back to writing. And despite having a million projects I could be working on. . .one keeps drawing my attent...

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Camping With Friends: Food for the Soul!
People think we're funny for leaving our little cabin in the woods and going camping in another set of woods. And I guess we are, a bit. But camping isn't just about the trees. . .it's about the getting away and shutting off of distractions and being more p...

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Recipe: Red, White and Blueberry Cheesecake Jars!
Every single time I make these little beauties, I kick myself for not taking better pictures. Or making more of them! They are absolutely perfect for picnics of all kinds. . .especially patriotic ones.  Plus, they're just plain yummy! What you'll need: Supp...

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Autism and Emergencies. . .some tips.
The (VERY) recent forest fire near our home certainly clarified a lot for us: We learned what was really important to us, we learned how to pack using every available inch of space, we learned that we need to have a list of must-takes at the ready in case w...

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Well, I guess living in a forest does have a drawback or two.  Especially deep into California's recent years of drought. There's a huge, rapidly growing fire not too far from us. It started late Saturday, though we don't know how yet, and we were put on al...
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