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A real Linux legend!
The Linux Setup - Jon "maddog" Hall, Linux International Jon “maddog” Hall is a bit of a legend in the Linux community, so it’s truly an honor to have his participation here. Jon makes a number of...
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A legend indeed! Thank you for one of the best editions of My Linux Rig yet. "What they should be running is the best distribution for them, not me" is hands-down one of the sagest bits of Linux advice I've ever heard. When I setup Linux on someone else's machine, I try to find the best one for them, not me.
Thanks, Luke! Jon really crammed a lot of fantastic advice into a few short answers.
He did, and even though they were short answers, they had more depth than and were long relative to the usual answers you get. That little bit of extra time made it all a bit more informative and a bit less like a checklist. Thank you for doing this every week.
What these articles need is a photo of the interviewees.
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