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+Philip Newborough delivers the goods!
Philip Newborough is the man behind CrunchBang Linux, a solid distro beloved by many for its dedication to minimalism. As you might expect, Newborough doesn’t like a lot of bells and whistles attached...
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usesthis has a common theme: most people use Apple gear.

On My Linux Rig another pattern emerges: it's about people making their own distros :-)

You should expand the range of interviewees, Linux users can't be that hard to find! After all "we all use Linux".
It's open to anyone. If you want to participate (or want to suggest some people), drop me a line!
I wasn't trying to claim an article for myself: I just think it's better to show that Linux is used by normal people too, not only distro creators.

I don't use Linux on the desktop anymore, only on the server. But I did "inflict" Ubuntu on my parents' and younger sister's laptops and they seem to manage using it for everyday's tasks just fine.
Read the interview of Noah Lorang (hope I spelt that right). He's just a normal guy they interviewed talking about switching from osx to Linux.
Keep the interviews coming though, they are enjoyable regardless
Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying them.
Don't take my remark the wrong way: I'm also enjoying these articles!
+My Linux Rig : What distribution do you run on your main desktop/laptop?
+Philip Newborough : Debian. Out of respect for Debian and its developers, I always tell people that I am a Debian user. I mean, CrunchBang is effectively Debian, but tweaked. And CrunchBang would simply cease to exist without Debian.

Learn Canonical, learn!!!

Philip is really a great man.
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