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Looks like Google is now hiding descriptions from KPs?!?!

Are you guys still seeing descriptions in KPs?


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Myles Anderson commented on a post on Blogger.
Very useful list - do you plan to edit & expand this based on suggestions & feedback? Would be great as a living/breathing resource.

Would be great to add other contact options if possible - not that i want to create/suggest more work for you Bill!

I added this to our Citation Resources post on BrightLocal blog -
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New local consumer survey results - on avg. consumers are prepared to drive 17mins to visit a local business.

This goes up to 23 minutes for some business types and drops for others.

Not surprisingly, businesses which are frequented most often and have less critical in nature have shortest driving times. But people will drive for longer to visit a pub/bar than the gym - what does that say about us?!

We really shouldn't be driving to the gym in the first place right! :)

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Local Consumer Survey: Consumers will drive on avg. 17mins to visit a local business.

This goes up to 23 mins for some businesses, and drops for others. 

See how long consumers are prepared to travel to visit your business or client's businesses -
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