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Why Mylease

There are lots of choices in how you finance a car these days. Banks, dealers….a whole raft of brokers, all offering finance. But finance is only one part of the car.
Did you know you can finance your car with the running costs included?…. and get a real tax saving, all at the same time.
This is what a novated lease does!
So wouldn’t it be good if you could simply call someone who explained it all to you, knew how to set it all up, talked it through with your employer and then, just made it happen!
Well, this is what Mylease does!
At Mylease, we know about cars, we know how to get a tax saving when you buy one and…. how to manage all the running costs over the life of the car. We roll it all into your salary package and you save thousands of dollars every year. Just like the big companies do.
Mylease is an experienced, professional provider of novated leasing and commercial finance. We specialise in individuals and small business. Our flagship product is novated leasing, we’ve got lots of cars all over Australia and a bunch of very happy customers.
Mylease customers love the “one touch” approach. They don’t waste time in call centers, they don’t stand in queues and they don’t have to go out of their way to use “approved” service providers. They have choice in very thing they buy and every way they use their car. It’s very personal, and – it’s individual.…but that’s what Mylease is all about.
And when it comes to tax savings, it’s all by the book – Tax Office approved and easy to manage FBT methods.
Your “Mylease” person is the only name you need to know. They can answer any questions – on the spot.
And if it’s information you’re after, all your car transactions are recorded on your own personal, secure web page, so you can see how your lease and running costs are tracking any time.
You’re individual, so why don’t you call a Mylease have a chat with a real person.


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What’s a novated lease?

A novated lease is just a way of financing a car – but your employer makes the payments for you.
It’s a simple agreement between you, the leasing company and your employer. You buy the car, we pay for it and your employer makes the payments for you and takes the money out your pay before he gives it to you.
But finance is only one part of the car. In a novated lease you can finance your car with the running costs included…. and get a real tax saving, all at the same time.
It works like this…
You and your employer agree to sacrifice some of your salary so he can make the payments for you. This means you pay less tax on your income. But you also don’t pay GST because your employer claims that back….you save thousands of dollars each year.
There is some fringe benefits tax to pay, but we manage this with your payroll department.
The process is really simple…
You choose any car, new or used. We calculate the repayments for the term you want and then create an estimate of what the running costs are going to be based on the klms you will travel. We roll all this in together and create a “total salary package”. This becomes your salary deduction which is used to pay for the car.
You buy fuel on our cards, get services, repairs - all automatically billed back to us through our online payment system. And your account balance and summary of all transactions is on line, 24/7 so you can see how your lease is tracking. Lower than estimated running costs will give you a refund, higher costs will be charged to you.
So get your boss on board….it’s all tax office approved and you’ll save thousands of dollars every year. Just like the big companies do.
Call Mylease on 1800 466 828 and we’ll make it happen.


Mylease: We are a Leading Novated lease specialist, help you with tax benefits. We provide the best car leasing/finance, Novated Leasing, short term rentals, fleet management and car fringe benefit provider all over Australia

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Mylease Novated lease is a wholly owned division of Inovation Pty Ltd.

Our company is a full service Vehicle Lease provider and we have been successfully providing Fully Maintained Novated leases to our customers for over 10 years with a managed fleet exceeding 2000 motor vehicles.

Our highly qualified consultants offer a broad range of expertise not only in the specific field of finance lease but also FBT, Vehicle Purchasing, Maintenance, Repairs and Insurance.
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