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My father used to tell me, "Good morning sunshine." and I knew then my day would be fine.
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Ria, paano ko pagpapalitin ang mga pics na to? gusto ko yung kubo ang malaki.
ay mam mylah, di ko alam. :(
i-share mo na lang din yung kubo :-)
hay e andyan na nga sa album . sige na nga. hehe
ok lang yun! :) normal lang ata yun sa g+ hehe
My father was really sweet Doc +Enrico Magalit

HHaahaha, Im sure my father wasnt your ex. hehe. Buti na lang ex mo na sya. Thanks +Na Xhi
Kab Yaj
Your father is a wise man. With a scenery and sunrise like this to start your day, nothing can go wrong.
He was +Kab Yaj, unfortunately he died 11 years ago. But he left so many happy memories that I feel at times he never really left. Good morning :)
Kab Yaj
Good morning to you, Mylah. My father passed ten years ago too and I get teary each time I reminiscence of the time he drove one hour to house sit for me while I went on a business trip. I later learned that he had been suffering from gout that same week. Anyone who has ever had gout knows how excruciatingly painful it is to put pressure on the affected foot.
+Kab Yaj , Im trying to control myself now because what you said brought back so many memories. There is not a day that I don't miss him. Your father was definitely a good one, not only because of what you just said but I see how he raised you well. You are so talented and kind.
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