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The best things in life are

My nieces at 12 and 14 during some rice harvesting. They grew up so close and often daydreamed of being twins, hence, they would often dress alike.

#childrensaturday +Susan Southard
#ruralsaturday +Mario Cerroni
More of my nieces' style than mine but like them, I am into this laid back life, so I think I'll throw another one for #saturdaystyle #SAS for the stylish duo of +lynn langmade +lane langmade
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Haha yeah thanks! Well that's in 15 years or so haha I hope they amend the constitution soon. :) Your nieces are very pretty by the way.
+Elaine Kooks Thanks I'll tell them you said that. I'm curious though, what part of the constitution would you like to be amended?
+Mylah Nazario Nice photo and lovely girls.
My daughters have less than 11 months between them.
They didn't dream of being twins. They were confused with twins by strangers, the younger being quite as tall as the eldest, they sometimes told they were twins in one of their numerous games.
Moreover, they acted as twins. As they were not, we had taken none of the education precautions you take with twins and their relationship became very complicated. We had to take some measures.
They still act a lot like twins.
+Marie Hélène Visconti I can just imagine how it is with them. The frustrating part is the comparison. I grew up with five sisters and the comparison can be irritating. Seems your daughter have learned how to have fun with that 'mistake'. Thanks for sharing this bit to me :)
I love the choreography, its like a rural scene straight out of an Amorsolo painting
Very lovely,I like it atmosphere;)
+Shane Williams aww that is so sweet Shane (love those many S's). I'd like to say it runs in the family :P But you see, I think they are more angelic here than in real life, haha. I do love them a lot. Thank you as ever :)
lala la lala la la. . .magtanim ay di biro. . .lala la lala la la. . .

well, it shows that they've harvested what they planted but couldn't help singing the song in my mind because of that lalala :)
+Wesley Yeoh Ah that's a big compliment Wesley, thanks. I think these kids are so used to me following them around with my cam that when I tell them to hold it, they automatically freeze and look at the camera.

+Svetlana Novakovic Thank you Svetlana, glad you like it.

+Julius Genosas sing on and bring out your guitar, That would perfect the Amorsolo scene :)
Being with you must be like being in "Philippine's Next Top Model", one must always be ready to project to the camera. No wonder your niece is a model, she must get a lot of practice with you.
+Wesley Yeoh hehe, it's not that bad. Most of the time they don't mind me even when i'm almost shoving the cam to their faces. What they do a lot is to make faces ( I have hundreds of their goofy faces and often use that to blackmail them :P) Btw, she has started modelling way before I took up photography , but I think my constant clicking helped her overcome her shyness.
Just the age qualification to be president...haha im 23 now so that's about 17 years of waiting haha
wondefull snap... i like it... a nostalgic image....
Very nice and artistic!
Very nice, Mylah, excellent processing.
looks a nice lifestyle ..really nice shot Mylah =)
So beautiful portrait and your nieces are so cute. :-)
Beautiful shot! Like how you have included the environment.
+Elaine Kooks I'm going to save this and document it for future purposes :D

+..RAHIM .. Thank you Rahim for dropping by. Glad you like it.

+Sumit Sen Thanks Sumit for always visiting. There is a big void in my stream if I don't see you :)
+Rhycel Cris sa Abra Rhycel. Salamat :)

+Bill Wood Thank you for that insight :)

+john primatesta hahaha, lalala thanks.

+Warren Sebastian Laid back and helps a lot to get away from the city every now and then. Thanks Warren.

+Allan Cabrera Thanks Allan, happy you like it :)

+Hidetaka Onoyama haha, I'll surely tell them you said that, thank you my friend.

+Brian Joergens thanks a lot Brian :)

+Subra Govinda Oh thanks, I wasn't sure if I should exclude it but I was going for more of the rural life. Glad that works for you.
Well as a twin +Mylah Nazario tell them it sucks.. NO seroiusly being a twin and an identical one at that is absoludtely the best. Me and my twin +lynn langmade are so close. There is something wrong in the universe if we dont' talk everyday! +Mylah Nazario thank you for your story of these beautiful young women and your fashion. I love the white cotton (muslin)--it speaks to simplicity and the purity of children! Wonderful contribution to #saturdaystyle :)
+Mylah Nazario Lovely photo Mylah looks like hard work your nieces are doing The location looks like it's rural and is very cool looking also. Wow five sisters. :))
Great portrait. Two very beautiful girls. Although, one seems a little displeased with the camera pointed at her ;)
Lol-la-la-la :D Cute pic, love the golden light
+Mylah Nazario yes the best things in life are free and that's what I love about style --it costs you nothing to really have your own voice and sense of self expression. And in a way this shot could be titled "twin style." Your nieces are adorable and I found this whole post for #SAS really touching.Thanks again for contributing to #SAS!
Wonderful shot!! Two angels in the rice field. How lovely is that!! :))
Great shot Mylah :) hmmm, one of your nieces looks like she's enjoying herself slightly more than the other :P
Beautiful girls. My mother dressed my sister & I alike and we were only 1 year apart. We got mistaken for twins all the time. Lovely photo Mylah and it does bring back good memories of my sister and I:)
+lane langmade I can only imagine having a twin and must be awesome to have one, especially in your case where you are both cool and smart. Those white dresses do look beautiful on them too. Thank you :)

+Don Spenner Thanks Don, they do have their usual squabbles but all in all, they are sweet to each other.

+Tom McGowan Yes, it does seem so, harvesting is never easy. In their case however, they went there, picked some hays, rested, posed then left to get something to eat. That took 15 minutes. :P I think you would love this place, as you are a nature lover too. Yep five-hehe.

+Barret Johnson Thanks Barret, that's her model look. haha. She did many faces and this is her most decent.

+Catherine Furet lalala, LOL. (my way of singing) Thanks Catherine.

+walt sprinkle That was a really sunny day. Thanks Walt- lalala, tap your feet :D
The way you describe it I know I would love it. Volcanoes hot springs cool flora and fauna heavenly :))
+lynn langmade Yep wonderful freedom to have and to be able to express one's style. It's a pity that sometimes people allow themselves to be caged by norms and stifle their own style. Yea, twin style- i like that :P Thanks my friend, so glad you were touched by this :)

+Benedict Chui Thanks, they do look angelic don't they? Also, correction: 3 (I'm in the ricefield too taking this shot!- :P)

+Mimi Round Thank you Mimi, glad you like this :)

+Christopher Stokes thanks a lot again, hope your weekend is great.

+Chris Mallory hahaha, yea it does look like that here. The other one was making a lot of faces that time and this one is her most decent. I assure you she was happy but she just wants to make my life a bit more difficult :D

+Sharon Jeannette haha, I see that from some of my friends sometimes. I've never had that, maybe because it was difficult for my mom to dress 5 girls similarly. Thanks Sharon.
Thanks +Tom McGowan I'm good. Had a long sleep and now ready to attack my papers again.
Oh, this one is a different place from where I live. This is 11 hrs away from where we stay so we go here only once a year. The volcano and hot spring is where I'm at :)
well Mylah thats what I thought so where you are at sounds very nice to me The place in the pic looks cool also but hot springs and volcanoes rock :))
You bet, and there is a nice view too when you reach the peak of the mountain. How is your weekend so far? +Tom McGowan
Good It's very cold and windy this weekend 10 degrees right now so my main objective is staying warm I have to brave the elements tomorrow to cut wood I am almost out I really want to see that view someday Mylah I hope dreams do come true sometimes :))
+Mylah Nazario You really do have a good eye for photography, I love all your photos, 2 beautiful subjects with a unique and interesting background. Someday a gallery will boast, "these photos are originals by Mylah Nazario"
+jay dawge JAY!!! Ain't that one of the nicest things ever. Thank you so so much, my smile just made a double loop around my face :) Don't worry, you'll have a VIP pass to that gallery :D
I would love to see it.
As a child, before the school had a lunch program, we used to walk home for lunch. I was always daydreaming along the way, stopping to watch frogs and insects, like a bee on a flower. So I never made it home for lunch. My brothers would bring me back a sandwich in a paper bag if I was lucky. And now when I do my photo shoots, I am always stopping along the way to snap photos of unique and interesting things I see along the way. But usually I like the photos of the unplanned & spontaneous photos better than the planned photo shoot.
+jay dawge that's a cool story and god thing you have nice brothers as well. Were you daydreaming in those places that I have seen you post? Is that where you grew up? I do like those spontaneous shots too that's why I always have my cam with me.
+Paras Shah now I did when you asked. hahaha. I just wanted to sing there :P You really checked eh? hehe (now I edited and put two dots )
They both are so beautiful +Mylah Nazario!!! But hey, good that both carry a different hair style ;)) So we can recognize them... I always fascinated by people living so close to nature!!! Just so incredible....

Never saw the harvest from that close before. Beautiful capture...
+Mylah Nazario - Well, Google really cares for people like me ;)) That's why they have "expand" link :P When i will see that, i am so not reading that one ;p;p;p hehhee
+Paras Shah thanks, they don't really look alike, but just same height I think and dress :) Have you always been the city guy?

As for the expand, you are too curious not to expand :P
+Mylah Nazario - Well, i saw farms many times travelling between the cities by train... But never been to one... Closest i been near to it when i was young and every vacation, we used to go to granny's old place in village for few days!!! It was full fun though...

Expand part, i will let my curious alien handle it :P
+Paras Shah Glad to know you have that brush with the country side.
( haha, just wait for it :P)
I grew up near the Swift River, then when I was 15 yrs old I moved to a new home near the Penobscot River, recently "I'm still not grown up" I moved to a new home near the Kennebec River. Between 1980 and 1990 I was a world traveler, Korea, Austria, Holland, Germany, Canada and to many of the United States. I was kinda a wanderer for a while.
+jay dawge you seem to like the river a lot. being a traveler would suit your daydreaming when you were a kid.

+Paras Shah not at any moment...but soon...bwaahaha (that's my creepiest laugh)
+Mylah Nazario - I will convince him to stay on alert for a week... And you know what one alien week means. right? :P
Yes the river, did you know that Troll Town is right on the river, I found it one day when I was wandering along the river bank.
+jay dawge It was the Troll Town that I was thinking of when you said about those frogs and insects.
+Paras Shah eh that is way cool! I didn't know such existed. Now I can see what you mean about you and details. That's a must place for me to see, I feel so special now :D Thanks.
+Paras Shah I didn't bank on that kind of enlightenment, lol, and that alien week is still a puzzle :P

+jay dawge Checking on those links now
Now over to Lynns. Missed her SASSY post from earlier... :P
Not really, just few places ;))
+Paras Shah ..and nobody can ever miss you when you are in a place. That's just how you shine :)
I am having an "aww" moment now :D Thank you +Mylah Nazario :)) Now i can sleep well tonight ;p
Aight dear... It's time to say good night my friend. It was nice talking to you for whatever it was worth. More on it tomorrow. Take care +Mylah Nazario
+Paras Shah just preparing my lunch now, good night my friend. Enjoyed my morning with you even though I have to run around just to keep up :P Thanks.
Enjoy preparing lunch then :))
Gorgeous photo! They have an angelic glow about them. :)
A great portrait of your lovely nieces +Mylah Nazario! Love the scenery too and brings back a lot of childhood memories at my grandparent's farm, but no pretty white dresses, we were in rolled up pants and shirts with bakya and salakot :)
+Lucretia Yeh Thanks Lucretia, must be the white's reflection.

+Marilou Aballe Haha, that's me with the rolled up sleeves too. These two, well what can I say- they have their own style. Thanks kaibigan, so happy to know more common things about us :)

+Emi Fujimoto Thank you Emi as always :)

+MAURIZIO PONTINI Very kind of you to say, thanks.
Wonderful shot, +Mylah Nazario. The one standing looks like a natural, with that pose with the straw and the quarter turned head! (Could be even an ad for a clothes whitener, their dresses are so white ;-) )
+Tarun Bhushan that's a very good observation, she does have her 'model' stance. Clothes whitener, haha- yep that would have been a fun caption.
Indeed, the best things are free :) What a wonderful photo!
what a cute scene, Mylah! one girl's so happy, the other one doesn't look too thrilled... :)
+William Mazdra Your comment is always a joy to read William. I have already shown this to them and to their parents too. Now they ask for a print version as well :) Thank you for your beautiful words and constant inspiration.
la la la...can I sing also? Very beautiful shot again +Mylah Nazario! You really are good at capturing this kind of shot;) I love the peaceful atmosphere and your nieces are so pretty;)
+Yumi Shoji of course you can cute Yumi. lalala :D Thanks, it's really peaceful there and I'll tell my nieces what you said ( you do know they took after me right?:P )
such amazing picture! there is so much life and love here! Very beautiful!
Kab Yaj
Oh, beautiful models, Mylah! Gone are the days of hopscotching, tagging, and activities that practically didn't cost a dime, but just time of fun.
+Yumi Shoji you are a true friend, haha.

+Mikko Tyllinen Thanks so much really Mikko, your comments are so fun to read :)

+shane holsclaw Oh I did my friend, so much so that they already know that wen I say freeze they stop and look at the camera. :) Thank you, really happy to see you here.

+Kab Yaj You said it Kab, but I'm glad these two can still appreciate those things. we try to expose them to nature like this. Thanks a lot and I will surely tell them what you said about them :)
+Larry BK oh really, where is your wife from? Yes I know what you mean about those paddies, white dress is not exactly an ideal cloth for harvesting.
+Larry BK ah, no wonder it's so similar with ours. Good evening from here Larry.
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