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Solitude is sweet when your mind is at peace.

Have a great weekend :)

Week17: Kitchen
This is what one will usually find in my kitchen- fruits and flowers (alright, junkfoods as well :P)

#2012projectct52 by +Giuseppe Basile +Kate Church +Gretchen Chappelle +Greg Berdan +Sue Butler +LaDonna Pride +Gene Bowker +Shelly Gunderson
#colorsonfriday by +E.E. Giorgi +Gilmar Smith +Christina Lihani +Erin Henderson
#floralfriday +Tamara Pruessner
#foodfriday +Lucretia Yeh +Nicholas Ong +Bobbi Lance +Natty Netsuwan
#fruitsfriday +Vesna Krnjic +Peter Teufl
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Not to worry +Mylah Nazario just said what a wonderful shot this was and how it reminded me how behind I am on this project :))
waw sosyal, may strawberries pa :D hehe
Wow! Love the colors, composition and incredible processing!
Terrific work! Great colours and textures!
Sorry folks, my net is going bonkers on me. I'll reply to all of you as soon as net is fine again. ughhh. Thank you so much.
+David Murphy Thanks again kind sir :)

+Wesley Yeoh fresh from Baguio. may blueberries din sa baba ng strawberry kaso parang di na nakita sa pic.

+Karin Bronner Thanks a lot Karin, I had a relaxing time processing this. Pleased to meet you.

+Lawrence del Mundo hahaha, idol talagang yun ang pumukaw ng pansin mo. Sige pag nagkitakits tayo.

+DAYA MANI thank you, I appreciate that :)

+Francis Gorrez Thanks a lot Francis. It was a nice break from my papers, glad you like it :)

+Ovais Mukhtar thanks a lot Ovais :)

+Althea Ferrer Iligan So many of them around me now Althea. They do look great :) Thank you my fellow Iska.

+Sumit Sen thanks my friend, I loved processing this and have 3 versions of it too :)

+Sandra Scheffer hi Sandra! Nice to see you again :) Thanks.

+Faisal Ahad haha, feel free to do so my friend. Thank you.
Beautiful capture, Mylah and the colors are Wow!
So the junk food is hidden in the basket? Lovely shot, Mylah:)
Very beautiful work cousin!!
Solitude and the weekend... I'm wishing right back to you, too!! 
Wonderfully done, +Mylah Nazario ! The hibiscus is the icing on the cake. Such a unique still life.
+Subra Govinda Thanks my friend. That wow is very much appreciated :)

+Sharon Jeannette haha, it has another place of its own Sharon and too many and big to fit in that basket. Thanks :)

+April Gamel Cousin April, I have been missing you. Will swing by to you in a few moments :)

+John Kampsen Glad you like it John. So nice to see you again. :)

+Jakob Nilsson I've been good so far Jakob, but sometimes I indulge every now and then :)
The colours in this are astonishing... and no sunglasses warning!!! I might need to lie down now. Lovely pic - could eat those strawberries :)
+Laura Harding Im so sorry for my failure to warn you. Let me give you some berries, maybe those will help you :)
oh, Mylah, this is fantastic!! the colors are just popping out of this picture, makes me want to come over to your kitchen and take pictures too! :-)
Really Beautiful colors. You know colors well than me.. ;-)
Love the processing! The "still life painting look" works great here.
This is stunning Mylah. Awesome colors!
Amazing textures! Just like a wonderful still life painting!
It has basket, fruits and flowers!!! Wonderfully vibrant shot +Mylah Nazario :)) It surely adds some color to life my friend.
Sweet! Excellent lighting & colors :))
+E.E. Giorgi I welcome you to my kitchen and we can also share a cup of coffee while you are there :) Thank you for this theme and for your kind words.

+Hidetaka Onoyama I can't say that I do, but I very well know BW is your turf. haha. Thanks my friend.

+Pedro Ricardo I love that, i was really going for that effect. Glad you saw that and liked it too. Thanks :)

+Kurt Harvey So happy you like it my friend, hope your day is a good one.

+Tom Tran Thanks, I seldom cook so its always those fresh things for me for easy eating. Happy to see you drop by here :)

+Daniel Chen I had a good time playing with this one and really wanted to have that effect.Im happy that such a talent like yours saw that :)

+Paras Shah Oh definitely. I love my kitchen colorful. Even my containers have different colors too. Thanks my friend. Hope to catch up with you soon again.

+Lawrence del Mundo pasensya na Lawrence, andito pa ko sa LB :( Malamang kasalukuyan at nag iikot na kayo. hay nagutom ako sa mami.

+Benedict Chui Eh Benny thanks a lot. After getting cross eyed from your post, I think I also blinded myself because of the color here :P

+Larry Mayer Thanks Larry. How are you today?

+Lupe M. Luevano Thanks Lupe, so happy you decided to come back. :)

+Christophe Friedli Thanks Chris ( Oh and thanks for the FB add too :)) One of these days, I'll take a picture of those junk foods for you. (mostly chips and chips and more chips :P)

+Tom McGowan Love baskets and keep them as containers at times. Thanks dad :)
wouldn't it be lovely, Mylah? :-) I'll visit you with my imagination for now, now that I have this beautiful glimpse of your kitchen, but who knows, maybe some day... ;-)
I am so looking forward to that some day and you can also be my model, you beautiful you :) +E.E. Giorgi
eek!!! runs hiding under the bed
+Mylah Nazario my dear, the wind is hot (literally) and I am thirsty (metaphor), it seems spring lasted a week in southern Arizona (fact), and I am about to wander off to watch the sunset (prediction)... hope ya have a great weekend (wish) !
Considering your colorful kitchen +Mylah Nazario, I am sure there won't be any shortage of colors every Friday +E.E. Giorgi ;)) And Elena, i thought you running away with Orange and Strawberries... I had to read the thread to understand why :P heheh
+E.E. Giorgi hahaha, alright, candid shots only. :D

+Larry Mayer Oh its so hooooot here too. Been taking a shower almost every hour.That sunset watching would be so nice. I hope you take a picture of it and share it with us. My weekend has started and Im already starting to work it off.
+Paras Shah hehe, yep and Idk why its only the first time I have contributed to this wonderful theme too. You just gave me an idea.

LOL on Elena running away :)
I don't think you are ever short of ideas +Mylah Nazario ;)) But sure if i gave you one :P
u should take your computer in kitchen
I sometimes do, but I am frying now and I the oil is creating fireworks. Anyway, I take it as my morning exercise. keeps me on my toes :) +Paras Shah
Very beautiful Mylah! Such a fabulous mood and amazing details! Love how you build composition! And it looks so Yummy! :D
LOL, poor girl, go to a doctor now!! :-P
Excellent work +Mylah Nazario ! Rich colors and awesome textures. I want to hang this beautiful image in my kitchen!
Lovely! Hope you are having a great one too!
+Benedict Chui haha, I just hope you won't be posting those vertigo inducing images next.

+Marilou Aballe oh that is a very, very nice compliment kaibigan. It would be such an honor to see this image on your wall :) thank you.

+Nicole Burgoz Thanks Nicole. I hope things have settled down for you also :)
+Peter Phillips Thanks a lot, I love reading your comments Peter :)

+shane holsclaw wow, I see you really did catch up and I appreciate that a lot my friend :) Thanks. As for the junkfood- chips actually. Oreos are still healthy for me, hahaha.

+Barret Johnson Thank you kind sir :)

+Christina Lihani glad you like it Christina :) Thank you.
I win! This beautiful photo showed up in my notifications +Mylah Nazario! I probably posted on the one you deleted so I get a chance to praise you again: I love this vignette: how you arranged the items in the photo and the composition of the photo itself. The processing gives the photo very vibrant colors AND texture. This is a great work of art!
Nice photo and nice basket :) is this a real flower ? it looks really beautiful !!
junkfood ? you're a modern fairy :DDD i'd say even junkfood can't be bad when mind is at peace ;)
+William Mazdra Kind sir, thank you so much :) I assure you, it was feast for the tummy too.

+Christina Lihani haha, that really made me laugh! I am so glad you took the time to comment here again. Im so sorry about the other post, I missed your message there and that would be so sad. Thanks again Christina :)

+William Rainey Dutch masters, ohh that is so kind of you my friend. Thank you.

+Catherine Furet yes, this is a real flower and my mom's garden is surrounded with this plant. It's hibiscus and has many colors, you are right too that it's beautiful.Hehe, I think I will be ousted from the fairy world because of this junkfood thing :PThanks again :)

+Jasbir S. Randhawa color indeed, haha. I hope it didn't hurt your eye.

+Warren Sebastian yum indeed, here have some :) Thanks Warren.
hahaha Mylah, you always have the word for making me smile :) i regret to have to say it's not a sufficient reason to be ousted :DDD
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