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Got my #Dell P2715Q today. In a few words, it's an excellent monitor so far. The uniformity is awesome and the viewing angles are pretty good, at least left to right.

I was able to set up my #Linux environment pretty easily to accommodate the increased DPI. Everything was fine after a couple of minutes and some X killings.

The one notable exception is #Steam. There is no support for HiDPI there. Fix your crap, #valve!

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I'm pretty impressed with the Linux port of Football Manager 2014.  Works really well with my window manager.  The interface scales really good with variable window sizes.  Makes it perfect for tiling. #fm2014

Got my Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus yesterday.

The screen is absolutely gorgeous.  And so high resolution as well.  The HiDPI functionality seems to work well for Gnome and GTK+ interfaces.  Not sure much for anything else.  It's something I kind of assumed, but when I installed +Arch Linux , kind of forgot that I would be dealing with a console.  That was...difficult.  Especially considering that I kept seeing annoying message.

I somewhat regret the fact that the xorg developers got rid of automatic DPI detection.  I think some applications (like firefox) used that for their own scaling.  So, I had to set the scaling in firefox manually.

I'm surprised how many things work out of the box, though.  Keyboard backlights, multitouch (at least, 2x), touchscreen, etc.

One thing I don't like about this machine is the UEFI implementation.  Of the three I've seen (two of whcih were ASUS desktop boards), this is by far the worst.  The interface is not only slow at times, but the boot options don't even display what you would think they would (ie, all boot options.)  Instead, it seems to only show internally installed boot options.

In fact, in order to change the boot order to boot from the BIOS version of the live USB I had, I needed to boot into the UEFI version of the live USB and use efibootmgr to change the boot order so I oould boot the BIOS version of the same image....  What a mess...  Of course, I only ran into that problem because I couldn't get it to boot into UEFI grub 2, even though it was listed in the efibootmgr print out.

Installing UEFI grub 2 was soooo much easier on my desktop boards.  Thanks you for not sucking, ASUS. (ok, I am somewhat of a ASUS mobo fanboy.)

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What a good, yet very unsettling manga this was....

I was pretty frustrated with  Google Books yesterday.  The search for it is really really bad.  Like, "if there are a series of books named X, by searching X, you'd only get the first volume" bad.

It was tempting to think that a company that is adept at searching the web would also be adept at searching a list of items.

Calming down a bit, one could see how those are two entirely different problems.  For the web, I guess,  Google takes advantage of the structure of the web and links to websites in order to get a decent solution to the relevancy problem.

From what I remember (which is very little), the gist of it is mapping the whole web as an incidence matrix.  This incidence matrix would be sparse (most websites only reference a relatively tiny number of other websites), which means getting the eigen* is relatively fast. (especially if they're only using approximate values.)

This method doesn't really work well with storefronts, though.  For searching in a store front, the problem is to find products that have the smallest distance from the user defined key.  Besides books being in the same series (which I don't think Google Books even defines?) they have little relation to each other that is relevant to the initial query.  I would guess that when people search for a book on Google Books, they most likely already know the result that they want to see (which is quite unlike a Google search.)

Anyway, long story short, whatever method they use for Google Books should be replaced with something that doesn't suck.

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Sometimes, I really love my workplace.  Getting a 4960X for free was pretty nice.  My RF 16 x264 transcoding of Star Trek finished in 30 minutes.

Bad thing about retina surgery: not being able to do anything interesting.

Good thing about retina surgery: not being expected to do anything.

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I forgot that Silicon Valley got bike share recently.  If I didn't already own my own bike, I would want to try this out at least once.

Given how spread out Silicon Valley is, I feel like 30 minutes without docking doesn't really feel right.  Accounting for traffic, that seems like about 3-4 miles per trip.  Though, I guess that's alright since it seems like the stations are mostly in San Francisco and downtown San Jose...
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Ah that's the reason.

Tasted pretty good too.

I wonder when crepes started getting popular in the U.S.. I'm trying out this new crepe shop that just opened up across Paseo de San Antonio.

The crepes are more expensive than I thought they'd be...
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