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Luckily, this photo got uploaded before I lost my phone.
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So can I atill ring you?  We are leaving for Brisbane next Friday and wanted to have a chat first!
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Myk Dowling

commented on a video on YouTube.
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My partner and I have been watching this series and also watching HBO's "From the Earth to the Moon". Last night she said if she had to choose only one to watch, it'd be Project Alexandria. This really is an excellent series! 
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Myk Dowling

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Jeb had just delivered a satellite and found he still had heaps of fuel (In fact, he had barely used half of his second ascent stage). A quick check of the available contracts determined that there was money to be made - A landing on the Mün was quite possible.

Now, Jeb did not have anything one could reasonably call a "lander", just a space ship with a ring thruster that he thought could maybe be stable enough to stand on its tail, so off to the Mun he went. Orbit achieved, EVA & crew reports to collect some science, and some of the funds were already flowing in. Mission Control suggested he'd done enough, and returning to Kerbin was the wise course of action. Jeb agreed, and set his course for a landing - on the Mün. He wanted to be first to kick Münar dust. Did I mention that due to a serious oversight, his RCS fuel was long since spent?

The descent was looking pretty smooth, until a final bit of sideways drift and a substantial slope sent the rocket crashing onto its side and careening down to the bottom of a crater.

Jeb got out, took a soil sample, planted a flag (One small crash for a Kerbal, ...)

Back in his rocket, Jeb fired up his engine, dug the nose in and flipped the ship end over end. As the craft flipped around, he held back, then went to max thrust as soon as the nose pointed up. At this point, he discovered that the crash had apparently knocked out his engine's thrust vectoring.

So, constantly tumbling along, with minimal electric charge to run the underpowered reaction wheels, and with careful bursts of throttle when pointed in the right direction, Jeb slowly got himself up into Münar orbit, then into a return vector to Kerbin, finally landing safely to the west of the K2 range not far from KSP. With the science safely returned and the extra contract completed, Jeb had easily paid for his mission and then some!
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Jeb kicks a$$!
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Myk Dowling

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Myk Dowling

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Volcanic crater on Rangitoto Island 
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Myk Dowling

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Myk Dowling

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Ok what mods are you using to get these great visuals in KSP?
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There's a couple of mods that would let you do it. One that saves the state of stages so you can go back and control them, and another that gives you a program language for automated control. 
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The entire KSP crew roster return from a team building/training exercise in solar orbit, with a Mun flyby. 
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Lighten up not?.;;.
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Myk Dowling

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Jebediah is enjoying his Quantum Levitation experiment a little too much!
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Bob doesn't use important and expensive experimental science equipment to go flying near the flagpole, I suppose.
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Myk Dowling

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Inside a lava tube cave on Rangitoto Island, Auckland Bay, New Zealand 
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Myk Dowling

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Have him in circles
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Myk Dowling is many things. Skeptic, atheist, agnostic, geek, dancer, musician. He is fascinated by scientific advances and new technologies. His drumming talents are often utilised by folk dance bands around Canberra and at assorted folk festivals, and he can regularly be found dancing Argentine tango. He is a past contributor to Rational Capital podcast and a regular converser with cats.
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Canberra - Brisbane, Qld - Canberra, ACT - Dalton, NSW
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