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New Myford super 7 speed plate. Comes with 4 rivets for fixing to your lathe.
£20.00 with free uk mainland delivery.

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3 morse taper.Drawbar 12mm
Will fit facemills with a 27mm bore
£37.50 with free uk mainland delivery.

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Vertex Tapping Chuck 
This design can prevent the tap chuck from loosening after tapping, Suits various taps, Large tapping capacity, high power torsion.
£47.50 with free uk mainland delivery.

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This machine vice has a capacity of 32mm
To suit the small and large plain and double swivel vertical slides
4 Tee nuts and bolts included to secure vice to your vertical slide
£69.00 with free uk mainland delivery.

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Rear splash guard available in Grey and Aquamarine. 
£137.54 with free uk mainland delivery.

Please be aware that there are companies on eBay purporting to support British engineering by stripping down working lathes and selling the parts on for a profit.

Here at Myford, we would not dream of taking a working lathe out of circulation, as we truly do support British Engineering. All of our spares are made in the UK, our lathes are assembled here on site and we never put a good lathe down!

All of our second hand parts are taken from lathes that we are reconditioning. Whilst the lathes we break down are functional, they are not up to the standard that is expected when buying a lathe from Myford. The lathes we break down are then reconditioned and put back into circulation.

If you truly want to support British engineering, come and see
lathes being built up and restored to their full glory, rather than being stripped down and removed from the industry completely.
Myford. Simply the best! Why settle for anything less?

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These oilers came with a Lathe we purchased. It looks as though they were never even fitted on the machine, there is no sign of oil in them.
They will fit any Myford ML7 Lathe. 
We are auctioning them on eBay and there is just over a day left!

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Super 7 Connoisseur Lathe. This Lathe just oozes quality! 
£7900 + VAT

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Nick Clarke has sent a great update! 
"Job Done, a few tricky machining operations to overcome during the build, but all accomplished using just the Speed 10 and vertical slide, Myfords are far superior than any other Lathe that is being imported! I will send a video of her in steam in due course."
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These Lathe covers for the long bed Super 7 are great for keeping your Myford in pristine condition and the dust from the workshop at bay.
£44.40 with free uk mainland delivery.
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