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#MyCostaRica #PuraVida

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Find everything you want to know about Costa Rica on
#CostaRica #PuraVida

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Costa Rica facts, the land of Pura Vida has many curiosities and interesting things inside of it. Learn the most interesting and important Costa Rica facts here. #MyCostaRica #CostaRica #Facts

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Even though we are My Costa Rica, it is always important to acknowledge the beauty we have next door in Nicaragua! Nicaragua gives us much to do and learn. The country offers some incredible destinations to the intrepid traveler and its proximity to nearby Costa Rica has made traveling there easier than ever before.
#MyCostaRica #Nicaragua

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Maquenque Eco Lodge in Costa Rica is an elegant, unique eco-resort offering magical accommodations in jungle bungalows and exquisite fairy tale tree houses in the abundant, verdant rain forest on the border of Nicaragua.
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Costa Rican recipes are delicious and-and healthy- a combination that is often hard to find! Costa Rican cuisine consists of many unique dishes, many of which are easy to prepare.
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Whether it is raining or the sun is shining, the hypnotic beauty of the Osa will enchant you and give you the most memorable vacation you ever dreamed. So much natural beauty and peace never seemed possible!
#MyCostaRica #CostaRica #OsaPeninsula

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Costa Rican Geography is diverse featuring over 200 active and extinct volcanoes, steep mountain slopes, endless tropical beaches with sands ranging in colors from sparkling white and pale rose to black.
#MyCostaRica #CostaRica #Geography

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La Mariposa Hotel is a divine, elegant beachfront property offering 60 luxe Rooms, Suites and apartments surrounded by butterflies, shimmering pools, tropical gardens, spa, bar, and delicious al fresco restaurant.
#MyCostaRica #CostaRica #Mariposa

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Costa Rica's Southern Zone is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica! You will find so much diversity in nature climate and personalities of people here.
#MyCostaRica #CostaRica #SouthernZone

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It is important to be aware of the required or recommended Costa Rica vaccines before you travel to here. There’s some recommended Costa Rica vaccines, which are advisable to get before you travel.
#MyCostaRica #CostaRica #Vaccinations
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