Fashion/Lifestyle/Beauty Blogger INTERVIEW Part 3 of 5
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The spirit is willing, but the body is weak. I struggle with trying to get my post out in a uniform fashion all across all the media outlets. Each time I think I have come up with a method, I have to think again. So, today, I pose the question to our bloggers...

Q) With all there is to do and the challenges presented HOW do you get it all done? What is the method to your madness?

+Grace Liang

A) I post every day as I mentioned. Because I have a full time job and I like to give 100% to my work I do not have time to do anything while I am at work. I schedule my post a few days ahead when I can. And I try to reply to all the comments on my blog and social media tools every evening. I take pictures every weekend for the coming week and write more ahead of time. Overall, I have to plan ahead.

*Venus * +pinkklipstick 
A) My calendars! Yes calendars! I have my iCal on my phone, outlook, and then my paper planner/calendar.  I also have a dry erase board for weekly things I need to knock out.  Each has its own purpose and I check them all daily!  

+Rachel Garay

A) As a mom of four kids, I don't get to focus on blogging and social media until my toddlers take a nap or the kids are asleep at night. I try to only have 3 posts up a week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday), as it is a lot of work with three posts per week already and on top of that hosting a blogger link up on Tuesdays. I plan my posts (and outfits) ahead of time in the notes section of my iPhone and via planner in my purse. 
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