Fashion/Lifestyle/Beauty Blogger INTERVIEW Part 5 of 5
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Well, we come to our final question for the 'fashionistas'. We learned about their struggles and received their opinions, but we don't know is how they see themselves. Meaning, what style would they say the most commonly identify with?

Q) How would you describe your style?

+Grace Liang
*A) Haha! I knew this day would come and somebody would ask me this question. I have to say I have a hard time putting myself into one category. I don’t lock myself into one style but as long as I look chic and sophisticated I’m happy. The most frequent comments I get from others is elegant and classy. 

+Rachel Garay
A) As a stay at home mom, I wear a lot of flats (sandals and flip flops in the spring and summer), leggings, and - although I haven't found the perfect pair yet - I am in love with skinny jeans, especially with flats.  

Venus +pinkklipstick 
A) My style is boho chic and androgynous.  I love mixing feminine pieces with masculine ones...just like my personality, I am a blend of femininity and masculinity; Tom boy at heart that loved to play with Barbies! 

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