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Private Violence was shown in Atlanta, Georgia, this week and a great discussion was held with professionals from the legal community and with a large number of advocates. To be continued. #DVAM2016  

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ReMoved is compelling. 

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What happens when people compare notes about how they are treated by certain #FamilyLaw  and #ChildCustody  professionals?

We appreciate the #TheAugustaChronicle  for reporting on how cases are being managed in #Augusta  #FamilyCourt!
#GALmisconduct   #galegal  

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Rally for the Rights of Parents to receive due process:
Families are asking for help from the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission, the oversight committee that investigates rogue judges.

Two groups from Georgia gathered to protest the lack of follow through on complaints filed to prove that judges are violating rules and causing damages to families and children: +AugustaChronicleTV 
+Pro Advocate Radio +Georgia Policy +My Advocate Center  #GAlegal   #JudicialEthics  

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Georgia leaders are starting to listen. News reporters are continuing to investigate - thank God.  If you missed reporter Nick Lulli's visit to Pro Advocate Radio, now is a great time to catch up:

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Have you heard? 
Follow #UseYourVoice  on Twitter and #LISTEN  to each Monday at 10:30am.

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These children are still missing, and so are many others.
Some children, we can prove, are given to the parent or put in the environment most likely to cause them stress and injury. This is devastating to our kids and families - to our whole community. can be prevented and turned around. 

How can YOU help them recover?
New year, but the same message: #InvestInKids  as so many are still missing, and more are being taken from good parents because of the dishonesty of certain family law professionals and due to negligence of state agency employees.  

#JackandThomasMurphy  are still waiting to testify and many more kids are still being silenced because #ProfitOverProtection  is the way the system works. #FreeJackandThomas   #FreeHannah  from +Elevations RTC  [These kids have never needed to be there; there is no justification for locking them up, silencing them and cutting them off from good parents. Whatever you do, do not allow "consultants" to guide your children there or to anyone of these unsafe facilities.]

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Please read, and apply the same principles to all parents and kids damaged in family court cases. This is not a gender issue, but the hearing in Fulton County may be made to appear so by some. The same professional misconduct, wrongful termination of parent's rights, over-billing and more are destroying good moms and dads everywhere. #FultonCounty   #CourtWatch   #AnneStevenson   #MyAdvocateCenter  
I first became involved in this issue when a group of parents came to me and wanted their stories heard and asked me to find a journalist who would write them.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone I felt would tell their stories properly.  So I began to t...

Journalist Richelle Carey posted a video about #Mayweather  and how media were banned who reported on his #Violence  against women.
She asks that we "get our priorities straight" and shares key points on how abusers react when confronted or called out. They retaliate. #ItsJustWhatTheyDo   #DomesticViolence   #MenStoppingViolence
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