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New Twitter Manager/Article Writer

Hello Managers, This is Tysendragon66, your new Twitter Manager/Article Writer appointed by DebiK. I’m grateful that I have been given this opportunity to further my participation in the community.

As events happen I will be writing articles and updating the Twitter page on behalf of DebiK. There’s one thing that brings us all together, whether you are a manager for your virtual driver or a hopeful up and coming racer like my self, we all want to get faster. With that I’ll be working for you guys so you get information faster as well. I can't wait to share our websites future with you guys.

Note: the twitter is @MyRacingCareer

_Author : Tysendragon66 _
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New Formula 1 Commissioner

As previously announced our old commissioner PaleRider decided to step down last season so we were forced to search for a new one. I really would like to thank him for all the work he did for the champonships. It really is not easy to take some decissions which sometimes cannot make everybody happy, but that is part of the job, and I persnally believe he did well. So once again THANK YOU!

To the subject of this article I would like to introduce new commissioner who took his role starting this week. I believe LittleMLO ( is the right person for this role and he will be good commissioner. I wish him good luck to make good decissions.

Author : DebiK
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New Member of Our My Racing Career Family

Because we all are one big My Racing Career family, it is my pleasure to tell you, that our family is now bigger by one new member. My first born child Olivia Debnarova came to this world early in the morning today. I will try not to miss too much time and continue with the game development, but you know... :)

Thanks for your support :)

Author :  DebiK
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MRC Present at Barum Rally 2016

Thanks to our new partnership with czech radio station RockMax we will be present on famous Barum Czech Rally Zlin 2016 which will take part during following weekend in Zlin, Czech Republic. Barum Czech Rally Zlin is a round of FIA European Rally Championship. We prepared nice items for you and additionally free superlicense!

Thanks to our manager and member of MRC team deka96 we reached agreement of partnership with popular czech rario station RockMax ( ). You can listen here ( ). Thanks to this partnership My Racing Career will be present at the Barum Czech Rally Zlin 2016 event.

It have been few days already you can take free RockMax helmet or racing suit. And even free F3 car livery with RockMax theme. In addition to that you can start new challenge to earn free superlicense for 2 days. This challenge will be deactivated in about a week after Barum Rally ends.

If you are one of those who will visit the event in person, you should be able to find our advertisement banners near or inside the RockMax stand which will be present there. Visitors will be able to play My Racing Career directly from there. In addition to that they will also be able to use the racing simulator constructed by deka96 there.

Unfortunatelly I (DebiK) will not be there due to personal reasons you will surely hear soon from me in another announcement. But deka96 will be there, and if you want to cheer for somebody in the race, you can surely root for my father also Frantisek Debnar who will be racing in companion event Star Rally - Barum Rally Historic Zlin 2016 with his old Suzuki Swift.

Author :  DebiK
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NEWS: Welcome to Season 19 - F1 Update & Prediction Competition

Hi guys. So you've made it to Season 19, great! Now for details on the new F1 rule change and details of our new Prediction Competition!

Hi guys, welcome to Season 19 here on MRC!
We wish you all the very best of luck in this new season!

~ ~ ~ ~

F1 Rule Change for Season 20:
Starting in Season 20, MRC will introduce a new, special F1 team rating system.
For each qualification every team with at least 1 driver within 107% of the pole position driver's time will receive 5 points. The rating will be based on the previous 77 days points accumulation, a normal team will be around the 100 point mark.

If both drivers from an F1 team fail to finish within 107% of the pole position driver's time at least 5 times, then the rating will drop to below 80, which means penalties will be incurred.

For example, if an F1 team drops to a rating of 75, then sponsor payments will drop to 75% of the normal value, and so on. Signed signing bonuses as well as income from the issuing of shares will also be decreased in the same way.

The worst case scenario for any team is that both drivers fail to qualify within the 107% rule in every race, which will give a rating of 0. If this occurs all employees and suppliers will be gone, leaving the F1 team in ruin and bankrupt!

F1 Chassis System Change (Reminder)
All details of the chassis change can be found in the recently released news article: F1 Chassis News ( )

~ ~ ~ ~

Prediction Competition:
As most of you will have seen, we have introduced a new feature to MRC where you can predict the outcome of races from our top series.
There are rewards for the best scorers on a weekly and seasonal basis - so if you think you know MRC drivers and series well, now is the time to prove it!
All details can be found when you visit the Prediction page >>>
Prediction Competition ( )

~ ~ ~ ~

Create-A-Track Competition:
The winning entry will be announced within the next day or two!

~ ~ ~ ~

That's all for now guys!
Author :  Emerald
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Thank you guys !
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New Cars, Planned Features and Other News!

Hello Managers, I have some exciting news fresh from the developers! We now have four brand new cars for private races, they are now ready for Sport A class races.

The new cars are as follows:
Aston Martin DB10
Ferrari F355
Porsche Cayman S
Tesla Roadster 2.5
These cars look similar to their counter parts.

News from DebiK: He has grown busy with his kid and other things, but him and the team are still working on creating rally for MRC and the clans system. These are two things the community (you guys!) have been wanting. The team is also working on a system to store user accounts in some kind of central register, to make it available for future projects, like the future planned soccer game for example. What this means is that once people use any username for any game, that username will be reserved for them for other games made by the MRC team. You will also be able to transfer coins between games.

Final note for the new Tesla: very tricky car. It have small top speed, but very good acceleration so it gives advantage on some tracks... While on some others it gives disadvantage of course.

Thanks for reading!

Author : Tysendragon66
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New Engine in Formula 1 from Season 22

This is just a quick information that from tomorow new engine for season 22 will be possible to be built thanks to successful coin flip that decided the rule change will come yesterday. And obviously the old engine will be unavailable, you can use it only until end of season 21. Check some additional information inside article.

The rules have been changed and a lot of restrictions added, like in real F1. That means team engineers, designers have to work with new technologies and a lot of obstacles. Building new engine will be more difficult and it might take more time.
Good luck!

Author : DebiK 
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NEWS: More New Private Cars + Rare Car Auction!

Hi guys, I'm here with details of the latest batch of private cars!

New Private Cars:
Some of you may have already noticed lots of brand new private cars that have made their way to MRC headquarters! The 2 newest cars immediately available for you to buy are:-
P3 Class: Ferrari 308 GTS

You can thank thedonz ( )  for the new additions, as you can for most new cars you see in the private car section.

We're sure both new vehicles will do well in the their respective classes.
You can find the new cars in your garage by following this link >>
Garage ( )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rare Car Auction:
We have a new car available at auction.
It is none other than one of the greatest supercars of all the time.... The McLaren F1!!!

McLaren F1 Auction ( )

You know you want it.
You know you need it.
I know I do!!!

So go get your bid in!

There will be more cars like this in the future, and we will bring you news as soon as they go to auction!

When cars go to auction, it means that these cars are rare - for example only 15 are available at this current auction. So these cars will now have a special icon beside them signifying how rare they are.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's all for now guys!

Author :  Emerald
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NEWS: New Private Car: Jaguar XK120

Hi guys, today we bring you a new Classic Private Car and a Private Series to celebrate it's release!

Jaguar XK120

The XK120 was launched in open two-seater or (US) roadster form at the 1948 London Motor Show as a testbed and show car for the new Jaguar XK engine. 

68 years later it is now available to purchase here on MRC. 

You can find the Jaguar in your garage by following this link >>
Garage ( )

To celebrate the release of this iconic car we have created a private series with a large coin prize for the winner.

The new private series can be found by following this link >>
Private Series ( )

Only Classic 50 cars can enter this series - and now the Jag is available you can now get one of these old ladies for as little as 10 coins!

Good luck to all who enter!

Author :  Emerald
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NEWS: End of Season Update

Hi guys, I bring you details of little changes and additions as well as finalisation days for the various series. Plus, we need more team members!

New Notifications:
* Notifications are now in place whenever you receive an offer about share transfer, unassigned shares, or if your driver is offered an F1 contract.

* On your settings page there is now a function which allows you to change how Auction notifications are delivered to you. You have 3 options: No notifications, notification of auctions I can actually participate in, or Notifications for all auctions.

Trophy of Champion Update:
* New tracks have been introduced: Imola, Daytona and Marina Bay.

* A new car will be used in the upcoming series: Marussia B2

* The qualification format for both the Imola and Marina Bay TOC dates will follow the same format that is currently in use in F1 - except the numbers are slightly different, 22 drivers will make it through qualification 1, while 11 drivers will make it through qualification 2.

F1 Race Calendar Update:
* The order of circuits used in F1 has been changed.

* Baku has been added to the calendar.

* The German GP has been removed to keep the series at 20 races.

Formula E Update:
* The order of circuits used in FE has been changed.

*Tyre durability has been changed.

Series Finalisation Days:
Day 72
- F1

Day 73
- Indy
- Formula E
- Formula 2 World

Day 74
- Indy Juniors
- V8 Supercars
- F2 Continentals

Day 75
- F3 World

Day 76
- F3 Continentals
- F3 Major
- F3 Regionals

Day 77
- F3 Nationals

As is always the case, if you have not applied for any of the above Season Series for Season 19, then your driver will automatically be entered into the Rookie Series.

New MRC Team Members Needed:
At this very moment we really need translators for the following languages:

We also need translators for those languages that currently only have 1 translator assigned and for any languages we don't have listed - you can find more information on the MRC team page here >

If you think you can fulfill one of these roles within the MRC team then please contact one of the MRC team members below as soon as possible.

edis10 ( )
Arskap ( )

~ ~ ~ ~

That's all from me for now guys, in the next news article the winner of the recent Create-A-Track Competition will be revealed!

Author :  Emerald
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NEWS: F1 Update

Hi guys, read on for some important news regarding MRC F1 teams.

F1 Driver Contracts
A new update has been added to the F1 manual regarding driver contracts:

- Every F1 team can hire a driver at any point in the season.
- Only the Top 100 rated drivers will be able to receive a signing bonus, with the Top 50 rated drivers able to receive a bonus higher than 500,000.
- Drivers outside of the Top 200 rated drivers MUST pay for a seat in an F1 team of 1 million or more.

F1 Team Disqualification
If an F1 team has not named their 2 drivers for the forthcoming season by Day 72, 18:00 CET, they will be disqualified from taking place in the following F1 Season Series.

In-Season Driver Updates
We came across a number of issues recently which needed fixing. The following details all relate to what a driver can do and cannot do during a season in the F1 series.

• Retiring an F1 driver during a season is now not possible unless there are very, very good reasons for doing so. Examples of this would be as follows:
'F1 Team owner(s) make certain promises to the F1 driver, which are then broken during the season.'
'F1 Team owners make radical changes to their strategy which directly affects the F1 driver'
In instances such as the above, the F1 Commissioner can give special dispensation regarding a driver retiring.

• If an F1 driver becomes inactive for 7 days or more, automatic testing will take place, even if the inactive F1 driver is without a Super Licence.

• In addition to the automatic testing for an inactive F1 driver, the F1 Team Manager is allowed to set up strategies for the upcoming race(s). The Team Manager can change a strategy if one has not already been saved by the F1 driver.


That's all for now guys!

Author :  Emerald
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Online Browser Motorsport Management Game
My Racing Career - Motorsport manager game is a game where you take the role of a formula racing driver. You will start your career in a low formula series similar to the Formula 3 series, but after a successful season you will get offers from better series. The highest is Formula 1, but there will be special series you will be able to take part in similar to Porsche Supercup, DTM, IndyCar or NASCAR. The full version of the game is already launched! Create your driver account now to build your game experience and have fun!!!
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