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Even without HTTPS your login is protected at Since today we enrolled asymmetric encryption of our login process. Your login will be encrypted with a one-time public-private-keypair in your browser and then transmitted. Nobody can get your login data by using a traffic sniffer or anything like that. Share on!

Today we released a couple of small fixes regarding the website performance and our Android App. The Android App is now more reliable if uploads stuck or connectivity has been lost during requests.

We just rolled out a small patch which covers malfunctioning buttons in Uploaded Completed Notification as well as an application crash while uploading Images through the Upload Activity. Share on guys!

In case that you're wondering why images are currently delivered very slowly or not at all: Our CDN service provider is receiving a huge DDoS attack. We already updated our DNS zone to deliver directly from our frontend servers. We apologize for any inconveniences.

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Well, first changes for 2014 were just deployed:

* Added a menu section into the sidebar titled "Collaborate" which gives you Albums shared with you directly or indirectly at first glance.
* Updated "Added as Contributor" Mail which introduces now links to the "Add Photos" page and to "Start Live Mode" page which allows you - as long as you have installed Android App (released today) - to start the Album's Live Mode directly by clicking a specific URL.
* Implemented some small fixes in framework.

Happy sharing!

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It's New Year's Eve today! Woohoo!

So prepare your phones and start taking pictures tonight!
We created an Album where you can start sharing NYE pictures into it.

Thank you all guys so far for such an incredible year.
What we have done this year?
- Relaunched in early 2013 with introducing Social Network features
- Renamed from ImageSpace to
- Implemented cool new features like Albums, RSS feeds etc.
- Allowed embedding of Albums and Photos.
- Yet another relaunch introducing more responsive and cleaner layout.
- Launched new Android App
- Introduced the ability to collaborate on one Album


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We just enrolled a new release. Again only some minor bug fixes and we also re-enabled the old Image URL support (which is still highly discouraged) for backward compatibility reasons. #TGIF

Best ideas come at night. Well it's 2:25 am in Germany and we just rolled out a bunch of low level fixes like improved cache management and we also introduced two new features: Top Photos which shows you five to 15 trending photos above your photo stream and - as requested by some of you - RSS feed for your recent photostream and your profile (public images only). Enjoy it!
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