The Mystery of +Edgar Allan Wright: Answers?

So in my previous post(, I explored just how +Edgar Allan Wright had lost his memories and had his mind fractured prior to the start of the +Niantic Project and Investigation.

In this part two, I'll be exploring some ideas as to how to fix his condition.

So let's start with what we know. Edgar seems to have lost his mind during Project Whydah, perhaps as a result of some sort of experiment gone awry?

From that statement, we can at least find the starting point of this being to track down those who had an involvement in Project Whydah and interviewing them to gain more knowledge as to what happened for sure to Wright.

Well, here's a list of some besides Wright who were there:

+Yuri Alaric Nagassa
+Misty Hannah
Zeke Calvin
Antoin Hollis

(list picked from here, thanks to +JoJo Stratton:

Wait. We can't interview Hollis and Calvin-they're dead.

Uh...maybe we can. This part is a stretch-a REAL STRETCH-but it's possible.

In regards to Hollis, I'm not sure how plausible this idea is but I think it's way more plausible for Calvin.

On June 22nd, 2016(first image below), Jahan and Antoine Smith were speaking to each other. Jahan had failed to gain the needed elements to move forward with her agenda so she resorted to a radical idea that was birthed from the mind of Akira Tsukasa: To reverse the Portal Patterning process and retrieve knowledge from the recently deceased Nigel Moyer.

See where I'm going with this? How hard of a stretch is it that the NIA Safe House Calvin died in didn't have some Portals near it or even one inside it for study? If there's a chance that Agents could somehow manipulate the Portals in Washington, DC then is it too hard to believe that info from Calvin's mind couldn't be extracted?

There is a hang up with that process: Jahan mentioned in the conversation that she was planning to extract a specific memory from Nigel's mind-one that was already in his mind at the moment she needed. And I'm pretty sure that in the moment of death, Calvin wasn't thinking about Whydah or Wright.

The only real workaround for this could be extracting more info from more Portals that Calvin has worked with. The only other Portal I know of that is tied to him is the Globe of Life right next to the CERN facility where the Niantic Project took place. There's also Oakland, CA where his Shards were fought over in Abbadon....There's also the deprecated Whydah Lab in Vancouver, BC, Canada that +H. Richard Loeb was chilling at during Cassandra.

Ok. SO after all of that, what happens? After all, this is just the intel phase.

From here, there are two ideas I've got:

1. A Remote Participation Experiment that takes the intel we've gained about what happened to Wright in order to allow a group of Agents the chance to travel into that moment in time and possibly change it. This to me is an option despite the massive drawbacks.

First, we'd probably need a large amount of Exotic activity to even generate an environment where this could take place. I'd guess Anomaly levels will work.
Second, I'm not even sure if it'll work. I mean, there's a chance we'd simply create a new universe where it never happened and it wouldn't actually influence the one we're in right now.
Third-and this is the big one: If Wright never loses his memories, there's a chance he might not be spurned to create Operation Essex. This group might not exist as a result.

2. Agent Activity that manipulates the Portal Network and causes Wright's lost memories to emerge. We've done this before: The #SaveKlue Missions used Portal activity and Glyph creation to assist +Klue S. in breaking away from +A Detection Algorithm. This could work......

What do you all think? Any ideas?
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