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Our editor continues to speak out to ensure that Muslims are not closed out of local government.
We at Muslim American encourage all Muslim Americans to get involved with local government. It is in your local city and county governments where the biggest impact can be made. Remember that Muhammad (SAWS) did not seek to change the whole world at once, he started with individual communities and leaders. He started with the grassroots as Imam Zaid Shakir reminds us in the May issue of the magazine.
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We work hard to provide you with quality information and, when needed, speak out in advocacy of Muslim American rights.

WCCB coverage:
WBTV coverage:

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Our March, 2015 issue is in memory of the #chapelhillshooting ‬ victims. Special thanks to Farris Barakat for granting permission to print his speech from the candlelight vigil. Our center spread is filled with images which recount the memory and legacy of #ourthreewinners  
Our Dawah section is an article filled with ways we can respond as an ummah to de-fuse hate and prevent future hate crimes and we've put together an article to educate readers about the rising threat of Anti-Theism. All of this along with our regular columns and planned feature articles.
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To donate to the cause of Deah, Yusor and Razan go here:…/syrian-dental-relief/206249
T-shirts are being printed in their memory with all proceeds going to the cause:
NC State University has set up a scholarship in their name, donations can be made here:
As a united Ummah, we can prove that Allah has indeed made us the best community raised up as an example to mankind.
Because when #muslimlivesmatter  then #alllivesmatter .

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Focus on unity and charity in memory of the victims. #MuslimLivesMatter #ChapelHillShooting #IamMuslimAmerican

What is your favorite part of the Qur'an?  Mine is Surah Ar-Rahman because it is a reminder of all the blessings of Allah and that we should be grateful for each of them.  It also challenges me to make the best of what Allah has given and encourages me to live a life that is worthy of those blessings.

What's your favorite part of the Qur'an?

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Have you had your greens today?

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40 years ago this month; the movement was begun by Imam Warith Deen Mohammed to move thousands of people out of the Nation of Islam to the Qur'an and Sunnah.
Millions have been touched by his efforts... how much do you know about the man and his legacy?

Jumma Mubarak everyone! I hope you'll pick up your copy of the magazine today! Ask for it in your local shop or get them to carry it!
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