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+Cecilee Linke is killin' it!

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If you were going to support a musician via a crowdfunding campaign, which of these platforms would you prefer.
Crowdfunding Preference

Researching a bit while working on some +Stephenson Rd stuff...

If you were going to support a musician via a crowdfunding campaign, which of these platforms would you prefer.

GoFundMe - simple, fast, multiple donation methods, reasonable fees

Indiegogo - more "perks" for contributors, slightly higher fees, requires almost constant attention from fund-seeker

Private Site - Simple pay-pal donation right on the Musician's website, lowest fees, direct communication, possible lower "public visibility"

Last week I asked some supporters their opinion on whether the #Streetsign  should start a campaign and there was overwhelming support! All that's left now is to chose a platform and get busy building!

#indiemusic   #crowdfunding   #supportsmallbusiness   #opinion  
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Musician's Website
Musician's Website

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Hey group! This was my very first upload to youtube a few years back. At the time of recording, this little thing was not yet fully rehearsed and composed but has since then ended up on my regular setlist.

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Hello All,

I AM new to the group and to Google+ in general, so wanted to introduce myself by posting my latest prelim release on SoundCloud. Enjoy if you are able, and much love. ;-)

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Tidbits of Tone
Some tasty tidbits of Les Paul tone created with a 2000 Gibson Gary Moore signature Les Paul. A 2012 Rickenbacker 4003 bass fills in the bottom end.  I probably need to slow this down and add vocals to it.  Its kind of fatiguing listening to what amounts to a 3 1/2 minute guitar solo. 


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Come on, play some hot solos :-)
This is a simple blues backing track I created with a programme called Band In A Box.
I hope you have fun :-))

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Mary is a song written about a young woman who has difficulties to pay bills and survive.It came to me in a moment of inspiration so I had to record it.Please let me know what you think of it and pass the word along. ^_^

I hope you like it. ^_^

MY PATREON if you want to help a man fulfill his dream.  
If you are interested below are my social webpages.

I also have a livestream account.
 twitch tv account here: alan alan

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Original composition born today while improvising. Works as it is but maybe a touch of violin to play another melody would make it even better... 

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Here's a little tune i put together last summer about our story,  history, a sometime tragic, sometimes glorious story that still continues to this day....How will it end?.....It has nice lyrics and a sweet lead after the second verse.....Here's the words...........

"His Story is full of troubles
His Story is full of pain
His Story is full of triumph
His Story is full of gains
But it's always the same
It just keeps on repeating
Always goin up in flames
And the martyrs they keep bleeding

His Story is full of doubts
His Story is full of doom
His Story is full of opportunities
His Story has so much room
It's got room for changing
Just give it a chance
Like a one armed boxer
Like a one legged man in a dance


His Story is full of mistakes
His Story is full of crimes 
His Story is full of lucky breaks
His Story happens time after time
It just keeps on goin
Like a ride that never ends
And the wind it keeps blowin
But the tree it learns to bend

His Story is full of confusion
His Story is so full of light
His Story is full of vision
But His Story is as black as night
But don't you worry
The light it always shines
And when you finally see it
Leave all the darkness far behind"

His Story - words & music written & performed by Eddie Conlon © 2015 Edward L. Conlon all rights reserved.

#indierock   #chicago  
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