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Bits Mp3 Player
MP3 Player App for Android Devices
MP3 Player App for Android Devices


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Benefits of listening to music!

1. Listening to music helps you fight with stress. Music is a great source of distraction which helps you to relieve stress.

2. Listening to music makes us happy.

3. Music is among very few things which stimulate entire part of your brain. It can be good for our mental exercise.

4. Music can help you with your work out plan. It increases our endurance. Wonder why gym keep playing music all the time!

5. Music enhance our memory as well. Our favorite songs are associated with our past memory. Hence, we love them.

6. Listening to Music can also help us to fight depression.

7. Music can enhance our productivity as well in few cases.

Isn't it enough to listen more music. You can install our app from Google Play Store and enjoy the experience of listening to music.
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Update number 1.4.5 of Bits player is out on Google Play Store for existing users to update the app and enjoy music listening experience in the latest version.

Finally, one of the most awaited feature - editing the metadata of songs, artist and albums - is out in this update. Now, you will be able to change the name songs, artists and albums. After editing, the app will store the last changes until you make any further changes.

We got many reviews demanding the landscape mode view especially those who listen to music while driving. Portrait mode is not a comfortable view in such scenarios. So, we have made Bits Player compatible with landscape mode as well in this update.

This update also brings performance enhancements and stability improvements at multiple layers like all other previous updates.

So, update the app to version 1.4.5. It has been best of all update of Bits Player!
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What can Bits Player do for you?

Bits Mp3 Player is a local music player app packed with all the features elegantly packaged. Currently, it is available for Android devices. You can download and enjoy the musical experience with us. Here is what Bits Mp3 Player can do for YOU..

1. You want to listen to music just before sleeping for 30 minutes and then you want your music app to pause automatically. Use sleep timer feature of the app. Here, you can set your own time, not just 30 minutes.

2. You want to remove annoying small clips from the app for smooth flow of your favorite songs. Use the remove small clips feature of Bits Player. Again you can choose the set size of clips!

3, You want to listen to just one song for 30 minutes. Use the repeat one option of our app to play only one song in repetition mode.

4. You want different sound experience for a different mood and different songs. Use our equalizer which has 10 predefined presets along bass and virtualizer. You can also customize bands.

5. Are you bored with the same background image? No worry! You can change the themes in our app.

6. You want a little surprise and play random songs. You can play songs in shuffle mode.

7. You want to listen to songs from your favorite artist and you are tired of browsing from the entire list. In our app, you can browse songs from 6 different pages including the artist page.

8. You have created your folders for songs in your laptop and now you want listen to songs from that folder only. You can do it very easily by using our folder categorization.

9. You want to listen to a particular song. No problem! You can search and listen.

10. You want to listen to a selective songs in a particular order. You can do it just select those songs in that order and click on the play icon.

11. You want to send any songs to your loved one. Just use the share feature of the app available in the 3 dots.

12. You want to get rid of any unwanted songs. You can delete it from the app permanently.

13. You are getting out of phone memory and need space for any other app. Very easy! You don’t have to uninstall our app because of lack of phone memory when you can transfer Bits Mp3 Player app to SD card.

14. Do you listen to songs from any folder quite frequently and you want to pin it to the top for convenience. You can do it easily from our app. Not only that you can unpin it whenever you want.

15. You want to share your songs with your friends. Here, again we can help you with sharing feature.

16. You want to play selected songs. You can use long press multi-select to choose then play. Simple and easy! Similar steps can be followed for selecting an artist, albums, or playlists.

17. You want to listen to songs from your phone on Bluetooth headset. Easy! Connect Bits Mp3 Player with Bluetooth and start listening songs. You can control the navigation from the Bluetooth headset itself. No need to come back to the app.

18. You want to connect your phone to your car’s sound system to be controlled by your phone. You can do it with either Bluetooth or cord.

19. You want to enjoy your favorite genre. In our app, you can browse songs from six different way include genre.

20. You want a good player in your native language which you can understand easily. No worry at all! Bits Player is available in 40 different languages.

Apart from above-mentioned features, Bits Player can do a lot more for you. Get the app from Google Play Store and enjoy the music.
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This update will be the biggest update in the history of Bits Player entailing more than twenty changes, big and small. It will improve the performance, enhance stability and make user-friendly changes.

1. The long press has been added to every page of the app. Now, multiple tasks can be done via the gesture of long press like adding multiple songs to the playlist, playing selective songs, etc.

2. Expandable plus icon has been added inside pages as well just like outside 6 pages. It will be helpful to access important features of the app from every page inside or outside.

3. Adding multiple songs has become much easier now with an option to select and add songs to any playlist.

4. Design for “Remove ads tab” and “Sharing of App” has been changed. You will find new design more appealing.

5. Language selection popup has been removed while installing the app. Now, the app will automatically match language as per your device language.

6. Speed of app has been enhanced quite a lot. Now, even if you have thousands of songs on your device - you will not feel much delay while operating the app.

7. Three dot feature has been added in more place like inside artist, album, genre, and playlist. So that important features become more accessible from every page.

8. For Android 4.4, the icon to close expandable plus icon has been added for user-friendly look. It was present on all Android above 4.4 and now it has been extended to Android 4.4 as well.

9. Flow of long press in the song page has been revamped. All the long press will have the same look.

10. Few critical errors have been fixed along with the addition of above features.

11. Now, there is no need open the app after changing the themes. It will automatically get refreshed.

There are few more changes in the update to surprise you. Stay tuned!
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Bits Mp3 player - Extention Sorting function to Artist, Album, Playlist tabs

Till now the sorting feature was available only in the songs page of the Bits Mp3 Player. We have noticed that sorting feature has been used by our users intensively. Such a high-frequency use of sorting function is a testament to the importance of sorting function in the browsing of songs for any music app. Sorting makes the browsing of songs much easier and the song selection become much seamless.

Just for illustration purpose, imagine a scenario - you recently added 10 songs to your phone and you want to listen to these 10 songs from your phone in recently added sequence using Bits Mp3 Player - how will go ahead about it? This solution lies in the sorting by date added. You just sort of songs by date added in descending order and problem solved. Just for a moment think about how messy it would be listening to 10 recently added songs without the option to sort by date added feature!

Looking at the usefulness of sorting feature, Bits Mp3 Player has decided to extent this feature to remaining pages of the app namely artist, album, and playlist. Since every page is different then parameters to sort the list would also be different which makes the sorting feature much more advanced and sophisticated. This makes our task of implementation little bit more challenging. However, looking at importance of this feature for our users, we cannot afford to ignore it. Ultimately, this feature will bring ease of using app, provide more options to navigate and you can personalise the app at your convenience.

We are also retaining (remembering) the state of last saved setting of sorting of every pages. So, you will not have to change the setting every time, you open the app after closing. The app will remember your last setting until you change it yourself. Such state saving is not just limited to sorting setting but all kinds of settings in the app. Sounds Good!

As said earlier in the article, sorting has been added to every page - except folder tab- has different parameters to sort and these parameters have been decided based on relevance for that particular page. For example sort by duration make sense only for songs page, not for the artist or album page. Similarly, sort by the number of songs does not make sense in the songs page and it makes sense for artist and album page only. Here is all the parameters, you can sort by!

Sorting options for Songs page

Sort by Title ( the default option)
Sort by Artist
Sort by Album
Most Played sorting
Sort by Date Added

Sorting options for Artist page

Sort by artist (By default option)
Number of songs
Number of Albums

Sorting options for Album page

Sort by Album (By default option)
Number of songs
Number of Artist

Sorting of Genre

Sort by genre (By default option)

Sorting of Playlist

Sort by Playlist name (By default option)
Sort by date added

Apart from this, every sorting can be done in two ways - Ascending order and Descending order.

The sorting icon in the songs page is available in the top middle of the icon bar of 6 icons (Share App, Equalizer, Sorting, Shuffle, Search and Settings). In the rest 4 pages (Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlist), sorting icon is inside the expandable plus icon present at the bottom left corner of the app screen.

On the click of sorting icon, a popup will appear on your screen with all the options. You can choose the parameter by which you want to sort along with the order of sorting.

Do share your suggestions about this brand new feature of Bits Mp3 Player. You can also download the app from Google Play Store by clicking the following link.
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Upcoming Feature of Bits Mp3 Player - The Addition of long press multi-select in the Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlist

In the present version of the Bits Mp3 Player App, we have added long press multi-select to the songs tab only. i.e. you can select multiple songs using this feature but not in the artist or album.

We have found that long press multi-select feature has been quite useful to our users. It had made navigation much simpler and enhanced the user experience. Hence, Bits Mp3 Player will extend this feature to artist, album, genre, and playlist in the upcoming updates very soon.

In the menu bar of long press multi-select, initially, we will start with only two options, Play and Shuffle and based on your suggestions, we will keep adding more options to play with long press multi-select feature. This will be on a trial basis and we will add or remove options based on your suggestions.

How does it add value to your music listening experience with Bits Mp3 Player?

Gestures like long press multi-select is a way to complete a sophisticated task in a simple way. Though such gestures are not visible to our eyes and it is a predominant way to add the features. Designers tend to use sign and text to add features but rarely they use gestures. It is hidden to our eyes. At times, understanding the gesture becomes a difficult task for a designer to explain the existence of such gestures in a seamless fashion. As a result, most designers try to avoid using gestures in the first place. However, signs and text have limitations which is not the case with gestures. As users are getting used to using apps in their daily life, it is getting easier for them to understand and use gestures in the app.

Text requires space in the user interface, whereas gestures are hidden. This is the best thing about gestures. You can add many additional features in gesture without demanding additional space in the user interface. Though we still believe that gestures cannot play the primary role in the design, however, a gesture can play a complementary role. A gesture can be a shortcut to perform the same task in an easy way. Here, all the developers need to make sure that they are able to retain the users for a longer period of time as assimilating gestures can take some time.

What can you do with this feature?

Just imagine, you want to play songs from two different artists in sequence or in random order. There is no other way but to use long press multi-select two artists and play it from the menu bar on the top. Similar things can be done for the album, genre or playlist. Otherwise, you have to do it manually after completing songs from the first artist.

How can you use long press multi-select feature?

Till now, we have added this virtually all places. You need to press the first item for a few seconds (1 to 2 seconds) subsequently next item can select through tap click only. Here, you can select as many items as you want. After selecting, on the menu bar on the top, you will find your options to play songs or shuffle songs.

Why have added multi-select long press in the artist, album and genre pages?

Gestures are an efficient way to add many more features without crowding the user interface. We had already added such long press multi-select gesture in the songs page. The idea was to educate our user about existence, such thing so that we can add many more features to the Bits Mp3 Player. So, extending this gesture would make it easier for our user to understand and familiarize in a more effective way. The success of many upcoming features hinges on the familiarity of such gestures in our app. Hence, we have added this feature everywhere in the app for users to get used to it.

Do check out Bits Mp3 Player from Google Play Store and share your suggestions. We are constantly trying to make the app better day by day after receiving your comments.

Link to install the app-
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Reshuffling of Shuffle Feature

In the present version of Bits Mp3 Player, shuffle feature only shuffles songs and it does not play after clicking on the shuffle icon.

We believe that there should be two kinds of shuffling feature in the app. One shuffle should have a dual role and the second shuffle will have the single role.

Single Role Shuffle

This shuffle will remain true to its name and it will only shuffle the songs. It will not play the songs rather it will be a permanent setting for your app until you change it manually. This shuffle will also retain the state, even after closing the app.

Dual Role Shuffle

Most of the music app provides this option only to shuffle. First, it will randomize the list of songs to be played and second, it will play that list at the click. Most of the time, we use shuffle to surprise yourself and we don’t want to choose the songs. So, such feature brings complete surprise and freshness.

Though both of shuffles will have similar icons, only placement will change. The first kind of shuffle will be available in the song playing window only and the rest of the places, the second kind of shuffle will be available.

What do you guys think about above changes? Please let us know your feedback in the comment section.

Do check out our app:
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Upcoming Changes, Improvement, Enhancement and New Features

As per your suggestions and our learning by making insightful observations, we are constantly making the changes in the Bits Mp3 Player App. We are adding more features, changing the design, improving the performance, fixing the bugs, and if necessary then removing few features. Such iterations and experimentation mindset helps us to excel towards excellence. Our end goal is to provide the best experience of any music app and we are marching towards this mission since our launch with persistent.

Keeping the above spirit in our mind, we are moving ahead in the direction of making the better day by day with all the updates. Till now, we have updated the 30 times and every update had made the app better. Currently, we are pondering about adding following features. Please let us know your views.

1. We are 6 pages to slide namely - songs artist, album, genre, playlist, and folder. It is imperative from user’s experience perspective to provide important features accessible from all the six pages so that you don’t have to return to the landing page just the access these features. Presently, the only search is a feature which is available in all six pages. We have come to the conclusion that it is time to add more features to this premium category. So, we will be adding sorting and setting tab in all the six pages. Don’t you want to sort artist, album, etc? Sorting is an important feature for any local music app and it would make the song’s browsing much easier especially if you have large numbers of songs. To make these changes, we will have to tweak the design a little. We will come up with design soon to seek your feedback. Stay tuned!

2. Recently, we have made a series of changes in the playlist to make the process of adding songs and accessing songs more seamless. You guys really appreciate such changes in the playlist feature. So, we are not going to stop this process. Our next target is to make it possible to add songs to the playlist from artist, album and folder page which is not possible in the present version. Here, you can choose songs of your choice before adding songs. It is necessary to select all songs. It will make it easier to understand the process of selecting multiple songs for playlist purpose. In the present version of the app, you need to use long press gesture to select multiple songs and many of you have told us that you guys are not able to understand such gestures as it is hidden not directly visible to eyes.

3. Edit feature in the pipeline since very long time. Many of you wish to edit the name of song, artist, and album as per your convenience. It is quite understandable as many songs do not have proper nomenclature which creates confusion and metadata may be fuzzy at times. There are two ways to implement edit feature. First, edit only for our app means changes will be reflected only in our app. Second, generic edit means changes will be permanent and it will reflect everywhere including different apps. So, guys, do suggest us which one will be appropriate for Bits Mp3 Player.

4. Few more themes will be added to make the app more dynamic and give more options to personalize the app experience. Presently, there are three sets of themes, namely nature themes, solid themes and dark themes, consisting twelve images in the count. A fourth set of themes will be added in the nature category. As a result, there will be two sets of nature theme for you to choose.

5. Number of songs available in any artist, album and playlist will visible in the respective pages just like in the folder page. You will not have to go inside any page to see the number of songs. You can assess of without going inside and choose any artist or album depending on your mood. We have already added the play feature in the 3 dots. So, you can play without going inside after choosing artists. Though it does not look such big change, however, it does make easier to understand. After all, the user experience is all about micro touch and feel. It does make a huge impact at the micro level.

6. Sorting will become more sophisticated and options like sort by date added and sort by folders will be added along with existing options sort by title, duration, artist, and album on the landing page. Here sort by date added means date at which you added the songs on your device.

7. Currently, we have given only add songs to the queue. It should have one more option to remove songs from the queue. We will also add this feature to rectify the currently playing list of songs.

8. Gesture to adjust the order of currently playing songs will be added. So, not only you will be to add or remove songs to presently playing list but also, you will change the order as per your mood and preference. Cool! Isn’t it? Though, the gesture is a hidden feature and users find it difficult to comprehend. Currently, we have given a number of gestures, but users do not use those frequently as much as we expect them to.

9. Ringtone cutter is a big feature that we wish to add some time in future. So, you will be able to cut and save songs before setting it as your ringtone. It will be a big feature and after adding this feature, you will not require a separate app just to cut songs before setting it as the ringtone. Bits Mp3 Player will two in one kind of app :)

10. We are also planning to set language as per the language of your device. Presently, setting language is a manual process and the app is available in 20 languages. Though, you can change the language from the setting any time. One-time popup while installing will be removed.

11. Smaller size screens have few compatibility issues. For instance, the song playing window gets truncated from the lower side. We will be making it compatible just like larger screens. Though, there is no such issue with tabs however this exist scope of making adjustments to utilize entire screen.

12. More options will be added to 3 dots in the folder, artist and album pages. Like, you will get the ability to blacklist a folder if you wish to remove any folder from the app. It will not delete the folder from your device rather it will make the blacklisted folder invisible to Bits Mp3 Player. Another feature could be to pin any folder to the top like you pin any tweet on the Twitter.

13. We are also pondering about revamping the design of few pages for a better user experience. This process will entail tweaking font size, the contrast in a few places and few changes in the user interface. Though it will not be any drastic change, we are concerned about micro pain points. Here the idea is to make the design pleasing all five senses.

14. In the folder section, the path will be added. It will reduce the number of steps to go back on previous folders as you can get back to the desired folder just by clicking. You can skip as many steps as you want to reach the desired folder.

15. Creation of smart playlist. We are trying to understand your listening pattern. Which songs you listen most, which songs you don’t like and skip, your timing of listening to the songs, your favorite artist and album, from where do you play your songs.

16. After making a search query, the app should play entire list of songs instead of playing only from search results. Currently, if you got four songs in your search result, then it plays only that four songs in a sequence. We are planning to extend the sequence to the entire list after playing those four songs. i.e. the app will start playing songs from the main list after completion of search result songs until you stop\pause the player.

17. Option to blacklist a folder in the 3 dots of the folder page should be added.

18. Few icons will get replaced soon.

19. Bluetooth headset control will become more advanced and sophisticated with options like double-click to play next song will be added if your Bluetooth does have provision for next button.

20. Bits Mp3 Player will provide a gateway for you to download few useful and free apps. We will be adding a button in multiple places for this like in the setting page, in few 3 dots, etc. On click, it will open an interface with 10 apps and you can choose among those 10 apps to download the songs. These 10 will not be fixed set of apps rather the list will keep refreshing.

Please do share your suggestions in the comment section below and do check out Bits Mp3 Player from Google Play Store!
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Why do you like a song?

We all have our favorite list of songs and all of us create different playlists for different purpose based on our liking, disliking and indifference. We have a natural propensity towards a song. It means that we do not like all songs equally.

You can say that it is pretty obvious and everyone has different taste of music. Hence, all of us different set of playlist of favorite songs. But, why do we have different taste of songs in the first place? Can we say that liking a song is same liking any other product?

Is it only because few songs are really great and others are not?

Is it only because of individual choice?

Is it because of culture, linguistic considerations, demography, and geography?

Is it because of our emotional state at the given time? You must be having different songs for different emotional states like happiness, sadness, romantic mood, etc.

Is it because of the need of the hours make you like a song?

Is it because of lyrics, singer or genre?

OR something else!

Reasons for a song to be qualified in your favorite list could be a combination of above-stated causes. However, none of above causes are the main reason for any song to be among your favorite songs.

A recent study shows that your favorite songs and your memory have a strong correlation. Your favorite playlist represents your past memory. Like, a song may remind of your past love life or best trip. Such memories are the symptom and leading cause of any song to be on your favorite playlist. Technically, you may not like the song per se, but it does remind you of good old days. You feel good about such memories and your favorite song pull to trigger to remind you of such good time. Hence, they are among your favorite playlist.

Music is a crazy thing. It is among very few things which stimulate entire parts of our brain. Though, it is not possible to figure out why do you like a song and not others at the conscious level of your brain. However, at the subconscious level of your brain, such memories stimulate your brain. Hence, inadvertently or advertently, you like a song and not others.

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Version 1.3.1 of Bits Mp3 Player is live on Google Play Store. All the existing users can update the app. Update and share your suggestions.
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