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#musicmoney BANGER of the day
STREAM NOW >> Kulture Free-Dem Equipt With Lyrics 🔥🎹💵

The people that inspire me the most to do music is my family @DeeskiDee
#musicmoney chops it up with up and coming party starter Flexico Deeskie

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo till my freshman year of high school and then my family and I moved to the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) Area in Texas
Describe your sound:
I’d like to say I have a party sound. I can get any spot lit with my music

Tell us about your latest track:
My newest track, ‘Leanin’, kinda shows off the articulation and weight in my lyrics. I really go hard on this song…. I mean I go hard on all of my songs lol but this song is definitely the hardest

Who inspires you?
The people that inspire me the most to do music is my family. If it were not for them, I wouldn’t be making music

Where do you see your career in 5 years?
Hopefully touring with a bigtime act… or touring on my own because I’m the big-time act lol
Where can we check out your sounds?
The two singles I have out right now can be found on SoundCloud, Facebook, Reverbnation and YouTube
Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.
I am the life of the party and I love to kick it. If you aren’t turnt at my shows, DON’T COME

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#musicmoney BANGER of the day comes from Flexico Deeskie 🎹💵🔥💯
Stream Leanin NOW

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Get the lowdown on #musicmoney artist @ChrisdaCEO Hear the music Read the interview’m-running-for-CEO-of-America.-It’s-sounds-crazy-but-you’ll-see-ChrisdaCEO-and-musicmoney-link-up/11194725

"I'm running for CEO of America. It's sounds crazy but you'll see" @ChrisdaCEO and #musicmoney link up!

From Cleveland, Ohio Aka Killland

I sound like a boss with no morals I don't know who I sound like. People say I remind them of 2 Chainz, I love 2 Chainz music so I guess that's who I sound like. I don't make fast food music tho. Me and the DreaM TeaM only releases high quality music. Our mixtapes sound like classic albums. Me personally; I sound like however the beat sound. Calm beat? Calm ChrisdaCEO. Banger beat? Savage mode enabled. So you can say I'm the CEO of Music basically.

Well my project "The Boss With No Morals" dropped July 7 everywhere. I recorded Everything in two months. But it's basically talking about what goes on in my head on the daily bases. I been threw alot, 6 high schools, foster care, jail, dad died, family turned they back on me, and my mom is a bitch. So I just put it in the music. You'll hear it.

My mentor Greg Jones inspires me. He is who I want to be when I get older. He's a great role model and leader for our black youth today

I see myself as the king of hip-hop in 5 years. Featuring on everyone's song. My record label signs big artists and I'm running for CEO of America. It's sounds crazy but you'll see. I also want to make video games and movies. Im a great actor so I be great in movie rolls, and I could be a model too.

You can find me mostly on mixtape apps and SoundCloud. But I'll just follow my Instagram and Twitter to get a update on what I'm doing.

Well I'm just a tall blind dude that plays too many video games and that records music in his bedroom. I sleep with one sock on and one sock off. I don't know why, but it's a good balance. I don't listen to music like I use to because I listen to myself alot. But I usually like whatever song is trending on YouTube. Im a big Wiz Khalifa fan. Like i really really really fuck with Wiz. I was 11 with a little mp3 player I stole from my teachers desk, and I use to go the library and listen and Download every Wiz mixtape. I know the whole Taylor A. Mixtape by heart. My favorite songs by him is On my level and The Code. I know Wiz don't like Kanye but that's my second favorite rapper and producer. Talking about how much Kanye influenced me will take all day. But my favorite song by him is Lost In The World. Wow. I love that song. I don't work nomore, Foster Care is playing me to go to college so I'm chilling. I'm also 19 with my own apartment and son. His name is Christain. Ive been dreaming about being a rapper since I was 5 years old. And ever since my long time friend and Producer Jarrell (aka J.E da Werido) stole a Mac book from this dude while he was in the army I been recording.

Artist: ChrisdaCEO
Hometown: Cleveland,Ohio
Project: "The Boss With No Morals"
Mixtape Link:
Social Media:

I'm the CEO of D.T.E (DReaM TeaM Entertainment) and the Co-founder of D.B.G. Records.

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Stream the classic new tape from ChrisdaCEO - The Boss With No Morals @ChrisdaCEO @1ecmarv @wizkhalifa #musicmoney

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