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Jumpstart your career in the music business
Jumpstart your career in the music business

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Recommend all of David Hodge's guitar books for beginners, especially this one and the other Idiot's Guide to Playing Guitar.
Wait! What’s this? There are now two Idiot’s Guides to Guitar books? And they're both written by David Hodge. What's the difference?

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Learn easy Christmas songs for guitar with the GN Top 30 countdown. #ChristmasCountdown #guitar
We're counting down the Top 30 Christmas song lessons on Guitar Noise. Follow us on Twitter @guitarnoise1 for live results.

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Part three of learning the blues on guitar.
Song Facts on "(Going to) Kansas City"

"(Going to) Kansas City" was written in 1952 by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Both of them nineteen years old at the time, neither had ever been to KC before, although the lyric doesn't suggest they did: "I'm goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…" Leiber and Stoller also wrote other notable 50s hits, including "Jailhouse Rock", "Hound Dog", "Yakety Yak" and the classic "Stand By Me" with Ben E. King.

Guitar Noise uses this old blues standard to teach three important things: the turnaround, the blues lead scale and the grand finale.

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Learn the Chuck Berry classic that unlocks the blues shuffle and fretboard positions, also know as 12 bar blues.
Song Facts: "Roll Over Beethoven" is one of Chuck Berry's most famous songs. It captured the mood of young people in the 1950s who weren't satisfied by a lot of music on the radio, which often excluded rock n' roll under the assumption that it was only a momentary fad. In 1963, The Beatles recorded a version for the album "With The Beatles." George Harrison provided the vocals and lead guitar, a little unusual for them considering John Lennon normally sang the Chuck Berry covers.

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Get inspired with making music. Here are some ways to get out of a rut.
Hump Day inspiration for guitar players:

At one time in your life someone or something inspired you to take up playing the guitar. You bought or borrowed (or were bequeathed) an instrument and began what probably seemed an impossibly arduous task: learning the language of music. Everything was new and exciting.

But at some point in your musical life you may find yourself hitting a wall. Your favorite songs don’t excite you anymore. In fact, you get bored playing the same stuff over and over. To quote B.B. King, "The Thrill is Gone."

What can you do to bring back that spark to your playing? Here are some ways to break out of the box:

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Beautiful song by Stevie Nicks. It's not hard to learn either.
How about some buried treasure for monday? One of the rare lessons on Guitar Noise to feature a co-writing credit is our arrangement of "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac.

"Landslide" was one of Stevie Nicks' first writing contributions to Fleetwood Mac, first appearing on their 1975 self-titled album. Nicks said she wrote the song in Aspen, Colorado while trying decide whether or not to go back to school or continue working as part of Fleetwood Mac. The lyrics use a metaphor of the physical world to powerfully describe the author's feelings of things crashing down in her personal life.

While most listeners are familiar with the popular Dixie Chicks cover version from 2002 - "Landslide" was also recorded by The Smashing Pumpkins as the B-side of their big hit "Disarm" in 1994.

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Live music in L.A. tonight. Check it out.
To our Google+ followers in the L.A. area: if you're up for some live music this week, check out some new old school rock n roll with The Hang - live at Molly Malone's Thursday night. We've reviewed this band on the site before and think they are a lot of fun. If you don't know it, Molly Malone's is between Wilshire and Beverly Blvd.

Gig details here:

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Inside the music, so to speak.
The view inside of a guitar. 

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Allman Brothers Band Saturday night.
The Allman Brothers Band are finishing up their summer tour this Saturday night in Wantagh, NY. Formed in 1969, ABB set the template for Lynyrd Skynyrd and all other Southern rock bands to follow. These live rock icons are a must see for fans of jam-style rock and should be on every classic rock lovers bucket list of bands to see.

Event details:

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Happy Birthday to the golden god of rock and roll. Robert Plant is 65 today.
Robert Plant is 65 today. Happy Birthday to the former Led Zeppelin frontman and thanks for all the years of Rock and Roll.
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