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Read the Air Rifle 2016 Results!!! From 55 to nearly 100 !
So cool, I never heard of these games before today.
Guess it's time for me to get a new pair of glasses, 300 yards might not be as clear as it once was. But I can say during my training I never missed the center of the target at 300 yards.

The National Veterans Golden Age Games. The only national multi-event sports and recreational seniors' competition program designed to improve the quality of life for all older Veterans, including those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.
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Here's one for the books.
Back in the late 80's early 90's when I worked in Italy with Motorola on the TeleDrin (paging) system I swapped out a voice control board that was shipped from Germany as a replacement board. This board offered instructions on how to make your page. For about 1 hour all of Rome (Lazio) when they called a pager heard German instructions. Some people in panic were calling to see if the Germans took Rome, Italy again.
Some thought it was funny, some didn't.
It was a mistake, right Motorola Germany?

Today when RT took over C-Span I laughed, I don't care if it was a hack, a programming chip or routing it most likely would be a mistake.
Well, if you have ever watched C-Span I would take RT over that with a case of frostbite !!!
But seriously, would you think a high level hack would be to put something of interest on C-SPAN? They would just leave it broadcasting our government so we can see just what our tax dollars pay for.

C-SPAN's broadcast of the House of Representatives was briefly interrupted on Thursday and taken over by a broadcast of state-owned TV network Russia Today.
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Murray W

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You've owned your Watchguard XTM 330 for going on 5 years now.
You've paid for LiveSecurity that covers hardware failures with overnight replacement for the past 4 years.
Now you're looking at the renewal of the LiveSecurity and the Trade-Up options.
The EOL (end of Live cycle) is 2020.
Once you drop the LiveSecurity you also drop updates.
You can install the latest upgrade but after your license expires you can not reinstall OS to your XTM you can only recover from a backup of your currently running OS. So be sure to create your USB stick.
Your Features that you pay for will stop.
If you, like me have never needed additional features you should have a great firewall functional until that last lightening strike.

I paid less for my upgrades 3 years ago.
I purchased 1 year then 3 year LiveService licneses.
Now I'm just not going to renew my license with the following thinking.
I'll be able to purchase a Trade Up M200 or M300 or whatever firewall in 2020 that matches my needs for most likely near the same price as today.
If my unit fails I'm still trading up.
So I'm applying the money toward my purchase by not purchasing LiveSecurity today and for the next 3 years.
At $225 for one year and $510 for 3 years I'll have $510 saved toward my M200 $1,125.00 upgrade costing

Guess I'll be adding a new firewall appliance in 2020 about the same time I upgrade my servers. It will be then sold for home use at that time. They handle Video Surveillance IP cameras very well.

Tks WatchGuard.Com see you in the year 2020.. 
A leading provider of UTM and firewall hardware. Enterprise grade security and award winning technology for any size business.
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Murray W

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If you have been looking for that LG or Samsung appliance you might want to follow Judge Sherwood who's been working for months to get 500,000 containers released to unload products.
Guess if you don't pay the port fees your boxes are not offloaded.
Those that have products inside the containers are getting worried that repossession operations of the containers might find their products being auctioned to recover the millions in rental fees.

Be sure to purchase "IN STOCK" appliances because as of today, no date has been set for restocking of South Korean appliances. 
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Murray W

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Starting to get my electronics room equipment and components replaced. Insurance wasn't much help when it comes to electronic components and old test equipment.
If you have RF test equipment, signal and tone generators, or even a spare dusty old oscilloscope and don't mind separating from it I would be interested.
The River water that flooded the house 52 inches above the ground which was 44 inches in the home had picked up every corrosive from every backyard and gas station between us and the river about 1 mile away. Most boards were eaten and every LCD device was devoured by what was in this green slimy water that intruded our home.

If you know what a good old fashioned electronics rework and prototype development bench looks like that was mine.
I saved all computers and network components and have since replace every cable and PoE that went underwater. Now I'm looking for the rework and repair bench electronics.
RF signal generators, tone generators, DTMF, multi-tone, Digital signal generator. Freq meter, etc. I did work years in signaling and used more RF modules as home control modules than anything hardwired.
You really don't know what you have until you start that inventory you said you would do years ago.
Many of the images at MySmallCloud.Com show part of the bench at times.

If you have a few things that you might like to loan out or part with contact me.

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Murray W

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If you're looking around for SSL Certificates go directly to the Cert Authority before you use a third party reseller. has a good list to start with.
If you're in the USA ask them if they are as well.
Also, you can ask if they ever have been hacked which is good to know at times.

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Murray W

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We as a populous in the USA are no longer intelligently informed.

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Murray W

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On www.MySmallCloud.Com I'll be adding more about being more secure with your information soon after I setup a few more websites.

To start you off on the correct foot for 2017 I would like for you to question every SSL Certificate and click the Lock to see who you are connected to.
Then, when you spend money with a person I want you to do a WHOIS lookup using .

For passwords I want you to read what the site requires. My Bank will still not allow anything but Letters and Numbers which tells me their scripts and database is old. Most likely stored in plain text which is a major problem.
If it's not then why limit my password strength?
This year I will be programming for passphrases and a password mix.
Something you know, someone you love, something you own phrases.

Here's what I suggest for all old and new webmasters using classical passwords.
Password requirements:

Password length: 6 to 25 characters
We require at least one uppercase letter
We require at least one lowercase letter
We require at least one number in your password
We require at least one special character

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Murray W

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IT it's 2017 and HTTPS will be the normal connection this year no matter if you like it or not.
I was worried about what Google Chrome would do with Secured and Non-Secured sites.
Seems like Google Chrome has taken the path of REWARD vs. PUNISHMENT in that the browser clearly shows the word "Secure" in the address line and in Non Secure sites it still shows the circle ! (exclamation mark) which is good with me.

Thanks all for making a scary browser more user friendly for my people.
I'll now add HTTPS to nearly every one of my sites and will suggest to others the benefits to having HTTPS enabled sites.

One of my SSL Suppliers

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Murray W

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STOLEN !! 19' HideOut from flood victim in Denham Springs. 303 Beech St. Denham Springs, LA 70726.

A Silverado White Diamond Edition bed cover same color pulled up, hooked up, stole our neibhors HideOut 19' Travel Trailer at 7:45AM today.

We have had issues with people stealing from homes around our area.
This morning I saw our neighbors 19' travel trailer being pulled out by a Chevy Silverado with that crème color White Diamond paint setup that the LTS comes with. It had a matching bed cover which looks like the image I've attached. The picture of the trailer is the actual trailer and the truck that took it is from online but shows the color style and bed cover.
If you see this trailer you can contact me, the PD, or the Marine posting this for recovery operations. The day after Christmas, good God people. Why steal from people that lost everything to include the home you see in the background?

It was stolen from 303 Beech St. Denham Springs, LA 70726.
The owner would like it returned, just leave it on the side of any major road and we'll come and get it.
No questions asked if returned to same spot.

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Murray W

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Maybe I'm confused, is this the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time Yahoo lost the users database again?
My email was dated today.
I'm getting really good at changing Passwords. Here's my ToDo list each time I see a NOTICE OF DATA BREACH.
1. I say, "What the Hell" the same way @Jeff Dunham and Peanut do it.
2. I thing say, "What the heck can they do with my stuff".
3. Then I write down all the emails I have in my sent folder, drafts, saved files etc. Now it's clear, I need to change things.
4. Change my Dogs Name from SPOT to FIDO.
5. Change my SSN from XXX-XX-XXXX to YYY-YY-YYYY
6. Change my Credit Card number from XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX to 4111-1111-1111-1111
7. Change my password from Pas$w0Rd to Pa$sWor2 that should fool them.
8. Look up what MD5 was in the old days.
9. Change my Linked To Email Accounts.

Wait a minute, Yahoo Email is kind of like a free service. I'll just setup another email account and start over. The old account was boring anyway.

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Murray W

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If you haven't noticed or have had your head outside the SSL sandbox prices are going up and it's going to be the new Gold Mine for many.
I was just renewing a few of my SSL certificates. Good old Google Chrome fires off the "Your connection to this site is not secure".

I get it, that's a good warning, I support that..
But, you added a bit of information that new visitors that don't know might interpret wrong.

"You should not enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards), because it could be stolen by attackers."

I like the first part "you should not enter any sensitive information on this site" if the site doesn't offer any type of SSL login or if all form pages are not SSL. We try to get things right for SEO but at times sites are not up to speed.
Let's take Sam Day the Sausage Guy that has all his inventory on a none secured website. When you add a product to your cart you're still in a none secured sites. Sam uses PayPal to check out so no data is stored on his site. But the visitor is shown not to enter information in Sam Days site which is good but would that cause a problem shopping at Mr. Days? I do believe it would.

So the fix is to just add SSL, simple enough if you have your own IP or Hosting that knows how to setup SSL on a Shared IP. But I'm not even going to touch on the IT site, I want everyone to start noticing prices. One company I have used over the years just increased by 20% for their basic SSL certificate, others I have noticed are doing the same. Could it be they are planning on making a gold mine out of the Google Chrome Browser and leave no option but to pay the price?

RANSOMWARE takes on a new FACE.

Read the about page of a site to learn about the person or group. Look for valid emails, telephone numbers locations in their Domain Registration. If you can't find a real person to talk with at the site it's not worth it. SSL or not, you can always have your Username and Password stolen by the hosting company or anyone that has access to the DB.
Ask the site you are signing into if they store your password in "Plain Text" or why they don't allow EVERY CHARACTER your keyboard can offer. Regions Bank still after 16 years only allows Alphanumeric no special characters. Tells me the membership database is subject to all kinds of issues.

So how do you trust a site? I will pay the 20% increase and from what I have read others that are paying 50% might save money by using your services but still, since 2000 to 2016 your total increase was 40%. Now it jumps, Just give it time before one of the certificate of authority services see what's up and set prices we used to have for 16 years or more.

So people, when you see the SSL Lock, check to see if you can find a picture, name, email or phone of the person that manages the site. Then ask them to show you your password as they save it on their server. Attackers don't really target individuals, it's more of a let's bust the site that many individuals enter sensitive data. Like your credit card, ask your auto insurance people to send you a copy of how your card is stored.

I could go on and on about all the behind the web page security issues you face. A quick search on how data should be handled will leave you more confused than ever. I know sites that require you to use your SSN as a username. How are they storing your SSN? that you are not trusted or privileged enough to see.

Let me clear up the "it could be stolen by attackers." part.

If you are connected without a new state of the art SSL TLS 1.2 you risk letting anyone that has access to any of the DNS servers in your chain as well as your actual server that you are connected to as well as every router between you and that server. Just ask the N S A or your Web Master for details of where your weakest link really is located.

For me, it's the cable that exits my place, once my information heads out the door via WiFi, Cable, Telephone, Satellite it is subject to attack. It might be secure today and maybe tomorrow but in a month maybe not so much. These are the risks we take each and every time we send information down that line to what we call the Internet.

So please SSL certificate issuers, keep the prices as they have been, you'll earn your increases by the volume of new sites joining you. Let's work to make things safer without forcing Bob's Taco Stand to stop taking online orders because you think that attackers are going to be looking for Murray's personal favorite Taco from Bob's Taco stand. (He only allows orders no payments until you pick them up.)

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Technology Enthusiast

The quick Intro. 

I'm the neighbor kid that you might remember seeing taking everything apart. 

But what you might not have noticed about that neighbor kid you shook your head at was he did put everything back together and often had it better than new. 

I rebuilt my first lawn mower after I smoked it when attempting a modification of the carburetor to make it mow 3 lawns per tank instead of 1 lawn per tank. 

It worked for just fine but closing in on the 10th lawn it ran hot and the rod split the crankcase. My Grandfather assisted in the rebuild and recommended I return the carburetor to the original design. If I was aware of water injection at the time I wouldn't have had that top end heat buildup issue with my air cooled engine. 

Next was my Mom's 66' 383ci Chrysler Newport, before school one day I slipped under it and installed a B&M Transmission shift kit. That was after I had learned about automatic transmissions from one of our neighbors. It took about 20 minutes from drained to squawking the tires on the way to my 7th grade basketball practice. 

At 15 I purchased my first car, 1967 Camaro 2 speed glide, 350ci that was left to rot because the owner couldn't start it. 200 worth of lawn mowing dollars later and I was explaining to my father about the 75ft black tire marks in front of the house. Something about Neutral to Drive commonly called a "Neutral Slam" which by the way was really hard on the drive train. 

Fast forward and several muscle cars later I found myself behind the wheel of an 1100 CC 4 door sedan over in Europe going from 0 to 60 faster than that Camaro of mine. 52mpg at average speeds of 92mph. 4 Carbs, 4 Cylinder, 12 to 1 compression ration that little Alpha 33 was unreal for it's size of engine. 

With that said I found the truth to most things in life. "It's not always as it seems" and started my learning and never stopped. 

In today's world I still have a Chevy 350ci as well as a Ford 460ci and a Honda 2,2. Each have their own roles and each are as the manufacturer designed them or better. 

On with the Intro, in 1982 I completed my first programming class and was assigned to a dip switch controlled crash dump backup and recovery computer that I thought came out of a "Lost in Space" episode. 

In 1985 I had my first mobile data terminal in my work truck. 

In 1992 I had my first international FM SMS messaging system at home. 

In 1996 I had my first online Web and SQL server. 


Well, I have several servers ranging from 2008, Ubuntu, Hyper-V, SMTP, SQL, you know, the classical stuff you find in all homes today. 

I had to do a study on if a tablet could really do the work of a PC. It was for my career moves. 

I found out I could do everything but program and drink coffee at the same time. 

But you need more than just a modem and a computer. You can see my configuration over at MySmallCloud.Com if you are interested.

The MySmallCloud.Com equipment list is used by me and my gal. 

I'm currently recycling older systems running Atom processors doing the same as my larger servers with external storage drives. So far things are looking good and overhead is much lower. Mainly due to the fact I don't have to worry about heat that much. (Remembering my lawn mower heat issues.)

Anyway, I'll let you get back to surfing and if you have time stop over to one of the sites for the real updates.

Currently I'm developing 3 web applications and WWW sites that interact with each other encompassing a combination of services we all need from time to time. And for many can provide. 

It's all about building a life experience we all can relate to. 

Electronics in general. 

I have my rework bench going back into service this week. 

Just ordered some hardware components to start repairing those broken tablets. 

It's all for the good of keeping busy!

Thanks for reading. 

By the way, this is my quick intro when I compare it to my personal website that is a bit long winded! 

Bragging rights
Can go from writing ASP SQL websites on how to rebuild your car engine to actually pulling and rebuilding the engine.
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Great people, great customer service, really good parts for all the vehicles you have. As with all good companies they offer military discounts. I have setup an online account with a 7 of the vehicles I maintain. It's easy to check for parts and pickup in the store. And, when they say "It will be here tomorrow" it really means tomorrow. In stock items really surprise me, from my old Honda, Nissan, Ford,Chevy to that Toyota, thanks to all at our favorite auto store!
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The people are always great! Henry is the fastest Tailor by far. Purchased a new shirt belt and had my old Mens Warehouse suit altered to fit my new "I like home cooking" body. Looks great, love going back thank you all.
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