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Pavtube Software and Your Digital Life
Pavtube Software and Your Digital Life

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Convert #DJI #Mavic Pro 4K Video to #iMovie.
iMovie is designed to work with a wide range of camcorders. And now, when you record 4K videos, you can use iMovie to turn them into amazing 4K movies. However, when you import, play and edit DJI Mavic Pro 4K in iMovie, things get a bit complex. More than one guys are facing issues while working DJI Mavic Pro 4K footage with iMovie.For the purpose of better and smoother editing, you're advised to transcode Mavic Pro 4k files to a more edit-friendly format.

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Convert #DJI#Phantom #4K Videos for #Premiere Pro CC Best Workflow.
For those people who wish to get a high performance and high quality workflow, editing DJI Phantom 4K H.264 with Premiere Pro CC won't be a good choice. The main reason is that H.264 has some limitations when using as an editing codec. Therefore, you are recommended to transcode DJI Phantom 4K to a more compatible and less hardware entensive format.

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Convert #4K Videos for #After #Effects #CC best workflow.
In recent two years, there are many guys made the switch to shooting and editing videos in 4K. Besides doing a major computer upgrade to handle the increased file size of the 4K video, in order to import 4K to After Effects or other editing programs smoothly, we need to do some other preparations like downscale 4K video for After Effects; convert 4K files to After Effects friendly format.

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Convert and play #DJI #Phantom 4 #4k videos on 4K #TV.
4K TV is important in our daily life no matter for watching movies and TV shows or DJI Phantom 3/4 4K recordings on it.However,we all know MP4 and MOV are all the big containers which all have different codecs. Samsung/Sony/LG 4K TV don’t support all the MP4 and MOV codecs. To get a best visual experience on 4kTV, you can transcode the DJI Phantom 4K MOV/MP4 into the H.264/H.265 codec video format.

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Transcode H.265 videos to LG TV playable files.
#LG is one of the biggest TV manufacturers in the market and it has many LG TV users all over the world. However, no LG TV, except some 4K models, supports H.265 codec video. So if you have some #H265 codec movies, TV shows and Blu-rays and want to play them on LG TV, you’d better transcode H.265 to H.264 with H.265 Converter. 

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Convert Unsupported MP4 Video to Roku for playback.
#Roku does play #MP4 files according to the relevant info in Roku official site. However, Roku just plays the MP4 files with #H264 video codec and AAC audio. Roku fails to play MP4 files with other codec. Can Roku play MP4 without trouble? How to successfully play all kinds of MP4 videos on Roku? Pavtube Video Converter will provide a good solution to them.

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Convert Phantom 4 4K to 1080P Video.
As you know, #DJI #Phantom 4 can record 4K videos in MP4 format. However, the H.264 MP4 files from Phantom 4 is not supported well on Windows/Mac due to the format limit. If your exiting PC/Mac or portable devices are unable to do a good job on playing Phantom 4 4K video, considering about converting the Phantom 4 4K video to 1080P for smooth playback and better viewing experience. Pavtube Video Converter is the best 4K video converter to offer simplest, fastest and all-in-one solution to convert and downscale DJI Phantom 4 4K to #1080p for smooth playing on Windows/Mac.

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Transcode #MP4 for #Pinnacle #Studio editing.
Pinnacle Stuido prefers MPEG-4 codecs instead of others while MP4 can contain various video codecs. So if your MP4 files are not accepted by Pinnacle Studio, it's probably because of the video codec incompatibility. On this occasion, you need to transcode MP4 to Pinnacle Studio compatible video formats like AVI, WMV or MPG. To convert MP4 to work with Pinnacle Studio, Pavtube Video Converter will give you a big hand. With it, you can change MP4 to Pinnacle Studio preferred formats e.g. AVI, WMV with fast encoding speed and without quality loss.

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#Trim MP4 video without re-encoding.
Do you have large #MP4 movie files which have long introductions and credits? There are a variety of video cutting programs out there both free and paid. One thing they almost all have in common is they re-encode the file.The #reencoding process always results in a longer rendering time and lower quality of file. Fortunately, there is an MP4 cutter without re-encoding available you can directly export the file with quality preserved and time saved. Keep on to find out how you can get and use the program.

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Convert YIFY Videos to TV Videos.
As a movie fan, you will be familiar with #YIFY #Torrents, form where you will be able to browse and download all YIFY rip movies in excellent DVD, 720p, 1080p and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size. This was achieved using the newly popular x264 encoding software for the H.264/MPEG-4 codec, with the .mkv container, and later the .mp4 container, (to ensure maximum compatibility.) Whereas, there still exits the format incompatibility of YIFY movies with some media devices like YIFY .MKV movies with xbox360 or PS3. And in this tutorial, we will introduce a simple way to enable you play YIFY download movies without any limit.

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