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Muller Beltex BV.
Muller Beltex Bedrijfszekere componenten voor de bulk- en procesindustrie:
Muller Beltex Bedrijfszekere componenten voor de bulk- en procesindustrie:


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Rub-Block with ½ NPT Conduit Entry included a PT100 sensor, type RB200DN
Belt off-tracking WARNING device, for use in hazardous areas is now CSA class2-DIV1 approved

Class II, Division 1 Intrinsically Safe Apparatus: Apparatus in which all the circuits are intrinsically safe.

Intrinsically Safe Circuit: A circuit in which any spark or thermal effect is incapable of causing ignition of a mixture of combustible material in air under prescribed test conditions.

Intrinsically Safe System: An assembly of interconnected intrinsically safe apparatus, associated apparatus, and interconnecting cables, in that those parts of the system that may be used in hazardous (classified) locations are intrinsically safe circuits.

Dust-Ignition proof: Equipment enclosed in a manner that excludes dusts and does not permit arcs, sparks, or heat otherwise generated or liberated inside of the enclosure to cause ignition of exterior accumulations or atmospheric suspensions of a specified dust on or in the vicinity of the enclosure.

Pressurized: The process of supplying an enclosure with a protective gas with or without continuous flow at sufficient pressure to prevent the entrance of a combustible dust or an ignitible fiber.

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Muller Beltex specialises in delivering high quality (ATEX) process monitoring systems for the agricultural and industrial bulk and processing industries. With our extensive product range and comprehensive know-how, we always find the right solution in any industry for the clear and efficient monitoring of your installation. This not only enhances safety of your environment, it also means fewer component replacements and lower maintenance cost.

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We also supply welded (according DIN standards) or plastic buckets for minerals and particularly challenging conditions, centrifugal or gravity discharging. Our elevator bucket program also includes the well-known European models (Columbus, Starco and Super Starco) in pressed steel, stainless steel, HDP, polyurethane or nylon.
For over 25 years Muller Beltex has been the distributor in Europe of Maxi-Lift® plastic elevator buckets. These are very economical buckets for high capacities and abrasive bulk products. All types are available in HDPE, wear-resistant and non-adherent polyurethane or Zytel heat-resistant nylon and are very abrasion-resistant.
With our additional components we offer a high-quality package with optimum production as a result.

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What lies at the heart of optimal and safe bulk processing is the elevatorbelt: to us, the elevator belt is the key. This is the heart of the machine and, when running, the belt is subjected to various loads. Choosing a good quality elevator belt is crucial when it comes to preventing costly downtime and optimum production results. Our own developed Polysur® elevator belts, reinforced with specially woven polyester/polyamide plies (EP) or steel fabric reinforcements, are specially manufactured for use in elevators and can be supplied with bolt holes for elevator buckets.
Our extensive product range with supplementary components offers a high-quality package that prevents wear and keeps maintenance to a minimum.

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Muller Beltex offers various sensors for bearing temperature monitoring, whether in accordance with ATEX. There are variants of our own design with variable adjustment options available.
But also think of Screw-in resistance thermo sensors with connection head, cable sensors, mineral insulated sensors and high temperature sensors. Involve us at an early stage to find the right solution for your specific application. Avoid unwanted failure or dust or gas explosions.

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Muller Beltex wishes you all the best for 2017!!

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Zeefballen zijn in vele industrieën een
onmisbaar element in de verwerking,
reiniging en gradering van producten.
Zeefballen worden meestal
vervaardigd van rubber, doch hun
slijtvastheid is gering, hun werking is
beperkt en zij kleven aan of worden
aangetast. Bacteriologisch vormen zij
een probleem en hun levensduur is
KAROLEE® polyurethaan zeefballen
lossen al deze problemen op.
KAROLEE® ballen zijn vervaardigd
van zeer elastisch FDA materiaal, dat
geen vocht opneemt en niet poreus is.
Daarom kleven zij niet aan en zijn
bacteriologisch veilig.
Door hun enorme, blijvende
elasticiteit, zo’n 70%, werken zij zeer
actief mee aan het zeefreinigingsproces
en blijven dit aanzienlijk langer doen
dan rubber ballen, waardoor het
tijdrovende vervangen van reinigers
beperkt wordt en de werking van uw
zeefmachines heel lang constant blijft.
KAROLEE® zeefreiningsballen bieden
de volgende voordelen:
- zeer lange levensduur
- zeer actieve reinigingswerking
- minder vaak vervangen van reinigers
- langere constante werking van de
KAROLEE® zeefreinigingsballen
hebben de volgende eigenschappen:
- absorberen geen vocht of vet
- kleven niet aan
- bacteriologisch veilig
- FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2600
- witte kleur
- laag gewicht
- beschadigen zeef gaas niet
- beschikbaar in vele diameters
- beschikbaar in meerdere hardheden.
Niet bindend, wijzigingen onder voorbehoud.
KAROLEE® polyurethaan zeefballen rollen en
stuiteren als geen andere en blijven actief.
KAROLEE® zeefballen zijn uit voorraad beschikbaar
in hardheid 80° shore A


• langere standtijden i.v.m. rubber ballen
• verbetert de zuiverheid van uw product
• kleven niet aan, product bouwt niet op
• bacteriologisch veilig, vertonen geen barsten
• Levensmiddelenkwaliteit EU1935-2004
• blijvende elasticiteit 70%
• absorberen geen vocht of vet
• beschikbaar met dedecteerbare RVS kern
• zeer actieve werking in het zeefreiningsproces

Muller Beltex b.v.
Ambachtsweg 28A - NL-2641 KS Pijnacker
Tel: +31(0)15 369 54 44 - Fax:+31(0)15 369 78 64 -

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Karolee® polyurethane sieve balls

Downtime of your sieving installation is something you want to prevent as much as possible. That’s why a good quality sieve ball is an absolute must. Where rubber sieve balls fail over time, our Karolee® polyurethane sieve balls continuously stay active in the sieve cleaning process with a very long service life. These sieve balls have a lasting elasticity of 70% and are without adhesion or absorption of the processed product and are bacteriological safe. please get in touch for more information or to order some samples and be convinced of the quality

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Kryptile Ceramic Liners

Kryptile is the solution for aggressive applications. Kryptile ceramic liners combine the wear resistance of high alumina oxide ceramic with the impact resistance of Kryptane® polyurethane. Kryptile liners are all custom designed to the shape of your chute, bin or hopper, eliminating the need to cut or fit the liners in the field and ensuring a perfect fit every time.
Kryptile KT is the original ceramic hextile liner. The hextile formation is closely gapped to provide superior sliding abrasion resistance in high fines applications, wet or dry. Kryptile KT is generally not recommended for applications where there is impact; it is for slide abrasion only.
Kryptile KC works well in virtually all applications. Kryptile KC is available in liners at least 11 ∕4” (32 mm) thick. Kryptile KC is generally recommended for applications with 6” (152mm) minus rock dropping a maximum of 4 feet (1.22 meters).
Kryptile KS is specifically designed for aggressive applications with high impact and large rock. Kryptile KS is generally recommended for applications with 10” (254mm) minus rock dropping from a maximum of 6 feet (1.83 meters).
Kryptile KH is our ceramic cube liner. Kryptile KH is available in liners at least 2” (51 mm) thick. Kryptile KH is generally recommended for applications with 15” (381mm) minus rock dropping from a maximum of 8-10+ feet (2.44 – 3.05+ meters). Please contact us to talk about your specific wear issues!!
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Our own product Rub-Block® with a PT100 temperature sensor is designed to report the misalignment of a conveyor belt or elevator belt. The advantage of the Rub-Block is the fact that it will send a continuous output signal to the PLC.
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