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Space Shuttle on its final journey

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Is that Antonov 225?
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Mukil Elango

Space Photos - Only post 1 per day  - 
Expedition 42 Soyuz TMA-14M Landing

Expedition 42 commander Barry Wilmore of NASA, Alexander Samokutyaev of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) and Elena Serova of Roscosmos landed near the town of Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Photo By: +NASA 
Original Image: (Flickr)

#nasa   #expedition42   #space   #photography  
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thank you Nurcan... i would say, no, but, what is that star there lifting off?  i don't notice all of this you know i am glad just the same to be part of your society... and you can comment on me anyway i seem to be public to you.. and again i thank you.. finite Freddy.. it made me think, long time long time, i won't damn technology i just won't.  i think it plays well with God's notions of evolution and survival of the fittest.  You said it to me, this earth is finite... how long before we master our Sun...??  And i apoligize for my comments here, opinions heretofore have become so crass.   it is love i am really after having done 55 years here to date..
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Amatuer astronomers discovered a 120-mile high plume on the Martian surface; leaves scientists baffled

Scientists are now working on determining the nature and cause of the plumes by using the Hubble data in combination with the images taken by amateurs.

Reference: (POPSCI) , (BBC)

#science   #space   #astronomy   #mars   #cloud  
Plumes seen reaching high above the surface of Mars are causing a stir among scientists studying the atmosphere on the Red Planet.
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Greg V
That explains why no one has seen the loch Ness monster lately. Apparently it went back home. 
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ISS with lights turned off

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Interesting. Looks fragile. 
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Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning

In the paper published by Ahmed Farag Ali and Saurya Das, they show that the Big Bang singularity can be resolved by their new model in which the universe has no beginning and no end.

Original Paper:

#quantum   #bigbang   #space  
( —The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity. The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once.
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+Dennis Wronka Perceptually it does. its like the line "I plan on living forever, and so far Im doing great!"
There is no way with our limited lifespan, we could ever find that out. The math is theoretical, we can actually prove anything physically.
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As +NASA plans to send humans to Mars, the real obstacle is not technology but the politicians.

The NASA's current plan, is to land humans on an asteroid in 2020's which would be a stepping stone in deep-space exploration and further in the 2030's it plans to send humans to Mars. But the asteroid mission is not accepted by the House Republicans.

Read the full story in the link. Definitely worth the time

#spaceexploration   #mars   #nasa   #congress  
Will NASA's $100 billion plan to put a human on Mars actually happen?
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+Tod Harter I was thinking about what you said, and I realized something. What are rovers and probes?
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Test Drive - Mercedes Benz F 015

The Mercedes Benz's research vehicle, F 015, looks like it is from the future. And here is a test drive.

#mercedesbenz   #f015   #luxuryinmotion   #future  
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Amazing !
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Mukil Elango

Re-Share & Credit (Not My Photo) ►  - 
Cube shaped Iceberg

Photo by: Sebastian Copeland
Location: Northern Greenland
Source: Reddit (

#iceberg   #photography   #ice   #cube  
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Mukil Elango

Space Photos - Only post 1 per day  - 
The Heart Nebula  --  (Happy Valentines Day)

Via: Bing Homepage
More About:

#valentinesday2015   #space   #nebula   #heart  
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Mukil Elango

Science News (Pop Sci)  - 
Air Pollution affects Short-term memory, IQ and brain metabolic ratios

Based on the research by  *Dr. Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas* and her team, it has been revealed that long duration exposure of children to pollution increases the risk of several neuro diseases. 

Via: +reddit ( )
Source: *Reference:*
Full Paper:

#science   #pollution   #alzheimers   #neuroscience   #brain  
City smog lowers children's IQ. This is among findings from a recent University of Montana study that found children living in cities with significant air ...
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とても 興味のある 映像と ! 文章 内容です ☆ ★ ☆ ★ 短期 記憶と 、 脳 代謝率 ほか 凄い!!
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Apple files a patent to move the Touch ID to the iPhone/iPad touchscreen

Future iPhones and iPads could move Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor from the device's home button to the display itself, allowing a more seamless and potentially dynamic way for a device to securely authenticate a user.


#apple   #touchid   #patents  
A patent filing made by Apple called "Fingerprint Sensor in an Electronic Device," shows how Touch ID might be placed directly inside the touchscreen of an iPhone or iPad instead of under the home button. The patent would allow users to have their fingerprint scanned by pressing on a specific location on the screen of the handset or tablet.
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+Stefan Svartling while you might take care of your devices very well that certainly is not the norm. I also take care of my devices but accidents do happen.
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Mukil Elango

Space Exploration  - 
+NASA reveals its plans to explore the Jupiter's moon, Europa

Called the Europa Clipper, the concept under study by NASA would conduct detailed reconnaissance of Europa and would investigate whether the icy moon could harbor conditions suitable for life. 
Learn More About:
NASA's Budget for Europa Mission:
Europa Clipper:

#space   #europa   #nasa   #budget   #spaceexploration  
As NASA applauds its boosted budget request, scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are excited to see a robotic mission to Europa take a big step towards being launched in the mid-2020s.
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I've been waiting for this for so long.
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Contact Information
Sri Krishnaswamy Matriculation Higher Secondary School, K.K.Nagar, Chennai - 600078.
The South West Chennai Bharat Scouts & Guides, Ashoka Park, Ashok Nagar, Chennai - 600083.
Developer, Geek, Freelancer & Philomath
Landed in Earth at Chennai,IND on 84th Day of 1997 (25th March), I am still studying (Just 1 year left) in Sri Krishnaswamy Matriculation Higher Secondary School (SKMHSS) in Chennai. I am currently (and always will be) active in Scout Movement; and I have earned the Rajya Puraskar (Governor) Scout Award from the Hon'ble Governor Dr. K.Rosaiah

My Character
Unorthodox, Nonconformist, Outlandish, Avant-garde, Aberrant, Atheistic, Nihilistic, Optimistic, Imperturbable, Composed, Type-B, 
My Skills and Traits
  • Academics, Arts, Arduino, Ambidextrous, Adroit, Autodidact 
  • Blogging, Braille, Bookbinding
  • Crafts, Coin Spinning, Cube-solving
  • Drawing, Dubstep Fan
  • Easy-Going
  • Friendly
  • Graphics Designing, Graffiti
  • Hacking
  • Image Editing
  • Jovial
  • Knotting
  • Linux Enthusiast, Life Sciencing
  • Management Skills, Magics
  • Note Spinning, Non-Conformist, Numismatist
  • Origami
  • Pen Spinning, Padiddling, Pencil Shading, Philatelist, Polymath
  • Questioning
  • Reasoning, Researching
  • Scouting, Sudoku, Sign Language
  • Typewriting, Tech-critic
  • Ubuntu Pro-User, Unorthodox
  • Video Blogging
  • Web Developing
  • X
  • Yogasana, Yoyoing 
  • Z
Note: Working hard to fill those spaces. 

Scouting Profile
        I have completed about 12 Proficiency (Merit) Badges: Cook, Pioneer, Citizen, Games Leader, Sanitation Promoter, Star Man, Ecologist, Soil Conservator, Nutrition Educator, Ambulance Man, Secretary, Camper. (This certainly will not be the end.)
        I have also participated in many social service programmes from Anti-Leprosy Day Programme to Cleanliness Campaign, Tree Plantation to Preservation of Greenery, 'STOP' Child Labour to Drug Awareness programme, RainWater Harvesting Programme to Non-Violence Day Walk, etc. I have marched in the 65th Republic Day Parade at Marina Beach in front of Chief Minister and the Governor of the State.

My Experiments:
  • Have done an Arduino program which interfaces with my Linux System and receives infrared signals from a Sony TV remote to control the system.
  • Have created an Arduino sketch that automatically senses the surrounding luminosity using an LDR and adjusts the brightness of the LED. It lights bright when the surrounding is dimmer and vice versa.
  • Have created a blog about Scouting and made a complete UI makeover to make it a responsive site under all device resolutions.
  • Have created a nifty script (Shell) to instantly convert pictures of all formats into the Open Webp format which is 40% lesser in size with the same quality.
  • Am creating a motion sensing web camera, that tracks my gestures to perform tasks in my computer using the Open Computer Vision library (OpenCV)
  • Am practicing Blindfold Speedcubing and One Handed Solving with my Dayan Zhanchi. 
  • Have successfully cracked a WEP Wireless Network with AirCrack-ng tools.
  • Have Reverse-tethered Android Phone to laptop using bluetooth.
  • Have run the Android apps on Chrome using ArChon runtime on linux.

Languages Known

  • Arduino
  • Basic
  • C/C++
  • Processing
  • XML
Bragging rights
Scouting, Art, Computers, Technology,
Student, Scout, Freelancer
  • World Organisation of the Scout Movement
    Scout, 2008 - present
    Joined in 2008 in my own interest, I am currently a Rajya Puraskar Scout , working for the Rashtrapati Scout Award. Interested in joining the Rover section after my school.
  • Amarar Krishnaswamy Scout Troop
    Assistant Troop Leader, 2011 - present
    Assistant Troop Leader of the Amarar Krishnaswamy Scout Troop at Sri Krishnaswamy Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The troop consists of 4 patrols of 8 members each. I am also the Secretary of the Court-of-Honor of our troop. I am one of the first 6 members from the school to earn the Rajya Puraskar Scout Award.
  • World Organisation of the Scout Movement
    Rover, 2015
    Rover Scouting mainly includes social services to the community.
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Friends, Networking
March 25
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Mukilan, Mukilan Elangovan, Mukilan. E, முகிலன், बादलों
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One of the best schools in Chennai.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
A good resort in Kodaikanal. Very amusing with the greenery. The cottage are well built. It also has a great view of the surroundings. More importantly, it has ample parking space.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Has a very good collection of artifacts, yet it is still not popular among the people. The National Art Gallery building is itself an artifact, being the oldest in India.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
A perfect place to have a bird's eye view of Chennai city. Perfect for hiking. Yet, the costs of eatables and memorabilia are way too high.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
26 reviews
State-of-the-Art architecture with spacious interiors, ample lighting and a vast collection of books. The braille section and children's section are awesome.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
This is a peaceful place amidst the city with a plenty of trees and a scout campground. There are tree varieties from all over the world and a Great Banyan tree which almost spans an acre.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
A magnificent piece of Chola Empire's architectural ingenuity.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago