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From that the credit would be depend on the police intelligence to what the credit should be voluntarily reported whether on their managerial ability cause the fate of their democracy ever known ?
long live for poor , may Almighty Lord grant you more wealth to help you people . Stay well MY
hi cristine glad to know you send to me a message thanks
ghorer prodip jodi onner anginay projjolito hoy tahole nijer ghorke obomanona kora hoy. asha kori .......................
We Bangladeshi were proud of him.
Muhammad yunus i am also a muslim :)
dear sir indian govt is doing nothing for formers so that they will come to be employee in industries at very low salary .is it ok. please help the former of the world
Interesting post Pandey - could be looked into 
Indian govt might have some comments to make on Pandey
Would there be a more solid lead, for the title for the noble peace, prize 'book or books.
world's all dharma and religions are against casteism holy book gita says that it is fully depend on karma[work] and near about 90% people believe in dharma[yog{addition}of all path to reach god] and religion then why casteism running so happily on the horse of tradition if tradion or rituals are wrong according to dharma and/or religion then why it should not be banned in whole world by UNITED NATIONS please do something for world
Good example set there by Prof. Yunus.... hope other economists players in the financial sector would take a cue amidst all these global economic meltdown and crisis.
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