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Guawff!!! Guawff!!! Guawff!!!
لهذا الدرجة وصلنا نلتقي غرباء
وفي قلبي حديث لك وفي قلبك حديث لي
Most disappointing fact of the followers of the Yunus is almost everybody either too flattering or ask him to bite back of the govt. And opposition. What is wrong with Bangalis on Google+?
success is always yes pa professor
Guawff!!! Guawff!!! Guawff!!!
by the way we cannot attack problems . . . head on . . . it will only escalate or polarized into so many cycles or level of problems . . . but we can solve it in the way wee see it to be so . . . like for example the birds looks life in a different perspective so well with other species or animals . . . like humans . . . defined and refined . . . categorically so we can have an exact match or the chemistry . . .
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