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Can we have add on for chrome & Firefox (desktop & mobile)? 

Wish #OperaMax support Cache Discovery Protocol (CDP), WebRTC & compatible with Google Data Saver.
 And bundle "extreme" or "high" saving (option mode like opera mini).

Please support:
1. Dailymotion.
2. Facebook (including video)
3. Flickr.
4. Hulu,
5. Dramafever,
6.  Liveleak
7. Photobucket,
9. Tudou,
10. Youku
11. Vimeo,
12. Brightcove,
13. Ooyala,
14. Bing
15. Ustream,
16. Twitch
17. afreecaTV
18. Metacafe,
19. Spotify,
20. Netflix,
21. Wikipedia,
23. Viki,
24. Crunchyroll,
25. BBC iPlayer,
26. iMDB,
27. PPTV
28. Baidu,
29. Tencent QQ,
30. Spotify.

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TPP copyright term extension requirement (to *70 years post-mortem author) CONFIRMED

"Breaking News"  (i.e.; not really, just official confirmation of something already known)


it took me a while to find this;  the New Zealand government's TPP "information release" is the only one (in english at least) that isn't COMPLETELY bullshit-PR. in that they actually provide details of at least some of the more "unpalatable" aspects of the deal.  not just "hey it's all REALLY GOOD news!"  ^__^ - x__X

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A new study offers hope in the war on obesity

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Solidarity with Disabled Assembly is being held this Sunday morning at Brickfields, organized by Bangkit OKU. Sinar Project community will be there to support by mapping out OKU related problems in

Bring your smartphones. If you've flashed your ROM, make sure at least your camera and GPS is working. Learn what types of problems the disabled face and upload and map the problems so that we can assist them in compiling public reports of all the local council issues in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.


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will this available on google chrome for desktop?

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white city
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