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An aspiring artist. And (hopefully not) failing while at it.
Muhammad Hari Diputera.
I draw shit. I draw shit on paper. I draw shit on computer. I draw shit on other people. I draw shit on shit. I draw shit on people who shit.

Fuck yeah, I draw shit!


Muhammad Hari Diputera

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Muhammad Hari Diputera

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In case you've heard the reports and are wondering: the rumors that Stephen Hawking just claimed that black holes don't exist are false. Someone seems to have written a story based on a talk he just gave without actually understanding what he said, and the press picked it up.

Fortunately, +Brian Koberlein has a good explanation of what Hawking actually proposed over here. Let me try to give an even shorter version:

A "classical" black hole is something whose gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light (and nothing can travel faster than light) can escape. Because gravity gets stronger the closer you get to something, this means you don't have to be extremely heavy to be a black hole; a black hole could be as light as a feather or as heavy as a galaxy, so long as all of that mass was compressed tightly enough that you could get close enough for gravity to get that strong. (For example, to turn the Earth into a black hole, you would have to compress it down to the size of a marble)

When you add quantum mechanics to the mix, the situation gets more complicated. It turns out that you can prove (this is actually the result that made Hawking famous in the first place) that when quantum mechanics gets involved, black holes aren't perfectly black -- instead, they glow faintly, occasionally emitting very light particles like photons and electrons. The heavier a black hole gets, the dimmer it is, so an astrophysical black hole (one made out of a star) is for all means and purposes black -- specifically, it's going to be gaining mass from absorbing random bits of stellar dust far faster than it's losing it to Hawking radiation. But a smaller black hole may start to burn off its mass this way, becoming smaller, and so brighter, until finally it burns out in a spectacular blaze of glory. (And in fact, if any black holes weighing about 10^11 kg -- about equal to the total mass of all the humans on the Earth -- were formed at the beginning of the universe, they would be undergoing final burnout right about now, so astronomers are searching for signs of this)

It turns out that the naive calculations about this lead to a somewhat complicated paradox: basically, one of the most important predictions of quantum mechanics is Conservation of Information, sometimes referred to as "unitarity." Basically, this means that information is never lost: if you have the initial state of a system, you can play the laws of physics forward and see how things turn out, and if you have the final state of a system, you can play the laws of physics backwards and see how things started. That means that you can't have any process which destroys information -- for example, you can't have any process which takes two different initial states and ends up in the same final state, because then you couldn't play it back and figure out where it started. (It turns out that violating unitarity would lead to things like matter being created out of nowhere at rather alarming rates, so it's one of those laws of physics we're pretty damned confident about)

But these quantum black holes, if you do the math the naive way, seem to violate unitarity: information goes in (in the form of, say, exactly what matter fell in to form the black hole in the first place) and a big explosion comes out, but that explosion is the same no matter how the black hole was formed. Clearly, this means the math is wrong -- and for various technical reasons, it turns out that getting the math right on this will make it easier to get the math right on a whole lot of more interesting problems, like understanding the formation of the Universe or its shape. So people have been discussing it for a while.

And that was the subject of the conference where Hawking just gave his talk, the "Fuzz or Fire" workshop at UCSB. These refer to the two candidate solutions which people are discussing -- one of them (favored by Hawking) says that a barrier of turbulent quantum foam would form at the surface of the black hole, which causes the information of what falls in to be consumed in a mass of chaos (much like the weather), but this foam barrier can be shown to prevent the formation of the sort of surface which would genuinely lose information. The other (favored by many others in the field) instead suggests that as matter falls in to the black hole, the information gets stored inside the black hole itself and released in the precise pattern of the explosion -- but it turns out that this transfer of information from the matter to the black hole would create a rather literal "firewall" around the black hole.

Basically, this paper is Hawking giving some arguments for the fuzz theory over the fire theory. I'm not current enough in the field to have an opinion, but I wouldn't say that anyone is buying it simply on anyone's say-so. (Hawking only finally agreed that information is not, in fact, lost in black holes a few years ago -- being pretty close to the last person in theoretical physics to finally come to that conclusion. He's a smart guy, but his word isn't gospel any more than anyone else's is) The quantum fuzz smells a bit wrong to me because the theories in question aren't generally prone to creating turbulent solutions, but the firewall smells a bit fishy to me as well for the reasons Hawking states. The right answer could well be something else entirely.

The "no black holes" line came from misunderstanding Hawking's argument, that with this fuzz black holes wouldn't have an event horizon, the line beyond which light can't escape. But he meant that statement in the very technical sense, where "event horizon" implies a number of other things which includes information loss -- instead, he says, black holes would have an "apparent horizon," which is the term for a boundary which you basically can't escape until the black hole explodes. That's undoubtedly true, because an apparent horizon is basically the definition of the edge of something that acts like a black hole but has a finite lifespan. In fact, the whole fuzz-or-fire argument is basically around the shape of this apparent horizon, and just what kind of nasty shock you would be in for if you ran in to it. (Torn apart by quantum fuzz or burned to death by a quantum firewall being your two leading options. Isn't annihilation fun!)

So don't worry. The universe is still basically unchanged, and there is still a giant black hole at the center of the galaxy which we are all slowly spinning around. Because the universe is awesome that way.

(Hawking's paper:
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Why is the Solar System Flat? NEW VIDEO!
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As you may know, 14.04 Cycle is an LTS (Long Term Support) Cycle. Having that said, +Ubuntu and most of the official flavours will have LTS Release. For the moment, the lack of Manpower could keep us away from having an LTS Release. However, after a discussion with our Developers, we'd like to announce the urgent need for these roles:

1- Someone with Bug Control to 'Actively Commit' to triaging Ubuntu GNOME bugs.

2- Couple of people helping out with 'Bug Fixing'.

3- People to help with 'Packaging' on the PPA's

PLEASE NOTE : We are looking for people with experience and skills! We NEED people to commit for 3-5 years support and not just join for few months then leave.

NO PROMISES to be made but we would be comfortable enough to submit an application to the Technical Board in order to have an LTS Release when we will have volunteers who can actively contribute and help us.

If you have the required experience and skills or if you know someone who has, please let us know :)

Thank you!

#Ubuntu #GNOME #Linux #Help #Support #LTS
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Muhammad Hari Diputera

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Waw. Laptop single-core bahkan gak buat maenin film 720p.
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Have him in circles
362 people

Muhammad Hari Diputera

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The Startup Applications manager ( Applications > System Settings or type in a terminal gnome-session-properties ) only displays a sub-set of applications to control at startup with the remaining applications being hidden. Th...
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THANK YOU +Chelsea Football Club  for everything during all these years .

MUCHAS GRACIAS Chelsea por todo durante estos años
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Muhammad Hari Diputera

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