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Here we come, with passion and hope, this is our generation
If we trust, and with love on our side, we can conquer the world
And as the sun sets, the world starts dreaming
This is our chance to be heard
As we awake, here and now, a new day's beginning, here's to
Peace and love for the new world
We are one, like the waves of one sea, like the drops of one ocean
Like a drum, feel the rhythm within, our song has begun
And as the day breaks, the children are singing
Fear and war left in the past
And as we march to the light, a new day's beginning, here's to
Peace and love for the new world
We can bring some hope
To take us to the place we belong
Raise your voice, break down the walls
Come and sing this universal song
Listen, hear me, love me or loathe me. But Give you everything you are, yo, my heart is lonely. You wanna argue 'bout the world but I'm universal. It's time to elevate the soul. I'm not out to hurt you.
Porque vivo notando que sigue pasando, el mundo girando y nosotros pensando que todos no somos iguales. Es la hora de menearse, de levantarse y revoltearse. Llego la hora de aclararse.
United together we take a stand undivided. Sisters and brothers, all colors break the silence. We're on a mission, one love expedition. If we rise together hand in hand we'll make a difference.


Muge Cerman

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Don’t let a lack of consistency and poor brand quality assurance derail you on the path to long-term success. Your brand needs consistency, it needs protection, it needs a guardian…

Muge Cerman

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Muge Cerman

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Harness the power of chocolate! A recent news report based on a new study shows that individuals who eat chocolate regularly are skinnier than those individuals who are not regular consumers. This news made quite a buzz in the chocoholic’s world and with good reason because chocolate lovers always like more good reasons to justify…

Muge Cerman

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Muge Cerman

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The Revenant is a film to be admired by fans of widescreen images. Emmanuel Lubezki created this by filming with an ARRI Alexa 65 6K camera and lenses of 12 to 21 mm. My desire is to deconstruct an…

Muge Cerman

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Influencers: Raise your voice, raise awareness of Childhood Cancer via @EmpireKred
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Muge Cerman

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Choosing the right hosting service should be a priority for the owner of a website. Any possible problems can lead to tangible financial losses in the form of unrealised revenues and additional expenses. Your image may also suffer and that would be hard to convert into money. The market offers a lot of options. You … →

Muge Cerman

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I’m exhausted today, it’s been a really long intense week. So while I relax I’m thinking in a different direction: GPS. I’ve been reading an awesome book called Pinpoint by …
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