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iPhone and Apple hate. Human race is still primitive.

We are just like 1.000 years ago when we killed each other for land and god. Made human sacrifices, enslaved black people and what not. We always want to beat the other guy. Humans are full of hate for what they don't agree with. For one reason or another. So, one group loves Apple product, the other says it's crap. Ok, who cares.

But all this #iPhone5 hate just made me wonder how stupid humans can be. Can you haters just enjoy your phone, what ever it is. And stop being little #boycottapple sissies. It's just a phone. Apple make products, wants to sell it. People buy it. End of story. Every brand says their product is the best thing since Jesus Christ. But your hate for a product is because millions are happy with it. Then you call them Sheep. Because they don't get it. It's like saying i don't get it when i want to buy Toyota instead of Ford.. Toyota being Apple and Ford being Android.

So much pointless hate. But i guess it's something we humans need to do.
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Bogdan Oprea
The problem is the litigating that is affecting the other products out there. You cannot have an integrated search on other products now. I do believe that no hate (or major hate)  would be generated if the there weren't so many law suits based on slide to unlock and simple gestures that were here before apple even existed. Ideas shouldn't be patented only hard work and real inventions. If there was a patent system reform this would disappear.
Apple fans are just reaping what they sowed. For a very long time they sneered and mocked Android users. Now Android is the better system, it is no surprise that Android users are going to return the favour when Apple release something that is behind the latest Android devices.
+Christophe Versieux  There is one important difference:  Apple fans LOVE their Products, Android fans HATE all other products.
If the Android community would  concentrate their energy on showing what Androids can, in a normal, civilized fashion, and refrain from hate bashing anything else, we could  take them seriously.
I know, this is never gonna happen. But one can dream.
All I'm saying is this: it's just a product. Companies sue each other all the time for one reason or another. Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy. And let companies sue each other. 
+Muamer Mujević exactly. These are billion-dollar-companies, not school kids. They know their business. They have to know how to play to be competitive. The patent system is as it is, everybody has to work with it.
They don't need our help. 
all apple seem to be concerned about at the moment is litigation and not real development, have a look at the new ipad and iphone 5, yes people who like apple they are the best ever but in reality they have exactly changed each much apart from faster cpu,bigger screen, etc. i am android, but i don't mind if your apple as thats whats awesome abut humans......choice.
+Muamer Mujević the Galaxy S III is a very nice smartphone, indeed. In my eyes the best Android phone so far. The only thing I don't like, and please don't hate me for that, it's a little bit too much plastic for my taste. If they work on that I would like it even more. But I guess this is criticizing on a very high level. ;^)
Well you can perceive it anyway you like, it's ok. I honestly hate no man. But i will call a Sissie if i see one.
Not to sound like a 'sissie', but 'retard' is a derogatory term that has nothing to do with this topic. In fact, here in Pennsylvania, much funding has been put into iPads as a tool for communication for people with intellectual disabilities. As an Android fan & social worker, I see how the iOS ease of use is beneficial for folks with intellectual and physical disabilities, despite higher cost.
My Galaxy S3 has issues. Big ones. Random reset, phone freezes when i get a call. This is my second Galaxy S3. But overall it's a good phone. Minus the plastic. :)
#boycotapple  only trends because of the ridiculous law suits. I agree with +Richard Hall, we were mocked for years, and now we have superior devices, we aren't allowed to give some of it back? The iPhone 5 announcement is a joke, my year old Galaxy Nexus can do everything this can do, at a third of the price, and I personally feel the design is very pretty. 
This is post is as important as my comment or even better the hate toward Apple. 
Maybe some amount of hatred is required to nuetralize the mindless love/ worship by the fan boys..... what if those overpriced products were to rule and became the norm...Just a thought, what would happen if there was no apple bashing?? Especially to a person who does not know about smartphones.... I know so many people in India who use it coz its popular... and all they would do is make calls.....maybe such ignorant choices can be rectified....
In America apple makes u 25% sexier, in Asia Samsung-25% sexier(notrealfacts)... Knowing how to use any interface-50%sexier! I'll take them oddz
James J
Wow you +Muamer Mujević are very condescending. People who do not like Apple have a right to say so! Just as you have a right to whine about it. I just don't understand all you have to do if you don't like it DON'T read it!
I'm upset about Apple's business practices, not the fact that they have a pretty device that a lot of people use. I'm upset about the fact that the most profitable tech company in the U.S. has an issue with acting ethically. You're right, the human race is primitive. That's why I choose to boycott apple's mobile devices.
Jim Achey
I'm an Android user and I don't hate all other systems. I do hate Apple, but I've hated them from back when I didn't own a phone. Believe it or not the iPhone didn't start the Apple hate. It started way back in the day of pcs. When a person builds a machine and makes it not compatable with the other products for the sole purpose of money, I will never buy it. I've never owned an Apple anything, never will. I've only owned my android for a year, before that I used a flip phone.
Then Apple should stop messing with others. It jus a phone as you says
+James Julien you didn't understand my post. It's not about saying you dont like it. It's about passionate hate behind something as silly as a tool and the company that makes it.
+Elvin Lee it's my observation. If you dont like it dont ready it. Sorry you didnt get the point about hate.
Uh, +Jim Achey Then you should hate everyone BUT Edmund Berkeley, who's "Simon" is held by some to be the first 'personal' computer. But that's a bit of a stretch. The fact is that Apple made the first mass-produced personal computer. The "PC" (what we call machines today that would have been called "clones" back in the 80s) was introduced in 1981, three or four years after the Apple ][ took personal computing by storm. So the "PC", as you call it, was the computer made incompatible with "the standard". (Although there were no standards then; it's just that two basic systems won out in the long run, Apple and PC Clones)

In fact, the vast majority of "Apple Hatred" is based on a flawed understanding of both history and technology. 
Boys need something to feel good about. It used to be their tricked up car, now it's their phone. The way you get respect I to diss everyone that's chosen different to you as they obviously don't have your superior intellect. Or something.

It's a pissing match. There is no winner but plenty of passion!
I agree with +Mike Littrell .
I'm getting tired of seeing it on every third post. The only reason I replied was because of the post by +Michael A. Volz , which shows the ignorance of the masses. I have friends that have iphones that are not in love with them. I get to hear how when they update they lose contact info, or how they wish they had SD cards. Blah blah, its a bunch of drama. I like Android Becuz I am not roped into the Apple universe.
Aren't we still kill each other for land and god?
+Steve White I think that what Apple did for the tech community is very cool, its the fact that they would rather remain proprietary that keeps me out of the loop. I like products that work with my already bought products to work together out if the box.
I font want to have to buy one brand.
I don't know if you realize it, bit Android isn't just available from one manufacturer, its on a few. That gives me more options of the phone I buy. IPhone users just have to wait til the next iPhone comes out.
I bought my phone for $100. It's not the best (by far), but it's better than the flip phone I had. It came with an 8gb SD. Upgradable to higher.
You see I'm old, I don't need to impress people with my phone, I'm too busy wasting money on my rock crawler. Yeah I hate Apple, but you Apple lovers keep trying to give my hatreds credit to the iPhone, lol. That's your main mistake
+Mike Littrell I see what you are saying, and I applaud the effort. But if I may I would like to compare the universes in question.
We will compare them to cars.
Apple is comparable to a Mercedes. A very nice car, known for luxury. Known to be expensive to buy, expensive to tune up and parts are hard to find.
Android is a Cadillac. It's also luxurious, pricey but the parts are made at Chevy, and many can be bought after market. Gm doesn't just build Cadillac, it builds other cars and share the parts between them.
Or maybe you like comic books? Apple is a comic book with one hero, android is a team of heros. Like the fantastic four or the avengers.
The thing I.think is funny is that Apple is a company, Android is a system that many companies use.
Thanks for the post. However if you want to point out how the human race is still primitive I think you chose the wrong topic. Yes, the companies that make these products battle it out in court an the media, but for you and I (the consumers) it's merely a debate based on our choice of product. I hope I'm not standing on your toes here, but the fact that you construe THIS as human hate is shocking. Look at the middle east, the economy, child abuse, woman abuse, war, conflict, oil, this list goes on! And because we disagree on electronics products THAT IS HUMAN HATE??!?
Just read this on my Google Nexus 7 Android = Awesome Sauce...Apple = weak sauce.
For me it's not about the phone. All phone, apple and android, have their pluses and minuses. It the fact that Apple has made it's money and name off of taking other people's ideas and then building on them and then suing anyone that might do something remotely similar to what they've done. They're suing a small online grocery store for and they tried to sue Samsung for having a rectangular phone with rounded corners. We have always progressed as a people by learning from those that came before us and building off of their ideas. This is in fact what Apple does. OS X is a hybrid made from the open suorce Mach Kernel developed at Carnegie and the (also) open source BSD kernel developed at Berkeley. OS X and iTunes is what saved Apple from bankruptcy. And Napster came first. In fact, by the way Apple does things Shawn Fanning should be suing Apple for stealing his idea. They don't even own the trademarks on iPad, iPhone, or iPod. They even got in to trouble with the Beatles over the name Apple. Now I know that companies have been suing each other over patent infringement for as long as there have been patents but Apple took it to a whole new level. They need to take all that money they spend on lawyers and put it towards inovation and actually start inventing things again, like they did when Steve Wozniak was there. Right now it seems like Apple is full of designers and lawyers and the tech people that really make it happen are locked in a basement some where. They need to quit suing people for doing the exact same thing that they do and go back to actually innovating. 
though galaxy S3 is very nice, but still iphone's design is my ideal one.
+Chris Martinus i was thinking about all the real human hate issues we have in the world when i wrote this. I didn't chose a wrong topic, i just found it silly that with all the world problems today, we still have time and energy to hate on phones and companies that sell them.
diff phones suit diff people, but Apple's biz tactics are really dirty and they lie and overhype their products. Competition is healthy. Apple just hating because Samsung sell more phones than they do. Anyway, I support Samsung and HTC for their constant innovation, to the point where Apple can't keep up.
Comparing hate towards a consumer product and slavery, holy wars a tad bit exaggerated to put it mildly.

The feeling to beat another guy is called competition...if that remains verbally I'm fine with that but if it spins out of hand and becomes physical...that shouldn't be tolerated.
That should be the line that keeps us apart from the uncivilized.

As long as Apple sues android OEM''ll see ppl hashtagging #boycottapple. And as long as ppl keep buying an inferior product in the eyes of an android user and the person still tries to claim otherwise (call it brand loyalty, ignorism, brainwashed by media...) you'll find users calling him/her #iSheep and vice versa.

Bottom line...No matter how much either of us rant...we won't be able to change anyone's opinion. But a nice try though...I hope the message reaches the intended masses.
+Mike Littrell I completely agree with you. I have been a happy Android user for years, and never really liked apple products. Yes, they are great for music (and being a musician thats very important). I never argue too hard on people who use apple products. If they like it, then let them like it. I just don't like when people start making excuses about why iphone is better for no reason. I only join an argument when it's started by someone else, and usually they have no idea what they are talking about. I research and have had hands on experience with many many many phones. But in the end its all about what the user prefers, whether it be simplicity, a nice music system, and a small breakable glass design, or a fast, customisable, durable phone.
Personal happiness is of course heavily relative. Buy what makes you happy because anything else, well, won't make you happy... Just be sure to do your own research and make your own decisions. People are quick to tell you how they feel about one or the other and it can get misleading.
I hate when apple owners got this attitude like "I have an iPhone" "It's the best thing ever!" I tell them "When an iPhone can make a cup of coffee, then I'll buy one!" Who knows, maybe Samsung will come out with that first!
You why I respect Samsung? I remember watching the Matrix Reloaded, on the dvd behind the scenes, The artists from matrix came up with a new phone design, they went to all the major phone companies to see if they can produce the new matrix phone. They all said it was impossible. Guess what? they went to samsung and they said "No Problem, we can make that." and the phone became a reality. So, Samsung has been an innovator since way back.
Apple tried to ban my phone and the phones that I want.  I think that justifies my hatred for it.  However, I also think people should buy the phone that they think is the best choice for them.
+Mike Littrell Ofcourse there should be mutual respect if not, atleast for the choice one makes (even if it's wrong, it's theirs to make).
+Sean O'Hara So if someone was proven to have stolen something from you. Made a profit on it (a lot!) and continued to do so, even though you had asked for it back and even offering to agree to let them use it for a small price, you would be okay with that? You wouldn't want them to stop? A jury of random people saw the memos, saw the evidence and concluded that they were stealing. If took them 30 minutes to decide. That's it. It was that obvious. I'm not saying it is the best thing for Samsung or commerce in general. I'm saying that Apple had every right to pursue justice and in this case, I think they received it.
I don't think many "hate" apple, they just speak out about how the company is not doing enough to keep up despite it's EVERY advantage in the market. It's true, too, Apple is certainly losing it's edge slowly but surely. Considering how many people out there are cult believers in this product, there is a good reason so many are pointing out the flaws. The iPhone 5 pretty much changed nothing, but Apple is selling it (once again) as an entirely new design - how can one not be exasperated with that sort of nonsense? *Go to the website, it's literally being sold that way.

Also, comparing the crusades to people knocking Apple products is not doing a whole lot to credit your opinion here... that's just silly. "Hating" a product is not the same as hating a people and attempting to exterminate them. Hating a product is called being opinionated - without strong opinions there wouldn't be many new features at all in most devices.

People like to call opinionated people "haters", but in reality opinionated people are the ones changing things in this world - for better, or for worse. If you don't have an opinion, and you are happy with whatever phone does the job, then why even pay attention to this sort of thing? Go buy a Blackberry Pearl and enjoy your technology from 2006 - those of us who actually love technology, however, will be looking for all those bells and whistles we love.

Apple did not provide any of those with the 5 or the 4s, so I will personally be trading in my 4 for a Galaxy S3 this year. I don't consider a lot of my critiques hateful, so perhaps you are speaking towards the people directly calling Apple fan-boys "isheep" and the like, but either way strong opinions come from strong interest! This makes perfect sense, and I don't believe it should be viewed as a problem. The problem is people ignoring this commentary all together, buying a device, then wondering why their expensive device can't do what their friends cheaper device can do. Consumer ignorance is what most of these anti-apple people are attempting to resolve, albeit in a potentially overzealous way.
They never allowed anyone to use it "for a small price" nor was the decision made in 30 minutes.  I'm not going to sit on here and argue the case.  I said my piece, that's that.  Sheesh.  You wonder why there's so much hate on Apple but the above mention is generally the reason.
Are you new to the internet? Well I will tell you what I'm getting tired of seeing. People complaining about people complaining about the new iPhone. Welcome to the internet...
The issue lies in the way patents are rewarded...that system is messed up (not necessarily in the USA but globally).

Example: goophone, they patented iPhone 5 design in China before Apple legally they have the right to sue Apple once it launches the iPhone 5 in China.

Apple had the patents so they could sue and they did.

I think ppl hate Apple so much is due to all the suing...Samsung, the shop in Poland about domain...etc.
If they keep up...they'll alienate more and more ppl.
I agree with the "hating" can be toned down but it is simply not just a phone. Rather, it has a profound impact on how we interact and view reality. People communicate, learn, entertain, and more through their mobile device. Choosing an iPhone is "buying" into the philosophy of a walled garden, something that is restricted heavily from the top. There is no doubt that Apple limits choice and what people can or can not do. I am not saying Android is 100% open either, it is just much more open and adaptable. We, the human race, is choosing if we want a walled garden or something more open; we are choosing with our wallets.
As you have proven in your post. It is post like these that keep the fire ignited. If you really want to see the chatter subside,  just unplug. If  you feel you must stay connected, at least don't be opinionated or it will forever backfire for one reason or another.
1) Liken criticism of apple to tribalism and warfare, implying that apple fanboism is some kind of ethnic grouping
2) Return hatred to non-applites in kind
3) ???
The key here is that every user should enjoy his smartphone or anything else purchased but with all those lawsuits asking to forbid sales of some products leave the user disappointed because anyone looses the opportunity to acquire anything, sometimes I get the feeling Apple want everyone to buy an iWhatever no matter it's a good or bad product and disable the opportunity of choice, to ban other products that could mean good alternatives are a problem because one Apple can create stuff the rest of the world are copycats, there's nothing wrong with having some competition, after all we would be the benefited from that!
+Jorge C. wait, so if i see something that i don't like i should shut up and mind my own business? Sounds like freedom and democracy.
The way that Apple approaches technology is bad for technology and bad for consumers. It's not just about the iPhone.
+Muamer Mujević  I am copying your  post and taking it to my fb to share it. Hope its ok with u . Regards
 +Muamer Mujević, you read that wrong. Please try again.

Nothing wrong with saying you don't like something or think it is wrong. Just don't be the troll that claims to not like something while at the same time fueling it. That was the point I was trying to make and it clearly got lost in translation. 
some people hate it because other people love it  l liked this statement most in your post.well, i also reshared  and +1'd some anti-apple posts but not because i hate apple but because it was funny.I guess, most people posting anti-apple posts don't have apple products and people having those wouldn't generally complain about products(they know that they own one of the greatest product of their kind) i never could afford apple produts(like many other people) but i wish for a iphone.
Why are you calling me a Troll? What exactly is trolling here. Read my post again. It's just my observation on the subject of Hate with phones, systems and companies. I'm sorry but your confused, I'm not fueling it people want this to be hate speech. And i don't side with any OS or phone manufacturer on the subject.
No problem +jacob paige. Thanks for +1 and share. I's would be great to see more opinions on this subjects. Cheers.
+Muamer Mujević  #boycottapple  has nothing to do with the iPhone5 or any other product hate. It's about the terrible business practices of Apple in regards to its' manufacturers in China, and their policy of "Sue First, innovate second". I try not to get involved in the OS wars on Mobile or computers, but I do despise many of Apples' practices.
No we cannot just enjoy our phones because Apple is threatoning to take them away through law suits. The hate is there because Apple threatons choice for the consumer. If you do not understand that you are pretty simple.
Thank you +Mike Littrell, it my post was about hate with everything people don't agree with. Look at all this hate for my post. Silly really. How about we have a discussion on that part of human nature. Not how I'm a Troll and I'm fueling hate. :) where did they get that :)).
#Apple  doesn't just make products.  They're a cult.  People believe it with -Steve Jobs- Tim Cook tells them #Apple has created something new.  But it's not new.  It's stuff they borrowed from others.  But then #Apple  goes and sues those others.  So, yes, I hate #Apple.  Not because they're not the team I chose, but because I believe they're a dangerous company that has the potential to do more harm than good for society.
On the surface a person might believe, "BUT IF WE DIDN'T HAVE PATENT LAW... it would open the floodgates for copycats everywhere. We would have Chinese phones that look like iPhones but run some lame OS. Innovation would be lost because no one needs to innovate in order to get sales."

I get and understand that some companies will copy instead of innovate. I get it that many people believe the government is the only way to prevent this scenario. 

Four important points that weigh in favor of seriously reforming or even completely removing patent law:

(1) How many of these "copycats" will do this and be successful at it? Not everyone will do this or even want to. The fact that we have anything new in the world is a testament to that. 

(2) Reputation, brand, first to market, quality, and integrity. These all mean something and have value.  Do not ignore these market forces.

(3) Consumers win (price, etc.). Example: If a Chinese company succeeds in making an iPhone copy equal in every way (price, perceived quality/looks, AND quality) [i doubt this would happen; look at Chinese scooters for example], then one would assume they would try to sell it cheaper to draw away Apple customers. This is a big "IF" because Apple has agreements with their suppliers, economies of scale, etc. where I doubt anyone could exactly dupe the iPhone in all ways, including quality, and afford to sell it cheaper. BUT let's say they can. Then that means Apple is overpricing their product so the Chinese iPhone would force a market reckoning to a more fair price and keep Apple on their toes INNOVATING instead of SUING. The other, and more likely scenario is that the Chinese copy would be inferior. So yay, customers have a choice to buy the inferior version. Given the number of tech review sites, word of mouth, Internet, etc., it would not be a secret long that the Chinese version is substandard. But hey if poor people want a cheaper knockoff then why not? Their product would perform shittier and last half as long but they got what they paid for.

(4) Joe Blow Poor Guy Inventor wants to make a new phone/OS that blows away Android AND Apple. He has some revolutionary ideas but does need to at least use some of the basics that came before him, standing on the shoulders of his predecessors. But if you look at all the patents that exist in the phone market, you would see that Joe Blow has no chance in hell of creating his badass new phone/OS unless he joins Apple or Google or finds some super rich investor. Patents actually make it harder for the small guy!

So yes, I believe that if we radically changed patent law or even removed it, some would copy even more than we see now but the real question is: when you consider the potential small negatives as well as the big positives I mentioned above, will the net affect [to us all] of that happening be positive or negative? And bonus: less rules and less bureaucracy means a more efficient system!
Good post. We will always have 2 options in this country(dualism). Pepsi/ Coke, McD/BK, WalMart/Target...etc. iOS has it followers and Android has theirs. No need to bash each other on, 'which on is better'. Pros & cons on both sides. Both are good. Just depends on your preference. 
> like 1.000 years ago when we killed each other for land and god

Muslim people and some other groups are still doing this on a daily basis (see e.g. yesterday's trends and the related storyline).

IMO, iPhone vs. Android “holy war” is but a reflection of today's ill society, with Android fans behaving just like Muslims when their respective holy cow (Samsung, Muhammed, whatever) is being denounced.

Technology in question is totally unrelated to the issue.
It will always be an apple's to oranges argument but what I have honestly come to realize is Android aficionados speak on facts, specs, hardware & software etc. While Apple users kinda have a way of talkin out their azzez so to speak, no valid points on why they like the iPhone they just do. I would never say that its a Hate for apple but more a dislike for the idiots who try to defend their products with little or no argument thats where the controversy starts. There are folks who support android and are airheads also. But Apple consumers have taken the stereotype of "groupies" in the tech world IMO. Jus' sayin they're "tech groupies"
Telling a group of people to stop hating by insulting them and calling them sissies? Your entire post contradicts itself. If you wanted to make a valid point about people not hating, then address all sides and tell them to act mature. Your post is just adds to what you're supposedly trying to stop.
Good post.  Apple, iOS, Samsung, Google, Android... the products are ALL good.  If only one single product was truly better than all the others, this convsation would not exist.  Luckily, they are all good for different reasons and we all use what we like... it's simply a matter of personal prefs.
James J
+Muamer Mujević I HATE Apple for trying to block the phone I like from being sold here in the USA for silly stupid patents like rounded corners and pinch to zoom?!??Apple is scared and they are practicing bad business policies in my opinion. I say bad things about Apple because I need to stand up for what I like before they all get banned for "copying" (improving) Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I never really had a problem with Apple. I wouldn't buy into their walled garden ecosystem, but that was about wanting more freedom than they would offer.

Foe smartphones and tablets I went Android. People can buy iPhone if they want, I don't care. But then they started the litigation. And the idea they want to use courts to take away my right to decide which product is better offends me to my core. That is why I hate Apple. If they were so very great, they'd win fair and square.
A lot of Apple hate come from Steve Jobs' hatred of Android.  If Apple wasn't so litigious, there wouldn't be nearly as much reason to hate them.  Sueing companies because they use a sliding mechanism to unlock the phone or have "elastic" feedback to indicate the end of a scrollable section makes people not like you.
+Muamer Mujević 
1. “who cares” - Clearly you do, wouldn’t have posted otherwise.
2. Name calling. 
3. Bias post. Choosing to pinpoint the focus on those that dislike Apple instead of focusing on those that dislike in general. Had the post been neutral it would have ended after “... they don’t agree with.”
4. being against name calling after name calling.
5. Market comparison in your statement. In the car market, Toyota is ranked higher. Comparing cars to phones and listing it according to your preference show bias, which leads to my last point.
6. You showed favoritism. Like it or not, you did. 

Of course you are free to post as you wish. Just don't get too offended when others call you out on your bias. You are not nearly as concerned with hate as you are concerned with Apple hate. There are so many other topics that could have been discussed that could have helped and inform so many more individuals. 
I'm not allowed to hate a company that sues the competition over a patent on rectangles with rounded corners? I suppose next I won't be allowed to hate companies that use sweatshop labor... oh wait...
+Michael Dubnik The point of not to argue about whether calling someone sissy is right or not. The point is whether you understand what the other guy is conveying. In this particular case, I think you understand but choose to ignore it. The reason being that he used the wrong word!! Grow up man. Both are great phones. I own neither - bad for me! However, I never met an Apple user who was so passionate about Android bashing. Most Apple users just love their phones and are happy with it. Android users on the other hand (at least the ones active on this forum) derive some carnal pleasure by bashing Apple). Android may be a better phone, but if someone likes Apple better - learn to live with it guys. Android outsells Apple 2 to 1 globally - you should be happy about it - your choice has been vindicated. Why do you care what others are buying? 
Wow this post made my dislike for Apple go away...Sike! Apple can go rot with a worm in its core!
So a Korean company steps in and copies work that Apple spent millions coming up with and we should be alright with that because you want a choice.  Hell they can even sell it cheaper since they don't need to recoup their R&D.
I really hate posts like this. As you say lay off of Apple they're just a business trying to make money. Stop being #boycottapple sissies. You're doing the exact thing the boycott Apple folks are doing. Defending a brand.
Oh for the days when Apple was the underdog, no one made software for Macs, and Microsoft was the evil empire. Revenge of the 90 lb weakling on the beach, eh?
It's just a phone until the company pushing it, abuses the patent system, and sues anyone in competition with them with frivolous and wasteful law suits. 

It's just a phone that locks any content installed on that phone into the Apple dungeon where you can't content shift or share unless you are exclusively Apple.

It's not about the phone. It's about corporate fascism.
oh apple fans wouldn't be happy you call apple toyota... they think it's mercedes.
+Jorge C. you cant see me so you can only assume i was offended. Name calling is not nice. But my post was nite timed, analyses, filtered and adjusted to suite everyone. It's not a right word to describe people, but calling the iSheep and Haters is? But is that really a reason for your "negative" and judgmental stand on my post. Seriously. Stop grabbing on the Sissie thing.
I've just joined G+ and I must admit I was disappointed with the childish comments here, people must have more to worry about than what piece of hardware I use, surely. PS; Dyson hoovers are simply the best ever!!!
+shawn carr  How exactly am i defending a brand? I was talking about human nature and silliness of Apple hate. :) ridiculous.
Unfortunately the hatred for Apple spills over to become hatred towards the consumers (the essence of your original post). Hatred for Apple is easily justifiable. Apple's lawsuits seek to prevent the improvement of Android, stifling innovation, using claims to patents that are so rudimentary that they should never have been granted in the first place (e.g. rounded corners, slide to unlock, and a grid system for apps), much less upheld in court. The shear amounts of prior art should have made Apple not even consider bringing lawsuits against Android Producers. 

So I agree that the name calling between fanboys is largely unjustified hate. I even believe that Apple makes a decent product which is largely more intuitive than Android, if not always more powerful. However, Apple is not playing fair, and no one likes a bully and a hypocrite.
All become sudden after 1bil case?
i'm really getting tired of seeing 200 fucking iphone samsung bullshit posts every fucking day,,, they're goddam phones you fucktards, get a goddam life an quit bitching an bragging about your fucking toys. you people are like fucking retarded children over these fucking things, i gotta lucnhbox. an i gots da chocolate milk. WHO THE FUCK CARES..... shove those over priced fuckin thing up ya'll sheeple asses DEEP. 
I do hate iphones now. now here are the reasons, and they are not at all what u 'assumed' them to be. i hate the fact that apple releases minor updates, unworthy phones, and completly unimanginably un-innovative products, and THAT, the apple fanboys say, is, 'innovative' while android is a copy cat ! :O if uve ever been to the android community, ull know how INNOVATIVE android really is. OH, the iPHONE 5 is just awesome ! O.5 inches bigger display ! OMG !!! LTE !! VOW!! 5th row of icons !!! AWESOME INNOVATION !! A6 processor (of un-announced clockspeed) VOW, i love u apple!!! A new power cord !! AWESOME !! (and now its instantly makes a huge cottage industry of apple ascessories obsolete.) THIS IS WHAT INNOVATION IS!! learn from this u android geeks !!!  [this is how apple fanboys think, and thats what irritates me, infuriates me, and makes me hate apple and dumb apple sheep. hey come on, when there is far more GREATER things happening everywhere, why in the hells name is apple innovative ? more of a copy cat i must say. not happy. i expected much more from apple.

EDIT: +Shreyash Gupta this is why. The dumbness of people often gets irritating and u feel, inside your human heart, a fire burning, a fire of duty, which tells u to carry out ur duty and as many ppl out of the apple sheep/ blindness as possible. im doing nothing more than a humanitarian work, good for the society. If ur an apple fan, ur just a victim of their sales/marketing tactics. If ur an android fanboy, u love android because of its pure awesomeness and innovativeness. its ease of use. its community !! its love ! ( android really loves u back, trust me.)
+Muamer Mujević, you just did it again. Still trying to justify a negative with a negative. The whole "you did it first" argument.

All I was trying to say was that your post was biased, even though I see that you were trying to keep your preference out of it. Nothing wrong with being biased as long as you are not criticizing others for doing the same. Just seems a bit hypocritical.
What if I told you Android fanboys hate Apple because they sue every fricking company who has ever brought out an Android phone?
ok now i've had my coffee. sorry for cursing, but this subject is getting out of hand. and the last thing i wanted to see was another post about theses stupid phones, carry on..............................
To be honest, the entire mobile industry is flawed - they all use rare earth elements far too much, which is one of the biggest contributors to global warming (all the machinery to dig it out, transport it etc...)

I hate apple because they are slightly worse than the other maufacturers in a few ways; When I started up my current business repairing electronics, I had a go at fixing various Apple products, but 90% of them ended up with torn/shredded ribbon cables where they get glued down inside the casing, which basically means a much higher repair charge due to other parts getting damaged during the repair process. Most of the other smartphones out there use much sturdier internal cables, and so are easier and cheaper to repair!

My point of view is purely from the technicians point of view though; most people I know are very happy with their mobile handsets, no matter which one they have decided to stick with... but of course, once you have had one of the big 3 (iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile) then most of the time users will stick with them as they are not set up to share saved/backed up data - Apple uses iTunes, Android uses Google and Windows Mobile uses Hotmail. although it is possible to access these from the alternate handsets, you can't use them to sync contacts between devices... and now I'm realising a gap in the market, a few of you may notice it too, lets see who gets a product out there first ;~)
I'd agree, if Apple weren't the enemies of consumer choice and market competition. It's not the product that pisses me off, it's the company and their apologists. It's like trying to objectively talk about Scientology, with a Scientologist.
+shawn carr, I don't think +Muamer Mujević defended Apple or Samsung.  Based on his original post, I don't think it's clear weather he's a fan of Apple or Samsung.
James J
+jack ball so find something else to read and quit whinning you lil bitch! their are thousands of other posts and if you don't Fing care why
post a response!  
The reason I hate Apple is all crying they are doing over 1994 Steve Jobs said some of the best companies copy from others. They did so from Microsoft. Since a someone like Samsung is putting a huge dent in there smartphone sales, lets sue them! Stupid!
It's Google+ it's where the androids roam. I don't have hate for any competitor. I've been an iPhone user since the very first generation and have seen lots of good phones come out since then but I choose to stay with the iPhone because its MY preference. I am an Apple fan.
Ahh apple likes to sue other companies to stay ahead or at least try to stay ahead in the Market. They sue Samsung for rounded rectangles but now their trying to jump on the band wagon with 7 inch tablets I have a nexus 7 and its amazing. The fact that apple is building a 7inch tablet its just retarded going against their god Steve Jobs he said 7inch tablets won't be a good market. Now Apple sues companies (like always) and copies them 7 inch iPad iPad mini its all about money with Apple the only thing good I actually like about Apple is their iPods and computers but I'm still skeptic about what I like most Linux or OS X. I think the reason why I like OS X is because there are games for it. Gladly steam is porting some games to the Linux platform lol. Getting off subject. I just don't like how Apple wants to sue every other company over rounded corners
sorry muamer, it just hit me wrong an i blew up. i don't get it, this attatchment to an object that i despise.  i hated phones when they were attatched to walls. now the dam things are like a ball an chain, you can never get away from people it seems. any day i leave the house and forget my phone is a good day. i bet most of these tech junkies panic and cry an whine all day if they forget thier phone.
I have every right to hate Apple as they have shown nothing but hate and contempt for anyone who will not join their cult.
I do agree G+ is a little too heavy on the anti-Apple tip. I'm finding it to be very negative and toxic but the Android fans seem to don't think so. Yes I own a 4S, but I also own 4 different Android phones and to me they are just that.... Phones. They do not define me as a person and never will.

As a side note. I would like to seriously know where is everyone getting these cheap Android phones from? Everyone one that I've ever purchased or see out there that is considered top quality is the same price as an iPhone.
LMAO .. Toyota being Apple and Ford being Android.

wELL wHaTeVeR .. iSHIT
My nexus is a great phone.If apple had the features I wanted I would buy apple Looks like I will not be buying apple for a while
There is no apple hate... only love for the people using apple products... all what is said against apple lovers is actually to help them see the light... that that product sucks... The problem is however, that iFans are incredebly stubborn and do not listen to reason. 

Therefor measures are getting more drastic, and people need to know. 

Only to help our fellow human beings. No Apple hate...
+Jorge C. buddy, i own Samsung Galaxy S3, i use PC for work. And i don't plan on buying Apple products. I don't care about Apple, oranges, Android, robots, R2D2 or whatever. You can twist everything i say so it sounds like I'm hating or being negative and biased. But it's not true. You are missing the point.
It's not just a product.

It's a compilation of copied innovations. That by itself would be tolerable, but now Apple is suing anyone who copies their already copied innovations.

You want to compare it to Ford and Toyota, but Toyota hasn't sued Ford for making cars with wheels and headlights. 
I'll stop criticizing Apple when Apple ceases it's disgusting/anti-competitive business practices..
ok james how bout go fuck yaself ya worm, this stupid post came to my page. i didn't look for it. wormy bitches like you are the problem bragging like a 6 year old with a new toy. grow up an talk about something useful not useless.
I think it's more the pretentiousness of iPhone users and die-hard Apple supporters in general.  As with everything, that is not the case for every one, just the general populace.  There's a reason why stereotypes exist.  There's so much to say on this silly subject, I just don't have the patience, time, or want to type it all out, haha.
+Shreyash Gupta Actually it is you who is entirely missing the point. I'm not getting hung up on the choice of words but the general tone of this hypocritical post. I completely agree that every person should juts buy whatever works for them. I personally use devices of every flavor (Win, iOS, Android, Linux, BB) and I like things about all of them. However this post basically says "Hey guys I don't get all the hate, so as long as all you stupid Apple-haters shut the hell up everything will be ok". This ignorance is coming from all sides , not just Apple haters. to say that no apple users are as passionate about being anti- other platforms is pure ignorance on your part. You clearly haven't come across it. It's just as bad as the Android, Windows, etc crowd. Point is, all these people need to calm down. It's  a shame original poster doesn't see it that way, otherwise this would have a been a valid post. As it is, it's just more of the same.
+Mike Littrell absolutely. A hater form ANY side of the issue  should calm down and just sue what they like. However the original post is in fact a one sided approach without acknowledging the actual problem. 
If anyone thought we weren't primitive, surprise surprise.
James J
+jack ball excuse me mr FUCKTARD!! u came in here like a complete fucking prick! then settle down and get mad because i called u a lil bitch! dude you do not have to read the posts and i am old enuff to be your bro dude!
Yeah they are primitive - they keep buying iPhones.
if your not 35 or older you aren't even old enuff to be one of my children, and if you read the original post, then i was on topic. its just stupid the way you people brag a bout phones like they are your new gods. oh and if you were my bro, i'd break your fuckin jaw for talking to me like you are.
you got it muamer, the little troll was just looking for trouble an i never back down. have a great rest of the day.
Why are apple fans so overly sensitive? It's not like Android fans are burning apple stores to the ground or anything. It's harmless fun, taking the piss. If you feel offended when you're called an iSheep, I don't think it's me who has the problem.
+jack ball how about you adjust your preference slide and see what you want you fucking troll
ok jim how bout go fuck youself too. dumb fuck
not to mention i have adjusted my settings, and guess what? iphone stories still pop up by the hundreds, because you worms post about them by the fucking thousands. so you got any other ideas genius?
James J
+Muamer Mujević I do understand your point and you have a right to complain! but I reserve the right to complain about Apple's business practices.
+Muamer Mujević Juvenile argument... I present to you freedom of speech and expression of opinion. Stop instigating the android community and focus on something else.
I smell a sheep complaining. Apple sucks. It's not hate, but a byproduct of the way they do business. The people that refuse to see their forceful and morally devoid choices ARE SHEEP.
It's human instinct to react emotionally first and then (optionally) think about it later. Not everybody is so full of hate. I suspect the problem seems worse than it is because people who hate feel the need to post all over the Internet about it, while people who don't care one way or the other, or who have no such emotional attachments, don't bother posting anything.
You might have crossed the line comparing android and ford in that analogy :)
Some of you guys have dissected my post to a point where it was bad i used Ford to compare it to Android. :) I guess It's ok to bash people and call them Trolls, Haters and iSheep, because of phones and companies. But, it's totally bad that i used the word Sissie, and humans are primitive. And all you see in my post is my preference of Apple. Some of you are really ignoring my point here, and you are being overly sensitive. I insulted the Android community? I use Android every day man. Judging me the moment you saw something you didn't like. "Oh i hate this guy, and i dislike his post, what a Apple fan boy"... The truth is, your read what you wanted to read.
Humans are the most underdeveloped species on the face of the planet. Enough said.
Scott S
+Muamer Mujević "when we killed each other for land and god" lol still happening today, funny isn't it??
I cannot take you seriously at all when you compare human sacrifices and slavery with dislike for an electronics company.  If you had compared it to sports fans, then you would have something analogous.  But as it sits, you are sorely misrepresenting the situation with this post.
The unfortunate thing is they are discussing it like people rather than educated humans. However, education doesn't cure or prevent the willfully motivated from chanting their tribal mantra in such form as to mimic that of a discussion. The 'chant' may be in the form of a statement or set of facts that would usually be associated with the opening of a dialogue, presenting an argument for discussion or rebuttal; the message is unilateral, though, there is no actual intent or desire when this mantra is disseminated to evaluate or examine any response.
+Muamer Mujević
You fail to take into account that it was the iPeople who brought the hate upon themselves for always flaunting their superiority complex and now, for declaring a patent war against Google-Android device manufacturers. You know, Samsung even makes components for iStuff. No, the iPeople deserve all the enmity. Hopefully the anti-crApple campaigns will serve to free a few iSheep from the exploitation inflicted upon them.
Apple don't sale products, they sale their brand. Yes i hate apple and that hate is embedded in my dna.
James J
+jack ball ignore them explore new areas and try not to be such an ASS!
IMO more than the human race being primitive its just human nature to have an 'inferior' opinion about the substitute product to their liked product......
So apple being the worst offender of human slavery in China doesn't bother people? You apple people financially back up human slavery.... That's just an example but you fucking idiots keep crying about it being a preference and not a company that crosses many lines.
Apple great and products are super! Globally the best "simple is that" 
Toyota did not sue Ford because their vehicles are steered in exactly the same way, or because it had four wheels or had rounded corners or whatever other reason. That is why everyone is pissed at Apple. They claim that they own the only way to operate some functions, based on work that did not originate from them. I should patent the way you wipe your arse, and then sue anyone else doing it that way.....
well junior i have just as much right to exress my opinion as you or anyone else. if something pops up on my page i'll comment on it if i have an opinion. the problem is all these folks makin such a big deal about these stupid little phones. i use a 3 or 4 yr old lg phone. it makes calls texts an lets me check weather radar. thats all i need from a phone. if i need anything else i'll use my laptop. that  what it is for.
:)) dude, im more of a R2D2 kinda guy. Wait.. R2D2 kinda looks like Android. Can George Lucas sue Google now?
In all fairness,Apple has gone overboard here.You just cant overlook the fact that by perrenially suing others for the so called patent,Apple is in reality not being sensitive to millions dependent on the products from the companies being sued left and right.A very selfish motive behind it all.Patents my foot.
You're making too much out of it. Humans have always been this way about tools. It's not about being primitive, it's just something we evolved s that promoted survival as tool users.  We are religious about our tools. You can invent a new tool design, but the tribe isn't going to adopt it just like that. So don't beat each other up about it, you are supposed to be this way.
I don't hate apple because I'm an Android Fanboy - I hate apple because they're no longer Apple. Apple changed the game with the iPod, then the iPhone, then the iPad + whatever else I can't think of. But apple hasn't done any game changing since the iPhone 4. Just look at the iPhone5 - it's an iPhone 4 put through a taffy puller.

My mind was not blown - I didn't feel the same "damn, Google has to catch up" twinge of jealousy I use to before. If anything, I feel superior and take pity on all the apple fans who are currently pre-ordering this inferior product in droves.

Let me put this another way to all you apple fans. I'm going to start with the assumption that since you're an apple fan, you think Steve Jobs could do no wrong. Lets run with that.
- Jobs declared thermonuclear war on Android - thus this whole patents dispute thing is totally within his scope. That's still the old Apple.
- Jobs declared that the iPad was the right size and that Apple would never come out with a smaller/larger version. Current rumors suggest that is no longer the case. Welcome the new apple.
- Never, while Jobs was alive, did the iPhone's screen ratio change. But suddenly it's now widescreen and using letter boxing as a band-aid solution to apps not being compatible? When phones started getting bigger for higher resolution what did Steve do? He changed the game again with the Retina display. He didn't play catchup to the competition he blazed a new trail for everyone to try to catch up to HIM on. Welcome the new apple.
- Panorama mode? WTF, Android has had that since 2009. Do you think Steve would have touted that as innovative on stage? Sun Tzu "Know thy enemy and know yourself". Steve already declared war, you bet your a$$ he knew what Android did and did not have. Welcome the new apple.
- Leaks about the new phone MONTHS before the big unveil. Self explanatory. Welcome the new apple; just like all the other kids on the block.
- New proprietary dock connector & $30 adapter. Even though I never have and never will own an apple product, this still pisses me off. I already know apple's business practices and how everything costs $$$ with them; but STILL this is excessive. And you know what else it is? UGLY (adapter).

I'm done now.
If people want to buy an Apple or an Android  product and it  does what they need then thats fine. I don't buy into Apples walled garden approach but that's my choice. I prefer open standards that are cross platform.  As long as I have a choice I'm happy,  its when companies decide to use frivolous lawsuits to restrict my choice is when I get concerned. Problem is that everyone is  doing it and the patent trolls are ruining the party for those of us who love technology.  Apple has been more successful than others recently but the worm turns and they will be on the receiving end of it at some point. Its now fashionable to take a crack at Apple but that what happens when you are number one ask Nokia things can change very fast.
I dont think the analogy of killing others and enslaving black people is even comparable to a megre piece of technology. lets face it, at the end of the day its only a phone. there are plenty of other things in life that outweigh the differences between this & that. personally, i cant understand the fascination with apple products. i just see it for what it is: a bunch of electronics bundled up in a shiny box. agree with the OP when he declared 'Who Cares"?
Many products are advertised as extensions or expressions of our personalities or inner worth.  Cell phones more than others.  It is a central fact of our consumer culture.  The reason there is "hate" around cell phones is that people internalize the messages from the advertising - the cool ripped jeans Apple guy vs. the chubby Bill Gates guy, the idea that your phone reflects how cool or socially acceptable you are.  The companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get people to think this way: "hate" isn't some tribal quality that unexpectedly intrudes, but a natural return on advertising dollars.

Not to get too philosophical about this, but this is exactly what happens everywhere, in politics, culture, etc.: the powerful spend money to create conditions that make us commoners fight among ourselves, and the commoners don't seen see the extent to which we are being manipulated.
hmmm jim, an that big turd i left in the toilet this morning represents how i feel about you, lol
+Harsh Doshi Chill man. Its great to have a crusader who is out there to relieve us all of that is evil in this world. If you have such noble intentions at your heart - kudos to you. I will not doubt your ambitions or your intentions. However - that is not the feel I get when I read most Android fanboys. As far as I am concerned - I have made it clear that I use neither phones. My problem is not with the phone but with the communication. 
Also - the premise of your argument is that Apple fanboys are iSheep. Have you genuinely asked an Apple user why he/she loves his/her phone? I have - and the answer I often get is that it just works. It is just so simple to use. 
I have asked many ppl who moved from Apple to Android and the reason is simple - closed eco-system. 
I have asked many ppl who moved from Android to Apple and the reason is clear - Apple works better - as a phone and as a smartphone. It is possible that these people do not use NFC like you do and find it awfully complex to configure 7 home screens. 
So - to each his own. Believe me - since you have great intentions at heart (since you are doing humanitarian work) - you can better spend your energy at other places than shouting on this forum that Apple sucks! Frankly because it does not. 
And if you do not find enough text on internet to support that, it is because people who believe that Apple is great just go ahead and buy their stuff instead of shouting that Android sucks. 
I agree 1000% with this post. Nothing else to add...
If you enjoying you Samsung not even a reason talk about iPhone ...
And I feel that no one knows when to stop -.-
+Muamer Mujević you don't understand that what really android users hate about Apple is not the iphone or any other products they manufacture! They hate the lies and completely scam apple is doing. They sell you a phone double the price of the competition and with lower quality in every way!

It's very dishonest to fool people into thinking they have to pay a lot of money if they want the best phone in the world when you don't have to!
Given the highly publicized lawsuits that are currently going on all over the world, with b$ fines and looming injunctions, I do actually understand why people get excited.
That doesn't mean that I agree with, or would chime in with the many pure hate posts that you can find all over the net these days.

I can appreciate someone explaining his reasons why he chose his phone, and I might even get involved with a discussion.
This happens from time to time in the real world, and as of today, me as well as the guy with the other phone haven't shouted at each other nor did we start hitting us. I haven't yet convinced anyone that my choice is the best, but that's ok.

I can also have a good laugh at well-turned jokes around one or the other device, be it an Android or an iPhone, be it a picture or text. That's about the same as seeing VIPs targeted by jokes. It is part of their life. There's a limit to what's acceptable, but a VIP will hardly be able to avoid public comments or humour over his person. The iPhone as well as the current star-Android phones are VIPs. So these things are going to happen. Don't get mad about that.

But, honestly, I can't stand posts calling people with the "wrong" phone "stupid", "loosers" or other names.
That's just plain stupid (now I used that word, too ...)

Those who bought an Android phone and are happy with what it offers will hardly switch to iPhone. Why:
- any apps they may have purchased would be obsolete
- any accessories that may fit just that phone (or a successor of that phone) would be obsolete
- frustrations about things that work differently (or not at all) would be guaranteed

Repeat the above paragraph with the words "Android" and "iPhone" reversed, and it remains 100% true.

So, quit trying to convince others with insulting words that they should join your camp - it is not going to happen that way.
BTW, while being less frequent, there are also such hate posts coming from the Apple side... Let's not argue whether that is just a reaction to similar posts from Android fans... it doesn't matter - It takes two to make a quarrel.

I have also seen posts or comments from people explaining why they switched from iPhone to Android, or the other way around. That is actually interesting, and I do appreciate reading these (even if the move was away from my phone).

Insults are rarely of any use...

All this being said, I do understand emotions rising high in the Android camp. From their point of view, apple is trying to remove the choice they have made. Nobody likes that feeling, hence some people get excited.

Now, if you want to know what phone I do use, sorry. I won't tell, and it does not matter.
Nobody seems to get it yet. Apple is a Range Rover, Android is a Subaru Forester. Apple is Bain Capital, Android is Kiva. Apple is Israel, Android is Palestine. This odd rivalry has nothing to do with performance. It has to do with lifestyle choices, envy and other human foibles. Apple is a Hermes Birkin handbag. Live with it, because one thing is certain: hate is eternal...
thank you. Tired of these whiners. Pick what you like. It's a goddamn phone.
+Harry Sufehmi i don't agree with Steve Jobs. Samsung and Apple will do anything to sell more phones. Even piss people off. It's the game Giant corporations play on people. Just like politicians do when they want to go to war. And we are all Sheep... or sissies.. i kinda like that word now. :)
I love all the posts with "why the hate?" For some it's just simple rabid fanboyism. For me? It's the lengths Apple goes through to deceive those who are not computer literate. Fixing an Apple product is a small nightmare, and is DESIGNED that way. I applaud them for continuing to break records, but in the end it does nothing but hold the tech world back. Those in the Apple ecosystem don't realize technology exists if it's not in an iPhone, and that's dangerous for progress and growth in the technology age. And then there's the frivolous lawsuits that also do not promote growth in the tech world. 

And this is also the reason Apple customers are referred to as iSheep. Not because Android is better than iOS, but because they flock to purchase a device simply because it's the newest iPhone, not because of how it will assist them in their daily lives. Ford customers who purchase simply because it's a Ford or Toyota customers who simply purchase because it's a Toyota are also sheep. This designation doesn't apply to ALL iPhone customers, just the ones who blindly rush out to buy the newest iPhone, simply because it's an iPhone.


Oh and for a frame of reference, I've been having to deal with iPhone 5 related questions at work for the past month. Yes people have been trying to purchase the iPhone 5 for a month, at the least. How do you purchase a device that hasn't been announced, let alone released? iSheep, as I said.
OK, getting a little bored of these posts too, all they do is raise is the article to a level of prominence via the use of a subject matter that will undoubtedly gain comments due to the images and title chosen. But the anti product sentiments are not limited to Google+ users, most Mac Rumors pages go down the path in article comments :

I do agree with comments regarding to the fact both companies are just that - companies, like those who manufacture cars. However, you have to agree Apple have been in the news an awful lot when it comes to anti competitive lawsuits, using the car analogy, Audi makes cars, as do Citroën and Mercedes - don't remember hearing too much about Audi suing them for LED strips under their new cars headlights and attempting a total ban on sales for a given country based on a small feature - this limits people on choosing products, so choice wouldn't be a matter if Apple get their way, if they block sales of alternatives or artificially raise their price via forcing consumers to import them incurring additional costs.

On a final note, like your choice of dessert here, what, no gingerbread? :
It is more complicated than that, I'm afraid. Apple wants world dominance and kills other developers making the interface part of a patent. If Microsoft was allowed to do so we would all still be using Windows 3.xx. On top of that Apple's part on innovation has dried out and now the only thing they do is file law sued on round icons and sliders to unlock a device.
Wow, what if we compared Android and IOS first then the devices alone. I find Xperia phone more user friendly than Galaxy Palm tops.

Am gonna add the "ion" as my second phone after my reliable IPhone 4.
Apple being a patent douchebag is generating the hate, not just the iPhone 5.
I don't hate Apple. I hate the way they are acting.
I think most people on the other side hate the arrogance of Apple and their iSheep followers.  Whenever I point something out negative towards the iPhone, which is easy to do, 90% of the time I will get a reponse like this "Don't h8 cause u can't afford it lololololol ". Stupid iSheep.
No worries a one there will a company that will be better than Apple and Android combined.
There's no hate, but people will continue talk against a company like apple, that's trying to eradicate the competition and limit the freedom of choice that we deserved. Is like Chevy suing BMW for making cars. BMW owners will complain and will avoid getting getting her products.
I kind of agree. Except Apple sued a lot of company over its stupid little design patents and of course that made all these android fan boys very angry.

You know Apple kicked our dog so we now kick back twice as hard. :)
No. Not as long we live. That's why we have wars and violence because we all think and act so different + Oscar G Davilla 
We still do the things mentioned at the too of the post.
I think it went like this... Apple launches "thermonuclear war" on Android.  Marginalizes and ridicules android when android is small.  Sues android makers as android grows.  Works extremely hard to block availability of the top of the line android devices as they start outselling iphone.  Cries when android fans finally have had enough and start saying something.  
Let's make it clear: both sides have haters. Fanboys insulting, trolling each other is good free-of-charge marketing thing. So... there are two sides, where is the truth? Nowhere and everywhere! Don't trust internet is the first thing I've learned: trust only yourself. So, try iPhone for a while, try an Android Phone for a while (an high-level one) then make your choice. Is simple as that. Expecially if you are a power-user (not a "blind" one), you'll see the difference and make your and only your right choice. Other can make different choices and are free to do that. For the last reason (freedom of choice), beeing a designer and a programmer, I'm a little disappointed with Apple and the patent system (#boycottapple was about that I suppose). iPhone is beautiful, but I feel more comfortable using an Android system that adapts to my needings. So don't troll anymore! Just try it and choose what's the best for you and respect others freedom of choice.
Apple has great quality in there hardware and software, very dependable. I know a lot of people with android phones that crash and freeze and die on them very quickly no problems with apple iPhones 
James J
I know people that have had problems with Iphones and returned them also Apple environment is a little to closed for me. 
if everything is so practical in life , whats the point of social life ..
the fun is in taking sides :D
people are not stabbing each other .. common
I'm just having fun poking Apple.

It's cool

To each it's own. 
I've had 2 Android phones in the past and am currently using an iPhone 4s.  I do love my current phone, however I doubt that I would be inclined to get the iPhone 5 due to some changes and lack of certain services through specific providers (Verizon). 
Your argument is invalid :D
It's apple that play dirty first suing competitor. Trying to boycott android using law as their tool. There will be no smoke without fire.

You can learn from Nikon and Canon. They produce the same kind of camera. They both  are top dSLR manufacturer. The base technology is pretty much the same. BUT, they can compete fairly, not sue each other. They compete in boosting their quality. The good thing is that we as the consumer are both happy and no haters.

It's one man's ego, one man's hypocrisy, one man's hatred that declared war to android. So who initiate hate since beginning ?
Thanks to uncle Steve's legacy :)
I agree 100% with you +Muamer Mujević
Looks like technology is the new religion and software is the new god, or gods if you may.
Religion is suppose to be about peace but people kill people over it. Technology is suppose to bring people together and all you see is more distance and discrimination.
It makes me wonder too.
What you call "hate" is a reaction against a company trying to supress competition via dubious and ridiculous patents, those so called " childish devices" are  new ways to access information, the software in these devices is called code and the code is the law of internet and digital world, so if the only code available is that of this greedy company our very own posibilities to freely access the digital world are compromised. 
+Muamer Mujević Where were you when all the Faithful were condemning Instagram for releasing an Android version? Where were you when they attacked and trashed every major Android phone - and especially tablet - release as being "not even remotely as good as" (insert iDevice here). I agree that the fanboi hate is loathsome, but your own house is very much made of glass, in this case. When the Apple Faithful can learn to play well with others, you may well get some consideration in return.
We've evolved by about 50% then, we're still killing ourselves for god.
James J
+jack ball ok shut your mouth! don't threaten me! I am old enuff to be your brother and you started the name calling! take your outdated flip phone and shove it where the sun dont shine! break my jaw lol good luck!
Retard do you really know what's at stake, shut the fuck and post this shit somewhere iPhone 5 is a useless piece of shit so deal with it! 
First off I've had 5 different Android phones as well as a tablet... I now have the iPhone 4S and the iPad 3. Both Apple and Android have their strong points, and I find both OS are great.

The only thing I personally do not like about Android is that due to so many different manufacturers the system is fractured. I literally have to pick my phone based on what apps it is able to run. To give an example I had installed a game onto my galaxy note and tried to run it, it constantly crashed. So a friend of mine gave me the same app but its for the Kindle Fire, that version of the app worked.

I've had it where I was unable to even get specific apps at all due to the hardware of the phone.
I like your style maaaaan!!! Very well said 
James J
+Mike Littrell yes i am +jack ball comes in hear calls people fucktards, little children threatens me yes im a little mad.  we all have the right to say what we want but I dont need my itelligence insulted by some leprechaun hillbilly
Ken Yeo
Come on, it's just all (social) media frenzie and marketing affair. No violence is involved. Everyone is entitled to express himself. It's not like we're going to beat someone up for owning something. We're civilized.
Apple outsource to 3rd world countries with substandard working environments and outdated child labour laws. They copy competitors then claim they were the original innovators, wasting court time and public services money with publicity stunt style injunctions and patent disputes. They help government bodies violate our civil and human rights on a daily basis, leaking your information, location, call logs, phonebook, etc. They over charge for hardware that is several years out of date and force users to purchase constant software upgrades to remain up to date. They lie, cheat and steal. You may call it hate, but its only logical to resent a large, controlling, uncaring, a-moral, corporation who are more concerned with manipulation of the legal system for corporate gain than whether they have 9 year olds building they're latest iPhone to feed there families. Oh, and if you can't comprehend the depth of the REAL issue before us, don't publish your ignorance for all to see. The human race is not as primitive as you think. Its just you. Sincerely, boycottapplesissy
I hate how Apple sues everything, that's just stupid, hating that is not pointless.
You made a good point until u said android was a Ford... Last time I look inside a Ford... It looks the same way it did 5 years ago.. Oh wait... They added xm radio... Sounds like apple to me... Now the Toyota have navigation.. I know is useless and u don't need it.... But at least it's available..... Sounds like Android
as i have written before, both devices have @, sms, calls, www acc., camera & that does it for me. Rest is up to taste of individual...
Who says we are human. We are animals with a bigger brain, which most of us do not use.
so you generalize the whole human race as "primitive" for voicing their opinion?
rivalry is everywhere: real madrid vs barcelona, xbox vs playstation... i could go on and on.
android vs ios is no different... the world is no fairy magical utopia so stop belittling other people and calling them stupid for saying what they want.
+Rei Ayanami wow, just just won the douchebag of the day award.

Comparing the Apple vs Android as Muslims on a Holy War against the rest of the world. And finally...that Androids are those Muslims who are committing atrocities.

You weren't even comparing apple with oranges...but garlic with cherry. I don't even wanna talk to I wish there was an IGNORE button on G+

+David Manni normally I'd agree with you...BUT...if you create something from scratch...yes, you spend a lot of money in the R&D but there are many prior arts existing that proves that Apple didn't "invent" any of that.

So many ppl wonder...why is it ok for Apple to steal an idea and patent it which already exists...and it's not ok for another company to do the same without Apple crying wolf.

I think Apple is currently suffering from a bad time ppl will forget...and all will be ok.
+Jake Green can your phone do the Passbook? I bet you can't do that. Google wallet? That is a poor implementation of mobile payments/service. You have to use the existing infrastracture to make it work or defy the law of gravity and make your own infrastractures in a short period of time so people can grasps it in no time.

Silly argument on how his phone is better than the other phone! If you enjoy your phone can do then good for you. If others enjoy iPhone 5, then good for them.

Funny how hate is being ranted about, but isn't that inciting hate?! Sounds like calling humans primitive and stupid is hate itself. Nothing can be more human than opinions...its was makes us all different! Freedom of speech right? This is a social network where we can all share our thoughts and opinions freely so as long not to hurt anyone. I have heard it on both sides, Android and Apple fans...I have to say I am Android, but still love reading the sides go back and forth. Its entertaining after all! To each their own! Bring it on!   
Alwys intresting how people belittle Christ,wonder who is the real idiot.....
Yeah, it's completely pointless for me to hate a company that is trying to sue the products that I like to buy out of existence.

You really lack critical thinking skills.
Apple and its fans are giving corporations more power over consumers. This at it's core is the source of hate. Support for a super closed system and buying way overpriced products will have impact on the rest of consumers. 

The other ofcourse recently is Apple being asses. They take from the tech community and are not willing to even let others use them as a benchmark like Samsung have done.

Apple has created products and an elitist culture among its fans. Yes +Muamer Mujević they are just freaking phones yet most isheeps see their iPhones as a symbol of status so go and preach to them. Hey its not Android fans lining up 8 days in advance to buy their phone. 
I guess something that isn't really thought about when it comes to the debate is this helps when researching for a phone and not just going by what the companies/commercials say about the product. Debating promotes innovation because it helps the companies see what people don't like about their phone and then improve. Also these debates help consumers find out past and present information about acompany and it's practices and then you decide what you put your money in. So I guess what I'm saying is just because people debate doesn't mean they're sissies or less evolved, debating should help in making better products. Hatred is a strong word for this topic....maybe passion for what people spend there money on is more for this topic..... Oh yeah BTW this was sent from a Galaxy S III.
+Andrew Paradiso You don't know what you're talking about. Apple made a product, and now they are trying to defend what they made, just like any company would. You are delusional if you think Apple are the only one's resorting to litigation to defend their patents. Apple isn't even suing Google now, they are suing Samsung, who profited from confusing consumers by making their products seem like Apple's.

Now, if you look at the Windows Phone OS, you see something that actually innovates. Microsoft took their time and created their own path, unlike Samsung, who just took what Apple did, moved things around a bit, shipped a product the next day and marketed it as being "practically an iPhone".

And as far as Apple "jailing" their consumers and developers, they are trying to avoid the problem inherent in Android. First, Apple makes their money off of their products, not just off of ads like Google, which means Apple want their products to be of the highest quality (not the fastest mind you, but such that they provide the best user experience; when they jumped from 512MB of RAM to 1GB, they never said anything because they don't care about specs, they care about the user experience). The problem with Android is that builds and hardware are horribly fragmented, and this results in confusion and an overall poorer experience for the user. For instance, you are lucky if you can install any new OS version after your Android phone is a year old; not so with Apple, as their control over the OS allows them to support their products for years, and they do so by making it as easy as possible for their customers. Apple customers aren't troubled with things like "rooting your phone", and the fact that a customer never needs to know what something like that even means is credit in favor of Apple and boon to the consumer.

Mind you, I don't hate Google, or Samsung for that matter; hating these companies only benefits other of these companies, it doesn't help you. The "stifling innovation" argument is crap. If there is no case, Apple won't win; whereas, if Apple allow people to steal what's theirs, then there is no profit innovation, and therefore there is no REASON to innovate.
James J
really I had know idea thank you soo much for clearing that up for me +Mike Littrell your words of enlightenment have brought me to a whole new level!
James J
+Walt Duncan Apple copied most of their ideas from other companies. you act like there were no smart phones before apple came to the market. Show me one of their patents that isn't some trivial ridiculous design patent! Tell me what did apple invent?
Lol wtf this is still goin on?? This better be the last comment or get to 500 quickly 
James J
ok I owned a blackberry at one time and the iphone seemed like blackberry with a touchscreen in my opinion. I also believe that Samsung was not given a fair trial in California!
what is Cowon?
I wouldn't mind for an iphone 5 or an apple phone. Who'd be so generous to bless me with one?
+Mike Littrell Where did i say corporations don't want more money?. If Samsung could trade places with Apple they would do it in a heart beat no question but they can't and for the sake of android consumers i hope they won't be able emulate Apple business model.  

Some corporations are more greedy than others. It is not a secret that Apple has the biggest profit margins compare to others in mobile. Google for example makes very little from android at their expense at android consumers gain.

Because Android is open there is competition which drives innovation and reduces cost and price for android consumers which give more power to android consumers. This is how it should be and Apple is a threat to this system.

Say whatever you like but the truth is Apple has pride itself to being different and advertise that those that have their products or services  are in fact different. This has created a culture of elitism among ishpeeps and Apple marketing has reinforced this idea. As such it is not a surprise that isheep talks about how pretty theie ihpones are as it's a symbol of status to them. You will never hear this from Andorid fans as they care more about specs price/performance. 
+James Julien Apple invented an OS based entirely on touch gestures. The smartphones that existed before were nowhere near what the iPhone was, and yet within a couple of years tiny keyboards and stylus were all but non-existent in the smartphone category of phones. Yes, touchscreens and icons existed before the iPhone, but no one had committed to use them the way Apple did before the iPhone. In 2007, only one phone was basically just a screen, today virtually every smartphone is basically just a screen.

Apple won their lawsuit with Samsung because of Samsung's clear intention to steal Apple's design, as proved by internal memos. Contrary to what you might think, the starting point for innovation shouldn't be Apple's phone, off of which everybody is able to build their own products; innovation should lead to more diverse options than just 70 different versions of Apple's phone.
To use your analogy, how would you feel if Ford claimed they INVTENTED the car stereo, and no other brand of car was allowed to have any form of radio, or cd or music at all?  And if someone tried, ford would sue them, saying they "Stole" their idea?  Let's simplify it even more for those who don't understand why there is hate towards apple... What if an auto manufacturer sued another because their vehicles also had 4 wheels?  Welcome to the Apple strategy.
Tech-hate inspires innovation and invention. I think it's healthy, sometimes!
2 million+ presales, can't be all that much hate. 
What a dumbass and stupid post. Way too much to even comment, but for one, you're talking bout phones and saying we're primitive? Really? And to one of the dumbasses near the top, I forget who and not worth looking again, you apple kids thought you were high class, top of the line, super cool kids for forever, and Steve Jobs gift to the universe when you didn't have any competition. Now that you have some, and losing by the way, it's Android users that are to blame? What a joke. That's all :)
its not hate, its envy. buy a 2nd iphone and show them how cool you are.
+Walt Duncan This is true, however, there are only so many logical ways to do something.  Doing something differently just for the sake of being different is not a smart approach to designing or creating something.  This is not to say one should out right copy (with no deviations), but ideas that are good are exactly that.  Just because someone beats you to them doesn't mean you should be bared from building off of or being inspired by them.  Improving upon something shouldn't mean having a drastically different approach to creating it.
+Michael A. Volz Steve Jobs labelled Android as stolen, which no doubt started all this hate shit. Apple rots to the core.
Funniest G+ post I've seen today, haha!
James J
+Walt Duncan funny that Apple has lost every other case they have filed against Samsung. You are a fool if you think Apple didn't steal and copy other competitors! Their patents are a joke!
+Walt Duncan Just because Apple popularize the current form of smartphones does not mean that they own the right to it. This is the problem i see with Apple and its fans. They feel  since they polished and put together various ideas and tech into one cohesive system it means only they have the right to produce such devices.

That would be just as stupid as Sony suing every other electronics makers for producing portable electronics devices after Sony came out with the Walkman.  

Ideas and innovations are supposed to be built on. It is how tech have been able to develop at an astronomical rate the last couple of decades. Apple on the other hand want only them to produce the current form of smartphones which is childish and stupid and why they get a lot of hate.  

Mega corp A copies Mega corp B. Mega corp B sues Mega corp A.... I'm supposed to shed a tear? 

Samsung knew WTF the deal was, Google told them in plain language and they did it anyhow. Samsung knew copying was the most profitable route and they decided it was worth the risk. Considering the market share gains they made from it, the Billion dollar loss is nothing. 
its more like...Mega corp B copies Mega corp A. Mega corp C copies Mega corp B, Mega corp B sues Mega corp C
its more like Mega corp B copies Mega corp A. Mega corp C copies Mega corp B,  Mega corp B sues Mega corp C,  Mega corp C sues Mega corp B, Mega Corp A wonders where his share is?
Brand loyalty and Brand conviction. The basics of great marketing. These companies know what that means. Human natures is easy to understand, and predict. That is how money is made. I understand everyone here is really passionate about phones, companies, android and iOS. No matter what you think about me after reading my post: i don't hate, judge or side with anyone. And thank you for this discussion. Some of you made some great points and I learned a lot about the subject. Cheers.
The original reason for #boycottapple is a consumer protest, the right of Americans to say "no, we do not want to buy your product because we do not believe your ethics." they are acting with these lawsuits because they don't want to make a product that doesn't have a Mac or I in front of it. Not enough innovation, the last great thing they did was FaceTime, and other phones already had it. 
+Andrew Paradison Your credentials have nothing to do with the fact that what you are doing is just assuming the worst of Apple and their customers when you have no good reason to do so. I'm sorry, but I don't buy that cynical crap that lawyers won, rather than the evidence; your argument relies on the UNFOUNDED and completely arrogant assumption that the jurors were complete idiots. You may even be right, but you have no way of knowing, you are just assuming that because it suits your preconceived prejudice.

As far as the "jailbreak forums" thing goes, my point (which you must have gone to great pains to ignore) is that I don't have to jailbreak my 3GS to get iOS 6 on it. The restrictions that Apple imposes are NOT just about screwing over their customers; Apple's closed system does benefit them in certain ways, of course, but that ignores that there are legitimate reasons–reasons that benefit the consumer–for their decision to restrict how their OS is used. Though they sometimes fall short, Apple's goal is for their products to "just work"; and one of the ways they do that is by restricting how their OS can be used. They don't make their file system visible for just such a reason; "wanting" to organize your own files is just a fetish, one which easily can be made unnecessary if your OS did all that stuff in the background (this is what I think, anyway; if you disagree, by all means choose Android, or jailbreak your iOS device, but don't pretend that Apple are just hiding the file system to piss you off).

In summary, what I take issue with is your cynicism. Apple are all "greedy thieves" who "have no intention to innovate, they just want to nickel and dime their customers". The jurors in the Samsung case are all "complete idiots" who "let a bunch of lawyers pull the wool over their eyes". Apple customers are all "sheep" who "only buy Apple products because they don't know any better, they just buy into the hype". +Andrew Paradiso, I know you don't subscribe to all of these sentiments, but they all are related ideas. They all presume to know things that I am certain neither you nor I have any good reason to believe.

And anyway, the Microsoft v. IBM case is irrelavent. Apple wasn't awarded damages just because Samsung infringed on their patents, they won because their was a demonstrable conspiracy (proved by internal confidential documents) on the part of Samsung executives to study the iPhone such that their own products would look to the consumer as much like an iPhone as possible, and thereby confuse consumers, tricking them into buying Samsung products rather than the iPhone.
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