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I have never met a Startup that works as hard as Amazon did to make it.
Most people in Startups that I know keep talking about "working hard" because they want to make it so bad. They keep quoting Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, but their work day usually starts at 9 AM and ends at 3:00 PM. I just find that ridiculous.

Step your game up, don't just Talk about it!. 

Jeff Bezos talks Amazon beginings:
Amazing Amazon Story - Jeff Bezos Full Speech
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Muamer Mujevic

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Social media marketers talking for an 1:15:00 hour without saying anything.  And everyone nods "wow, that was awesome".
Can anyone extract any usefully data from this video? And no, I don't mean "interesting, good to know" data. I mean data you can use. Now.

One thing I did notice: All these "advices" are usefull for them. That one product: Social media consultants selling SM Consulting

*Social Media Marketing Planning Session!*
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+Muamer Mujevic sure. What are you looking to achieve?
This free resource really will give you a load of actionable points:
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We used to demand more from entertainment. Now, we are content with cheap social media fun with Cats, Memes and "What our friends are doing" And we devour that content, for hours, like we are addicted. 

Why is that? 
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It is like we are addicted because we are addicted. 
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Muamer Mujevic

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Yet another "why Google+ is better than other platforms". And why it's awesome...and not a ghost town..
"Ghost town"

This is the kind of disparity I see on a near-daily basis when looking at posts I've shared on Facebook and Google+. 

This is obviously just a random case study and not all variables are equal, but it's an example of what makes me chuckle every time I hear people talking about how Google+ is a "ghost town" that "no one uses" -- when what they really mean is that it's a service they haven't taken the time to explore and find a community within.

If this is a "ghost town," it sure is fun hanging out with all you fellow phantoms.
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Recently had a gung-ho facebook heavy marketer lose her mind for me pointing this out to her. Well, that and pointing out that spamming Facebook strategies on G+ is probably an example of not knowing your audience while tanking your engagement metric.

She was not amused [chuckles]
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Muamer Mujevic

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Great article on Twitter and how to use Favorite tweets for marketing. Article was written by +Visnja Zeljeznjak Entrepreneur and writer from +Simpfinity and +logIT 
How to Use Favorite Tweets as a Powerful Sales Tool | Iconis Agency | Visnja Zeljeznjak |
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Muamer Mujevic

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1 Important thing successful people don't do: Spend all day on Social media.
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Muamer Mujevic

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I like this article. It's short and sweet :)
You can’t swing a tweet these days without hitting a social media consultant. Those kids are EVERYwhere. You can usually find them traveling in packs and holding events where they talk to one another and tell each other how great they are. Good times. Good times. But you know what? If you listen REALLY closely …
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+Visnja Zeljeznjak you know me. I have a big problem with Bullshit, and there is little real usable advice from social media marketers that I need to say something. More than 80% of today's SM Marketers have no idea what they are talking about because they don't understand the basics of marketing, education or communication, yes they are good writers, but they never give advice in context of someone's business. Yes there are some, like your self that try to get to the bottom of the problem and help people, but you are rare. Social media gurus, or the "stars" of the show are mostly saying (and repeating) so much drivel it makes me sick. And I need to scream "The King is naked"!

With that said, happy easter everybody. 
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So I officially left 80% of communities on Google+,  
The reason: Not enough filtering or Admin action. I was in a community about health and fitness, but I would regularly see stupid people post images of rotten teeth, sick or dying people.. or worse of all flowers and animated stupidities. I had enough.  
And quite honestly I'm tired of the Sensless Tweeking of my social media profiles!. What to see who to follow, privacy, hide my number from crazy Google Hangouts calls, notifications, email notifications..etc. It's like a JOB, with no real value, none. And don't get me started on "Networking" with people.

Well, there you have it. My quick rant on G+
Thank you and have a nice day. 
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Exactly! I think we need to start a revolution :-D
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Gordon Ramsay is the Crazy Genius of management. You want to be a good manager in any business, work in a kitchen.

The Truth About Gordon Ramsay
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Muamer Mujevic

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You have 10 years to build a good Career.
By 10 I mean 5 years of Intense work, dedication, focus, and sacrifice, and 5 years of networking (not in that order). It's who you know, what you know and how well you do it.

Don't waste your time on anything else.

+Iconis Agency +Simpfinity +logIT
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hear hear! All true. Your mileage may vary. ~ Visnja
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