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Home is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. At Mt. Vernon Homes, we specialize in finding mobile homes that become true homes - places that families and people come together. We believe that you can make any space comfortable and classy - or whatever your style may be!

In our last blog, we discussed ways that you can take your home’s decor to the next level with a little color. The way you paint your home has a massive impact on its feel, and with such an easy way to transform your spaces - why wouldn’t you try? Read on for more color tips for you modular home!

Use color to connect spaces
- Making your space cohesive goes a long way in making it bigger, because a cluttered space feels small.
- You don’t have to use paint to get the color you need. Instead, you can use pillows that match the lampshades or a side table that echoes your mirror’s style.
- It doesn’t just have to be colors that match - you can use patterns, too. From stripes to polka dots, the possibilities are endless.

The bathroom needs bold colors
- Pastels can look really good behind you in the mirror, but take a chance to paint one wall with bright, bold colors. You can also use bold towels to add great color.

When it comes to modern mobile homes, there is no better company to use than Mt. Vernon Dream Homes. We are passionate about helping people find a place to call home. Contact us today to learn more!


If you are considering buying a modular home in Illinois, Mt. Vernon Dream Homes can give you the house of your dreams. We do everything we can to make your buying experience all it can be. One of the best ways to equip yourself for buying a modular home is to familiarize yourself with common terms you’ll hear during the process. In the next few blogs, we are going to share terms to listen for!

This term refers to a situation in which a third party holds the payment until all the conditions of an agreement are met.

Gross Back End
This is profit made by the dealership. It happens when the buyer adds insurance to their payment plan. It is best to keep your insurance separate from your financing.

Land Package
This is when a prefab home and land are paid for under the same loan. Usually, the setup and installation are included in the price.

This is money paid to a contractor by a dealer in order to have the house moved and installed. Watch for markups here - some companies will try to get more money out of you here.

These are columns of metal or concrete spaced out under the house to support it fully.

At Mt. Vernon Dream Homes, we understand that you’re not just looking for a house - you’re looking for a home. We are on a mission to give you just that. Contact us today to learn more about the advantage of modular homes!

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At MT. Vernon Dream Homes, we have seen many people find the magical feel of home with modular homes. These great structures are the whole package, and all for affordable prices. When you move into your new modular home, it’s time to figure out how to paint it.

Depending on what you’re going for, you can paint it to look bigger than it is. We are going to use the next few posts to share tips and tricks for using color to make a space look large, sophisticated, and comfortable. 

Use sharp colors
-When you use vivid colors, you are able to up the contrast between positive and negative space. Basically, you can emphasize the “air” between parts and objects in the space. 
-When you use this strategy, you will automatically expand your space!

Spice up the kitchen
-Don’t forget that you have a space with huge potential - your kitchen. It is a wonderful place to use bright, bold color. You can save space by hanging up the china you don’t use. 

Remember to use black
-No matter what colors you use for your space, make sure you add one black object. It can be a frame, a vase, a table - its black color will ground the room and make the other colors clearer. 

Mt. Vernon Dream Homes is proud to sell modern modular homes that become true homes. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and let us get you into the modular home of your dreams!


The perfect home doesn’t have to be out of reach!
Now that the holidays are upon us, many of us are tightening our belts and trying to save more money for the upcoming feasts, gifts and general merriment. Many people keep renting year after year because they don't believe that they can afford to buy a home, but in all actuality, they are just throwing away their hard-earned money. The following is our list of the financial pros of buying a brand new mobile home in Illinois with us at Mt. Vernon Dream Homes:
#1. Equity
When you make payments on your new home, a portion of your payment will go towards building your home’s equity. Once you build enough equity, you can even use it as collateral for a line of credit or a loan. On the other hand, when you pay rent, you’ll never see any of that money again. 
#2. Tax Breaks
Not many people realize this, but property taxes and interest on your mortgage are both tax deductible on your federal taxes. Also, if you eventually sell your house (and it’s your primary residence), you won’t have to pay taxes on your profit. Additionally, some of the interest on home equity loans will also be tax deductible.
#3. Investment
Buying a home isn’t just about finding a place for you and your family to live, it’s about making an investment in your future! 
There are many financial benefits to owning a home, and with financing from Mt. Vernon Dream Homes, we are confident that we can help you find the home of your dreams!

In this day and age, downsizing is the name of the game. We are all looking for great ways to cut our budget, and for many, the answer lies in buying a smaller home. At MTV Dream Homes, not only do we want to help you find the perfect modular home for you, we also want to help you make it feel like home. That’s why our experts have come up with these tips for making a small room look and feel bigger:

#1. Choose dark paint colors.
While it’s true that white opens up a room, dark colors actually give the impression that the walls are receding, which makes them look like they are farther away. Darker paint colors, like hunter green or indigo blue, also add a lot of luxury and drama to a room.

#2. Focus on good lighting.
A room that is too dim or dark will feel claustrophobic, but by simply having two good light sources, you can really open up the room. 

#3. Keep the floor clear.
While rugs are great for adding color and style to a room, they tend to make small rooms look and feel even smaller. Keep your floor as clear as possible to make your room look bigger. 

#4. Decorate with mirrors. 
Nothing opens up a room like a few well-placed mirrors will! Incorporate a few decorative mirrors in with your wall art for a much more open space. 

#5. Invest in some drapes.
Choose long drapes that are the same as or very similar to the color of your walls and hang them a couple of inches below your ceiling. The long drapes will make the ceiling appear to be higher and the lack of contrasting colors will make the room appear to be wider.


Inspecting Your Modular Home: Part 2

Prefeb homes in Illinois provide wonderful living spaces. At Mount Vernon Dream Homes, we are passionate about opening the world of home-ownership to everyone. We recognize the importance of inspecting your newly-arrived home to make sure it is all that you need. In our last blog, we gave three pointers for the inspection process. In this blog, we finish up our series with five more. 

1. FLOORS - check for squeaking and sagging in order to evaluate the floor’s strength. Watch for warping - floors made of particleboard do this when they get wet, which could indicate a leak.

2. ROOF - the best roofs will have shingles, and they will overhang your home to let rain run off. You do not want an old flat metal roof - these leak and keep your home hot. 

3. BELLY WRAP - this is thick plastic under the floor and its insulation to keep out moisture and pests. You will want to make sure that the insulation under this wrap is dry. 

4. SETTLING AND LEVELING - if your home is an older one, it may have settled. This process will twist the home and keep it from being level. 

5. ANCHORING - this crucial part of your home system must be well-taken-care-of. Make sure that the system is touch and attached with skill. If not, you will have troubles for a long time. 

At Mount Vernon Dream Homes, we are professional, honest, and creative. We will do what it takes to get those keys into your hand. Call us today at 1-800-918-2197. 

Inspecting your Modular Home: Part 1

When your modular home arrives on location, it is a very exciting time! A new home is a wonderful thing. We at Mt. Vernon Dream Homes want your new home to continue to be a wonderful thing for a long time, so we've compiled a list of things to look for in your new home - vulnerabilities that could become a pain later. 

In this blog, we will explore the first three items that need your attention. Check your home for these things before you put money down.

1. THE LABEL - make sure you find the manufacturer's label to ensure that your home has been inspected by an agency licensed to inspect homes in your state. This is very important, because each state has different weather patterns, and the inspections differ accordingly. If your home was improperly inspected, you will have to get it re-inspected and you may have to make changes. 

2. WINDOWS AND DOORS - check for gaps in the frames and make sure they are insulated. Watch for cracked windows and sticky doors. Your home has come a long way, and many things can happen en-route. 

3. WALLS - check for leaks first. If you find these, it is likely a problem with the roof or your plumbing. Your home will have been hooked up to water, so plumbing leaks will show themselves. On the outside of your home, it is best to have vinyl siding rather than metal or hardboard, which buckle and have moisture problems respectively. 

You have bought a home, and you have the right to make sure it is in good shape before you put down the final money. You will be glad you did! At Mt. Vernon Dream Homes, our personnel will be happy to help with the inspection and address any issues there may be. We are proud to be your source of dream homes in Illinois!

Buying a modular home in Illinois is great in so many ways, but before you can buy your new home, you have to find some land to put it on! There is more to this process than just finding a lot and buying it, there are many things that you should look for before settling on a certain lot. The following is a list of tips from our experts for finding the right lot for your modular home:

1.) Where would you like to live?- Would you rather live in a community of modular homes or out in the country somewhere? Both of these are great options, but if you decide to live in a modular home community, it is important to note that there may be monthly HOA or maintenance fees, and if you live in the country, you need to make sure that you aren’t in a flood zone. 
2.) How much land do you need?- Before you can decide how much land you will need, you need to think about what you want to use the land for. Would you like to be able to plant an expansive garden and play outside? You may want to consider a bigger lot. On the other hand, if you don’t need a lot of extra space, a smaller property may be a better option for you.
3.) Do you have a realtor?- You can only do so much when it comes to finding land on your own. A realtor will be able tell you if the land is water and electrical ready, if there is a sewage system set up, etc. They will also have the resources to help you to find lots within your price range that may not be readily available otherwise. 

Imagine having a home that is all yours. No more demanding landlords that take forever to fix things, no more rules about what kind of pets you can have, and no more throwing your hard-earned money away every month on rent. That is the kind of situation that many Americans dream of, but with steep down payments and strict lending policies, it can be very difficult to make that dream come true, until now that is. We are Mt. Vernon Dream Homes, and it we make it easier than ever before to finally own a mobile home that is all your own!

We have so many incredible models for you to choose from, and each one is affordable as it is beautiful. Whether you are looking for a single section home or a multi section home that you and your family can settle down in --we have the perfect options for you. The very best part about choosing Mt. Vernon Dream Homes is that we not only have a huge variety of homes to choose from, but we also offer our own financing options. This is great for people who may not qualify for a traditional loan, but would still love to a own a home of their own. 

The holidays are almost here! Imagine getting the keys to your own mobile home this Christmas, and saying goodbye to pushy landlords for good. Don’t wait, your new home is so close! Visit us online today to take the first step to finally reaching your dream and becoming a homeowner. 

Modular homes are such a great option for so many people in Mt. Vernon. They give people who may not have normally been able to buy a home, the chance to make their dream of being a homeowner finally come true, but that’s not the only reason why they are a wonderful choice. The following is a list of the top 5 benefits of buying a modular home:

1.) Quality Control- There are incredibly strict guidelines when it comes to the building of modular homes. In addition to strict quality control guidelines, the factories where modular homes are made have state-of-the-art equipment that can measure and modify the parts in your home perfectly.
2.) Options- There are so many different options when it comes to modular homes! When you buy a regular house, you pretty much take what you can get. However, with a modular home, you can choose everything from the cabinets, to the lighting, to the door knobs.
3.) Fast Construction- Since everything is made for your home in a factory, you won’t have to deal with any delays from weather. The builders can also set the foundation as the home is being built, which makes the entire process much quicker. 
4.) Energy Efficiency- Because the walls in modular homes are generally secured with both glue and nails and there is also typically more insulation, modular homes tend to be more energy efficient than traditional homes.
5.) Price- Modular homes are usually much more affordable than traditional homes. Also, if you go through a company, like Mt. Vernon Dream Homes, you may be able to find alternate financing options. 
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