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Solving SQL Server problems for millions of DBAs and Devs since 2006.
Solving SQL Server problems for millions of DBAs and Devs since 2006.

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The Real World of the Database Administrator

Database administrators (DBA) are the front-line personnel responsible for ensuring that performance meets the expectations of the organization. As such, there’s not always time to network with peers and learn which new technologies are taking hold. Are Hadoop and NoSQL really that popular? How much time do other DBAs actually devote to security?

This detailed report compiles input from 300 DBAs like you, comparing and contrasting their responses to pertinent questions such as:

•Are traditional database-management systems still dominant?
•Which tasks are being automated, and which are still done manually?
•How many instances can the average DBA expect to manage?
•Which databases are used the most?


SQL Server Data Modeling Best Practices

The database schema is like a solid foundation for a house, if you want an application that will scale, perform well and be able to support the application growth, then you need to have a strong database design. By the end of this session, you will have a solid understanding on how you can design a data model that will take advantage of your infrastructure and leverage the new SQL Server features.


Two T-SQL Alternatives For Tracking Changes

In this tip we look at alternatives for helping us track data history for tables involved in configuration and logging.

Author: Tim Smith


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Get Last Nights Failed SQL Server Agent Jobs from Multiple Instances with PowerShell

Learn how to get last nights failed SQL Server Agent Jobs from multiple instances with the new SQL Server 2016 PowerShell cmdlets.

Author: Aaron Nelson


SQL Server Data Mining Tutorial

SQL Server Analysis Services contains a variety of data mining capabilities which can be used for data mining purposes like prediction and forecasting. This tutorial aims to explain the process of using these capabilities to design a data mining model that can be used for prediction.


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Power BI Animated Scatter and Bubble Charts

Power BI has many neat visualizations, and one of the neatest is seeing animations in action. In this tip we cover how to add animation to your Power BI charts.

Author: Scott Murray


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Easily Import CSV Files with R in SQL Server 2016

To load csv files with just T-SQL is often a headache depending on the contents and the format of the csv files. In this tip we cover an easier way to do this using R.

Author: Jeffrey Yao


Exam material for the Microsoft 70-764, Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure

I am going to take the Microsoft exam 70-764, Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure. I would like to know what materials I can use to study and help pass this exam.

Author: Daniel Calbimonte


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Getting Started with SQL Server on Linux

In this tip we look at SQL Server vNext for Linux and how to get started.

Author: John Miner

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