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Mr Scaffold continues with training and education of our professionals to ensure their safety and efficient service to our customers
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Coogee Palace Dome Renovation

The iconic dome on the Coogee Palace was in need of some TLC, the only issue for the owner was getting up close to the interior surface of the dome in an affordable and safe manner. Enter Mr Scaffold, our experienced estimator provided a detailed plan and quote for the job, creating a full scaffold floor across the base of the dome, and using two large mobile scaffold towers on that new floor to access the entire interior surface of the dome.

Scaffolding across the void to make access simple and safe

Engineering the scaffold to meet all requirements

Using the directions of our engineer, a scaffold floor was erected across the base of the dome, and over the void beneath. Engineering support was utilised to ensure that the entire build was capable of withstanding the use of the two large mobile scaffold towers on the newly created floor.

To facilitate the safe use of the aluminium Mobile towers, the entire surface of the scaffold floor was resurfaced with ply to create a smooth, safe and trip free work area.

The final step was to build the two mobile scaffolding towers, one a 6 metre quad width tower Mobile scaffold on scaffolding platform coogee
(6.0m(h) x 2.5m(l) x 2.6m(w)) for the higher sections of the dome, and a 4 metre double width tower with outriggers (4.0m(h) x 2.5m (l) x 1.3m(w)) for the lower sections around the perimeter of the dome.

Mr Scaffold is the Premier Aluminium Scaffolding Contractor for all your needs

Mr Scaffold is very proud to have taken part in the rejuvenation of such an iconic building. If you have a project, whether it is large or small, Mr Scaffold can help you find the right access solution. Give our Team a call on 1300 677 223

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Scaffolding in both directions
The Month of March was a particularly busy time for Mr Scaffold, with work being carried out every day in almost every state of Australia.  We had so many jobs that we did not really have time to single out any as being very photogenic.  So, now that the dust has settled a little, we find time to reflect on the jobs we have completed.  Having such a large collection of jobs to choose from, I am hoping you will allow me the indulgence of having chosen two jobs on a ship with which I have a previous connection.
The first scaffolding job required access to the various levels of the mainmast, and I have chosen a picture taken halfway through the erection phase, where the two towers can be seen clearly, forward and aft of the mainmast, and the intricacies of this job are mostly laid bare. 
The photo makes it immediately apparent that the mast features inclines and angles that make erecting a vertical structure to access it an exercise in precision and accuracy.  The forward tower had to be placed in a position where the scaffold could be erected and then tied in to the mast, without relying upon it for weight-bearing support, just for stability and security.  You can see at the upper levels, that an aluminium layher beam has been used to support the structure extending towards the face of the mast.  This brings the load directly back to the vertical aluminium scaffold structure, and prevents the scaffold from “leaning” on the Mast.
Similarly, the after tower is erected in such a manner as to provide access to the mast, and to tie into it for stability and security, but not place any weight on it, or rely on its’ structure for support.
Scaffolding over the edge
From this angle it can be clearly seen that the platforms are created using aluminium planks.  Mr Scaffold ensures that each level is secured, with the planks strapped down, or secured with pipe and wire before proceeding with the erection of higher elements.
The other scaffold goes in the opposite direction, but from the same ship.  Here Mr Scaffold has needed to create a cantilevered scaffold over the shield in the waist of the ship, and due to the lack of proper support to tie the scaffold in, Mr Scaffold has used some counterweight to secure the scaffold and ensure safe use.
As you can see, the final result is a working platform that is only a metre or so above the waterline, and somewhere near 6 metres below the deck level from which it is accessed.  The access is safely contained, and the use of an internal ladder further ensures the safety of the personnel carrying out the tasks required.
A warship can be a confusing and hazardous environment at the best of times, and whilst undergoing this sort of repair and refurbishment work, can be doubly so.  Mr Scaffold works in complete concert with other contractors, naval personnel and government officials to ensure that the work can be completed in the safest possible circumstances, no matter the distance above or below the nearest deck.
Mr Scaffold can help you with your access problem, call us on 1800 408 552.
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This job had it all.  A Drop scaffold that was only a metre or so above the waterline, Counterweighted, cantilevered and constrained for space.  

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Mr Scaffold works with all size of jobs, large and small.  This one had Mr Scaffold dodging the local fauna.  Have a look at our Projects page to find out more.

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Scaffolding Sydney Lunar Markets – February 2016
Scaffold as a structure for Chinese New Year Lunar Markets in Pyrmont.

Who are you going to call when you need a temporary structure for your outlet at the Lunar markets but you want to make sure it will stay there and not get blown away in one of the Summer Storms that have been hitting Sydney?  Mr Scaffold of course!Scaffold platforms create a roof

We have created a sturdy lightweight structure which is close to being a 4m x 4m x 4m cube. Mr Scaffold created a roof using scaffolding platforms which are then covered by plywood, and wrapped with plastic to provide a rain proof barrier above.

With such a large area, coupled with the light weight of our aluminium scaffold, the structure still presented a risk of movement with the violent winds Sydney has experienced recently.  So we have 760kgs of weights on each corner. The layher beams are spider braces, plan braced and the bottom chord has a number of lace tubes.

Aluminium Scaffold Temp structure for Lunar Markets 4

I know that the members of the team that were working on this job will be skipping their trip to the gym this week, with 152 of the 20kg counterweights having to be loaded, transported and unloaded then carried to the structure and fixed into place.  That’s 3 tonne of weights.  It’s just as well that we used aluminium scaffold for the rest!

Mr Scaffold will organise the design/construction certificate, and this will be provided to the client so they can decorate for the Lunar Markets.  Mr Scaffold hopes that there will be only good weather for the duration of the Lunar markets, but if we are in attendance and a big storm cell looms over the top of Star Casino, I can guarantee which stall our experienced scaffolders would be edging towards!

Scaffolding Sydney Lunar MarketsAluminium Scaffold Temp structure for Lunar Markets 3Scaffolding Sydney Lunar Markets
Whether your needs are similar to this, or totally different, Mr Scaffold has the expertise, professionalism and skill to make things happen for you.  Call us on 1800 408 552
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