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The very best kind.
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Hi +Robbie Gipson I am not sure which response to removing soap scum from ceramic tile you are referring to, could you possible send me the link?

Since I don't know what type of hardwood floors you have and you are getting your home ready to sell, I would suggest you contact a professional.

You can ask them how you might go about removing the stains yourself based on the flooring type you have (which will require stripping, sanding and reapplying the exact same finish as before). If you are a DYI'er than you may feel comfortable doing this yourselves.

You can also get a quote from them at the same time to either repair the sections in question or for resanding the hardwoods.
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Tax time is upon us, and in honor of decluttering and keeping your life more organized, here's some helpful information on reducing paper piles:   

You can find even more cleaning and decluttering tips on our website:  

#decluttering   #organizing   #mrsclean   #housecleaning #call4258818411
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Man are you ever beautiful !
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Are you getting just a little stressed out over the amount of laundry you have? Let me share some of the things we do to conquer our laundry issues.
What is it about laundry that makes it one of our least favorite chores? I mean, it’s fairly easy to put the clothes in the washer and then transfer those clothes to the dryer, right? We can pretty much walk off and do other ...
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Fighting this since April. I've never come into contact with such in insidious and hard to stop virus. This has the potential to impact every net device you use. It impacts Apple, Android and Windows computers. It corrupts your router and leaves your ports wide open for hackers... Then visits every device on that router and changes the configuration to infect others and leave the device open to whoever wants to take a look....
The 22-year-old flaw allows hackers to hijack devices, steal data, shut down networks and cause other problems.
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A Norwex mop and water will do the trick
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Mrs Clean

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The new leaves on the trees makes me excited for spring. I live in Seattle, so enough of the rain already!  So here are some spring decluttering and organizing tips, if you want to get a head start on spring cleaning.
Is it time for you to remove the clutter from your home? Follow Mrs. Cleans tips for on clutter control and organizing your house.
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Hi,mrs Clean how are u? My name is Gawlah Abdel wahap., from Yemen ,I m 52 years old .
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Haha. Lemmings have a hard time thinking out of the box. Don't be a lemming. Seriously.
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Greetings from IIB,

My name is Adil, I own a small ( team of 45 professionals only) IT company Indian IT Brains (IIB) based in Capital region India, I opened this company last year.

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I know your first question would be that how I get your email contact, your current website

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2) 24*7 support,response time less than an hour

3) Unlimited design revision option

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Services We Offer:

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Looking forward to have a long term successful business relationship with your firm.



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Its like someone came into my home and drew a pic of me!
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Any opinions following any  "Blue Head" people that follow you? 

Do you follow the "blue heads" back?  I don't want to exclude a real person....  But if you don't care enough to put a face on your profile, I suspect you are a spammer.  I'd rather have a circle with a lower user count, but filled with real live people. 

Should I delete the blueheads I've added to my lists?

 #blueheads #nofacespamscam #cleaningmycleaninglists0923
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no picture no add is same as on facebook if person not have picture on how can we identify those then I would like to see who it is spammer scammer or real person like us .
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Spectacular. If you are on a phone, make sure to open the image and zoom in to get the full effect of the solar flare and gravity making the flare whip right back.
Our #STEREO spacecraft 'winks' and provides stunning solar imagery. Learn more: 
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My goodness!!!
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Getting Some Afternoon Exercise In

Carry on, Google+, carry on.

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I i clean campers for a living but i ran into something im stumped on pop up has either road dirt or mold in pop up on the inner flaps of popup i tried everything that i knew how but nothin seems to work a carpet cleaning guy cleaned one and said to use peroxide any other would be appreciated thanks
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Ideas for putting away holiday decorations. Packing Christmas lights, extension cords, garland, wreaths, ornaments, Christmas trees and wrapping paper.
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Mrs Clean is a professional house cleaning company located in Redmond, WA.

Mrs Clean House Cleaning (Corsco, inc) was established in Redmond WA by Corina Wilson.

Mrs Clean brings all the cleaning supplies and equipment to tackle your toughest dirt and grime, and leave your house or office bright and shining clean.

The best part is that when you hire us, our quality house cleaning, office cleaning, maid service and housekeeping service is 100% guaranteed.

We've been around a long time. Your satisfaction with our performance and customer service is the reason we are the best house cleaners in the pacific northwest.

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Never met a stain I couldn't beat. Dust bunnies run when I enter a room.
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Ms. Clean, Miss Clean, Corina Wilson, Corina Aurdal
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  • Mrs Clean, Inc.
    House Cleaning Service, 2003 - present
    President of Mrs Clean- House Cleaning Service, Redmond, WA.
  • Microsoft
    Business Manager, 1992 - 2003
    Business Manager- Microsoft OEM Operations, Redmond, WA. Responsible for supporting business objectives and oversight of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Operations organization supply chain.
  • Hewlett-Packard
    Engineering Assistant, 1982 - 1992
    Configuration Coordinator - Hewlett-Packard, Lake Stevens, WA.Created, managed and maintained all Material Master Data, Engineering and Production Product Bills of Material (BOM).
  • Microsoft
    1992 - 2003
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Fun Arts and Crafts store stocked full of every fun craft, decorating ideas, furniture, wall hangings, fabrics, even parts to repair a clock. I could get lost in there for hours. (and have).
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