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Aurora, Colorado Website Development and Website Design.
Aurora, Colorado Website Development and Website Design.

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Analytics - numerical tracking of your website visitors. How many people are visiting your site? What pages are most popular? Observe how your website is performing over time. Where is your business being generated from geographically, age groups, sex, and other categories. Utilize this information to have Mr. WPress make a custom landing page, script wording to improve your SEO (search engine optimization), restructure your page, or make a more effective call to action. Move forward with continuous company improvements utilizing your analytic results. Call for your free website consultation 1-866-434-9189.

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Blogs are a very powerful tool for customer retention. Blog posts have taken the place of ‘newsletters’. They act as an online update for everyone. For instance, if you own a retail company, you might want to blog about your incoming products to raise interest and sales. You get the picture. A blog is different than a normal web page. It is a post/page that is “revolving content” where entries get pushed down the list in the archives, over time, as new stories/events/posts are made. It tends to encourage communication between you and your customers, if you allow them to comment on posts. It can definitely 'humanize' your website. Successful blogs are written on a continuing and regular basis in order to gain readers and followers. They should be long enough to get your message across and as easy for your readers to follow as possible. Consider adding a blog to your existing or new website today. Call us for a free consultation 1-866-434-9189

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You are in control of your website content. Doesn't that sound great? We will create your website and work with you and your staff to get you up-to-speed on all aspects of managing your website. After you are trained, you will easily be able to change the content of your website, any time, day or night. If you are one of those people that just can't sleep because you keep thinking about the change you want to make tomorrow; you have the ability to do it right then and there. You control who, within your company, has access to make changes as well. Do you need to run a promotion or a special? Run them as often as you like. New product arriving? Change your content to notify your readers. Send an e-mail to your customer database. We put YOU in control. This professional freedom will make you wonder how you ever lived without it before. Call for your free consultation 1-866-434-9189.

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Do you know if your web host backs up all of your website files and database? Typically, the answer is no. You have to ask them for it and pay them for the service. You need to backup your website on a regular basis. It's an absolute must in order to keep your business running smoothly. Loss of data can occur due to many factors and often unforeseen such as an update in your code that breaks other functionality on your website. Mr. WPress can make automatic backups of your site that run as often as you would like. Your backup will include a full export of all of your data and files from your server. Mr. WPress doesn't abandon you once your site is finished. Site backup keeps you up and running and can really help if a change causes functionality to break. Contact us for your free web development consultation 1-866-434-9189

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A few reasons you may need a new or redesigned website:

* Everyone loves to see something new. If you haven't updated your page in 5 years, it's time to regain some interest in it. When your customer sees the changes on your main page, they will be compelled to see what else is new.
* Data visualization: See where your clientele is coming from via charts and reports.
* Plug ins: Add an inventory management system that includes a fully functional shopping cart. If we don't have the plug in that you need, we will develop one custom for you.
* Optimization: Site speed and efficiency is critical for converting a guest into a client.
* Responsive design: One of the most important web items to master. Your page needs to look the same on a computer screen, tablet, and phone.
* Forms: From contact us, mailing lists, questionnaires, and more, your site may benefit from fill in forms.
* Social Media: Everyone is using social media these days. You need to have your business presence as well.

Contact us today to get started with your free consultation 1-866-434-9189

Why use MrWPress when there are so many web development companies out there?

We take the time to listen to your company's needs. We work with you, 'hand in hand' to develop the site of your dreams. Do you want to know where your business is coming from? Do you want to see how many visits you got today? Do you need a plug in, such as a shopping cart, that keeps track of your inventory? Do you need presence on Facebook and other social media sites? Do you want to take full control of your site content?

All of this and more is possible. Call today for your complimentary website consultation. We are still running the 50% off deal. 50% off of your first $700 of development.

MrWPress, a small company devoted to building your business through a custom built website.


Happy New Year from Mr. WPress! It's a beautiful, snowy night out here in Colorado. We are looking forward to a wonderful 2017 with all of our present and future clients. 866-434-9189

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Mr. WPress is proud to announce that we will be posting on this message board regularly from here on. For our first post, we would like to bring your attention to some of our work.

Please view our portfolio here:
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