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I <3 you, people of +Google+! You've made me feel like your Valentine many times over. In return, here is a Valentine from me :D
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To my love of my life Mr Steven Oniel Wright 
Happy Valentines Mr. Jingles!
Thaaank U Mr. Jingles, Happy Valentines Day 2 u, Im one glad person ur here,:) One Love, God Bless,!!!!!!!
+Mr. Jingles Why did you stop auto-animating in the notifier like you used to? A lot of people don't know about the click so will never get to see these.
Same To You Mr Jingles:)
Nice. No one is close to #Google when it comes to little creative tidbits like these :)
An update removed my Mr jingles 😢
Never mind I fixed him 😁
Happy Valentines Day, Juliana
Vry vry happy valentines to u nd all..
Happy Valentines Day Mr.Jingles:)
I just got on and it turned out great.
Happy valentine's day, Jingles! :D and btw....HOW DO YOU TURN INTO A HEART?! O_O
Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
Happy valentine day at a party right now HAVING FUN!!!!!
Awes so cute ^~^ Happy Valentines Day to you too (:
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