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Dead Account (Cringefest)
Hey everyone, *BAM* ded...
Hey everyone, *BAM* ded...

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I have 1000 Mexican peso, all in one coin, that's roughly 50 USD. +Radish​

You're not taking my empty threats +Radish​

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+Radish​ I dare you to block Kimky and Gerald for 2 hours, or maybe the next time this pic goes up it won't be censored 😏

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Thanks for another person to add to the block list...and for letting me steal your mom meme. +Radish​
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Holy shit, I missed 4 conventions so far, kms, and now I'm going to miss VidCon, RIP me

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Gotta love that Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

I have officially repurposed this community, and we will need mods, who ever can dedicate effort to this community will become a mod!

I also wanted to ask +Fallen Space Entity™​ , by showing true dedication to the community, would you like to, and can I trust you as Co-Owner?

Ayy, everyone, I would like to mention, please do turn on Notifications via the bell to the left over? Thanks, I'll make sure to put it in the about section.
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