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Mowrad Rownak (Row)
I love life-systems (philosophy, yoga), security (IT, martial arts), & internet-marketing (social-networking, blogging, ..)
I love life-systems (philosophy, yoga), security (IT, martial arts), & internet-marketing (social-networking, blogging, ..)

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Sensei Mowrad Rownak - Flameur - Flowrendo (Row)

Bujinkan Tori Dubai representative ( ) / ( / / / / )


Sensei Row grew up with strategy games & super hero role models then became a health & fitness buff since 1992, when he found Ninjutsu in 2007.


Born in cosmopolitan Abu Dhabi and stayed in various places in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East while experimenting (through theory & practise) with all major religions, at the tender age of 15 became the youngest swimmer to nab the fastest swimmer honor in Jordan in 1992.

Driven by his passion to unearth his birth right: a perfectly natural physique, he started religiously lifting weights with the close guidance pf Global Health & Fitness. He also played basketball (along with taking classes & mentorship) while joining competitions where he won a medal.

He played various other sports like soccer, baseball, volleyball, badminton, ping pong, tennis, and billiards. It was shortly after that he started his love story with self development through yoga & martial arts.


As a lover of structure and basis, he took up Karate in his younger years in Canada, Jordan, and Dubai until reaching yellow belt twice. He also enjoyed some Hatha Yoga & Tai Chi Chuan in Canada, along with some wrestling & acrobatics.

In 2007 he officially continued Yoga (many styles especially Hatha, Ashtanga, & Bikram) joining countless classes and festivals since.

He also started Muay Thai which he took numerous classes and workshops with the likes of Grand Master Kiblawi & Grand Master Sane of Kru Muay Thai.

Shortly after, lured by a meetup about self defense & weapon disarmament, he trained regularly with Lee Allison, a security consultant from the British Combat Association, and former British Special Forces & American Bujinkan Ninjutsu practitioner.

Loving the challenge and intrinsically natural way of Ninjutsu, he continued it regularly with 4 senior practitioners of various nationalities (including Japanese).

He took countless Ninjutsu (including Bojutsu & Tantojutsu) / self defense classes & workshops along the way with the likes of Shohei, Allison, Asanin, Cousergue, and Ferraro.


In 2008 he was hired to represent Lee's SMAC 360 hosting its regular Ninjutsu training. He got into Muay Boran (traditional battle field Muay Thai) under Master Yasser of the first Muay Boran club in Abu Dhabi which he represented through a show at Le Meridien.

On this year he also got into dancing taking classes in Pop, Hip Hop, Street, and Salsa (mostly at Fitness First and The Sheraton).

He also got into Raja Yoga (of the Brahma Kumaries World Spiritual University) in India completing numerous retreats and workshops since such as Peace of Mind, Calm in Crisis, Overcoming Fear, Knowing and Managing Ego Problems.


He took a First Degree Reiki and Gem Meditation workshop from Desert Therapy, and Sudarshan Kriya Yoga (of The Art of Living) in 2009 completing a handful workshops & retreats with them since (including Part 1, Part 2, & Sahaj Samadhi).

In this year he also enrolled in a success mentoring program in Canada with Raymond Aaron called Monthly Mentor with daily mentoring for a year.

He also took up Escrima with Steven Drape (Philippines trained) this year.


In 2010 he embarked on a journey to Thailand for Muay Thai bootcamps at Tiger Muay Thai & Dragon Muay Thai. On the same year he found himself experimenting with BJJ, Wrestling, and Judo at Abu Dhabi Combat Club.

In Thailand he also took the opportunity to further his knowledge in Buddhism, Anapanasati breath meditation & Hatha Yoga through International Dhamma Hermitage silent nature retreat.

He then experiemented a little with Iaido & Aikido after coming back to Dubai.


Quenching his thirst for knowledge, he took up Wing Chun Kung Fu with EWTO and EBMAS and shortly after studied it along with Shaolin Kung Fu in China to practice them intensively in 2011.


In 2012, driven by his love for nature & well-being, he conceptualized natural well-being partying (which include bootcamps, obstacle courses, dancing, diet team trivia & debate games, exhibitions, later also karaoke) and organized numerous such events through Whoop Ass Party (Dubai) & Food Fight Forum (online) which he founded.

He also found calisthenics and left weight lifting (and the gym, and to some extent the dojo) completely, spurring his creation of Age of Rage of Range with a myriad of alfresco / outdoor natural calisthenics programs such as Street Workout, Nature Workout, Yoga Workout, Pool Workout, Ninjutsu Workout, Balance Ball Workout, Strength Band Workout, Barrel Roll Workout, Weapon Workout (including Kali, BoJutsu, Nunchaku, Iaido, KenJutsu, Bat Cham Dao, TantoJutsu, and ShurikenJutsu).

Struggling with Ninjutsu and almost leaving Bujinkan too, he luckily met the man that is the reason for representing true Ninjutsu through Bujinkan Tori Dubai: Shihan Asanin in Serbia who is among the very few in the world who carries the original Ninjutsu system passed on by the last real Ninja: Takamatsu. He trained with Asanin intinsively & holistically.

By that time, he secured Ninjutsu basis quad fold having had earned first degree (or higher) four times from four different schools.

He also took a Yoga workshop with Inner Space called Reflections & Meditations.


In trying to patch up any lost Ninjutsu knowledge, he got into Parkour & Freerunning (with Parkour Dubai and UAE Parkour) and later found an even older form of Muay Boran called Bokator originally from Cambodia in 2013 with a remarkable young trainer with a harsh and dramatic childhood: Sim Sotom.

Shortly after injuries suffered during Parkour & Freerunning, he found great benefit in Pilates to heal and prepare the core required through training (including private) with credible establishments such as Club Stretch, Zen Yoga, and Inspire Yoga & Pilates. He also later experimented with Capoiera which helped a great deal with Freerunning.

He also worked and trained with (including private) with Ahmed Amr, UAE Parkour trainer & Against Graviti calisthenics professional & top competitor.


In 2014, he traveled to Thailand again training at Be Muay where he earned 3rd degree in Muay Thai Muay Boran. He then went to Bali for the Balinese fighting art Pencak Silat & took an introductory course in Tai Chi Chuan from Tai Chi Bali.

In Bali he dabbled with various forms of Yoga at the famous Yoga Barn, did organic permaculture farming at Farmer’s Yard, ecological hostel management at Rumah Idea, and vegan cooking with DaVinci Lifestyle.

He shortly became fully vegan afterwards leading Dubai Vegan with regular events while helping to market & promote a myriad of vegan, vegan friendly, & animal rights establishments & personalities since then. A year later he was given the privilege of leading Vegan Friendly world wide community.


In 2015, he got into Shaolin QiGong with The Third Eye Center, and Pranic Healing with World Pranic Healing Foundation.

He later traveled to Japan under the tutelage of Grand Master of Bujinkan Ninjutsu, the late Dr. Hatsumi and his shihans in Shiraishi Dojo, Tokyo Budokan, and Bujinkan Humbo Dojo. He also practiced Kembu (the sword dance art shown in The Last Samurai), Ikusa / Chambara Samurai battle there.

He practiced Zen Buddhism (with meditations such as Zazen, chanting, tea sermon, Ikibana, & Japanese calligraphy) while staying with one of the world’s recognized buddhas: Nishigaki, chief priest of Nanyo'ji also while in Japan.

He then took up nature survival / scouting with a survival senior group in Dubai.

Later, he took up the ancient Burmese martial art of Bando initiating it with a workshop by Grand Master Dr. Winborne of the American Bando Association where he met Bassam sensei (later representative of Bujinkan Tori Abu Dhabi) who he trains regularly with.

He was a close partner to and instrumental part of a book: Wild Zen - An Inner Roadmap to Humanity by Claire Higgins, a former UN humanitarian, later an executive & health coach, self defense instructor, and founder of Inner Sensei: a community publication & workshop platform on violence prevention & recovery.


In 2016 he traveled all over Europe to enhance his permaculture farming knowledge & skill from establishments such as Garden of Ecologic & Wiki Hostel. He closely studied DaVinci's home & inventions as well as Gaudi’s natural architecture, philosophy, & biography. He revisited Shihan Asanin in Serbia along with his senior Bujinkan Tori representatives in Macedonia & Bosnia to further his Ninjutsu.

He got into Tao Chi (Chinese walking meditation) with his Political Science mentor & Chinese linguist Dr. Araji and took up Ultimate, SUP, and SUP Yoga on this year too.


In 2017 he got further into chanting with the mentorship of a well recognized singing enthusiast / actor / producer Rick Aby through singing. He included it through karaoke in Natural Living Alliance (Abu Dhabi branch of Whoop Ass Party & Age of Rage of Range) for natural well-being partying & calisthenics,. He also founded Abu Dhabi Vegan.

He took personal training in calisthenics with Stephen Hughes Landers (former UK Calisthenics Champion & creator of the world’s first REPs accredited calisthenics course for fitness professionals) of Fit Squad DXB.

He experimented a little with the oldest known martial art in existence: Kalaripayat originally from Kerala, and a litte with Kali under Master Alfonso II.

He then got into acting (instrumental in Ninjutsu’s surprise element) with a long & rigorous 2 week workshop at the National Theater of Abu Dhabi.


Until now his path has been clear: to become the most natural, spiritual, yet technologically capable version a human can possibly be, and to educate people on the true and ancient Ninjutsu thought to have been long lost.


His journey blends all of his Yoga & Martial Arts & Calisthenics experience to bring forth unique inventions such as a philosophy called the 3LAW, with a unique Yoga practice called 3LAW Yoga that blends philosophy, geometry, postures, and breathing aside from other meditations both moving & still.

He invented various workouts such as Art of Kicking, Shaolin Elements, Element Boxing, Zombie Elements, Tai Bo 360, Mind Body Synergy, and a few Pilates variations. He also came up with unique meditations that blend QiGong and Ninjutsu he calls QiJutsu and a more freestyle Ninjutsu based one called KiJutsu. He came up with a chanting art that blends Ninjutsu, 3LAW, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Native India, and vocals exercise called 3LAW Sound Jutsu.

He also pioneered Pool Workout / Xtremely wet calistheniX. Finally, came up with a unique workout that blends Calisthenics and Ninjutsu called Ninjutsu Workout / Xtreme Ninjutsu.


Row believes in the essentiality of self development & inner harmony for a better more harmonious world: “We are the problem, therefore we are the solution. The land on which you stand, ‘tis not always bland. Work on yourself, balance yourself.”

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MoWrOwRecommendz: The 12 Laws of Karma

#karma #laws #universallaws #12laws

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MoWrOwAchievementz: survived first trek in Fujeirah, this one with senior trek partner Shashant of Bujinkan Tori Dubai xD

Planned on covering 50km from south to north over 3 days, but found out (through experience 8p) that the routes planned were underestimated (mountains were too damn steep to climb safely esp. with 15kg each) so backed out at around 15km over 1.5 days :P

Mowre @

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MoWrOwAnnouncementz: finally updated my personal site (never since 2012 haHah) but still a peculiar Word (yes Word, not WordPress!) one, this time with brick and mortar, n a dose of surprise ;]

Let the rants roll! ;P

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