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How To Integrate SEO into The Marketing Mix
Coffee time with SEMrush
1st #SEOcafe chat with +Shayne Tilley

Q1. How is SEO now different from years past?
Q2. What SEO benefits could community building and social media bring? 
Q3. What are some ways you can synch SEO with your company's PR activities? 
Q4. SEO and PPC: how should they work together? 
Q5. What are the common problems and mistakes companies face when integrating SEO in the marketing mix? 
Q6. How will the marketing mix evolve in the future? What trends will we see in 2016?

Tips by +Jim Munro +Darren Rowse +Jaiser Abbas +Jignesh Gohel +Andrew Hutchinson +Rohan Ayyar +Pratik Joshi +Trond Lyngbø +Dawn Anderson +Jim Stewart +James Norquay +Matthew Forzan +Zuan Education +Kapil Jekishan +Aarif Habeeb +Massimo Paolini and others!

Stay tuned for another #SEOcafe tweetup.

#seo #seotips #marketingtips  

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Changes in search engine algorithms have made digital marketing more difficult, but there are still three main drivers ->

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For webmasters and SEO agencies, there is a lot of focus on providing unique content that offers readers value. But what does value actually mean?
Google stress that content offering unique and fresh ideas that give “value” to readers will rank better. However, to come up with unique and fresh ideas every time you publish a piece of content is impossible.
But you can always offer readers something of value! ->

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Fed up with Facebook and Twitter - Here's a few other 'kids on the block' - old and new - that you could be using to gain further reach #socialmediamarketing  ->

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Insights from CES 2015 #technology  ->

The international CES (Consumer Electrics Show) kicked-off in Las Vegas last week and kicked out some pretty intriguing innovations, ideas and solutions for marketers to ponder on this year.

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Tap into the minds of your leads -> How to use the 6 principles of persuasion to boost conversions ->

In 1984, psychologist, Dr. Robert Cialdini detailed six principles of persuasion that influence consumers to buy. They are reciprocity, social proof, liking, consistency, authority, and scarcity. #conversionoptimization  

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Ten years ago, online businesses were booming thanks to a relatively unregulated internet. Whilst many online businesses continue to thrive, many others are falling by the wayside – simply because they cannot find a way to climb the page rankings. #seo  

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Use social media to aid with recovery from penguin and panda -> #seo  

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Tell your story online.  Here's a few scenarios to tell the tale with: ->

Seasons greetings from Move It Marketing :) #happyholidays  
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