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Saw this, and thought of +Johnny Zed

We can shut down the internet now. #MuppetChristSuperstar  
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Which reminds me, time for my yearly listen through of the Laibach album...

Laibach - Jesus Christ Superstar
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Moustafa Chamli

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A new approach to alignment.
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+Joshua Hillerup ask the original poster?
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Moustafa Chamli

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It's been making the rounds, but I forgot to share.
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I compiled my #JourneyToTO tweets on Storify. Read my slow descent into madness and some pastries.
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I was SO hoping you'd do this :) 
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Moustafa Chamli

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The differences between world building and masturbation:

1) The number of hands involved

2) How proud you are when you show it off in public
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Moustafa Chamli

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Chuck Wendig's storytelling blog pieces are a great source of information for potential writers seeking to peer into the mind of a creative type.

It's nice getting to see what goes/went in his mind while he was writing some of his books (everyone should check out the Myriam Black books), and how that influences his choices which are often driven by the story (who, in turn, is driven by the characters).

I propose that the Idea Channel should quote him more often. Especially when he goes all Pen Monkey on us and comes up with even more colourful comments than the one presented in this video.
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Moustafa Chamli

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Moustafa Chamli

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Y'a-tu quelqu'un qui veut m'engager pour les cochonneries que j'écris?
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Pourquoi juste ceux que tu écris?! lol c une joke là, j'ai rien dis.
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Moustafa Chamli

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This is political, but I think it worth posting, in case it runs into the streams of interested parties:

The so-called "Fair" Elections Act prohibits Elections Canada from speaking publicly about democracy. That includes scrapping the student vote program, which has engaged 500,000 youth and promotes the importance of voting. In Committee, when I asked the Minister to reinstate these public education powers, he declined. Sign the petition:

#canada   #elections   #fairelectionsact   #democracy  
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Yes, it's me.

I am the Doctor.  Not A Doctor, but THE Doctor. The definite article, you might say.
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